Here you’ll find downloads for various Chinese tablets reviewed on Tech Tablets. Windows drivers, Android Roms, flashing tools, bios updates etc. If your model isn’t listed please look under the tab that best suits your model. For example if you have a bay trail Z37XX tablet on Windows, then the latest Realtek Wifi, BT and intel HD drivers can be found in the Atom Z3700 Series Latest Windows Drivers folder.

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372.70-notebook-win10-64bit-international-whql352 MiB1475
372.70-notebook-win10-64bit-international-whql352 MiB496
3G Files X98 Air 3G Stock Win 100.1 MiB4033
4k Mi 5S Video Sample451 MiB448
Air 3G Updated WLAN And BT Drivers Nov 20141.4 MiB4683
AllDoCube Knote 8 Doubledriver Dump450 MiB78
Android 5 V919 3g Core M Rom399 MiB1323
Android 5.1 Flash Tools Tbook 16S68.4 MiB581
Android Cherry Trail Flasher Tool68.4 MiB2049
Android Demo Vids And Images578 MiB1540
Android Flashing PARTITION TABLES18 KiB5520
Audio Realtek V6.0.1.7841 Headset352 MiB615
Audio Realtek V6.0.1.7841 Headset352 MiB297
Beelink Min PC AP42 N4200 Windows 10 Recovery Image WINPE NTFS6.6 GiB172
BIOS (Flash At Own Risk)12.9 MiB1047
Bluetooth Intel V18.1.1611.322317.5 MiB611
Bluetooth Intel V18.1.1611.322317.5 MiB247
Bluetooth-17.1.1532.1814 T646.0 MiB845
Cherry Trail-T3 Z8300 Android Programming Tool56.0 MiB242
Chipset Public2.7 MiB137
Chipset Intel2.7 MiB582
Chipset Intel2.7 MiB261
Chuwi Hi10 64bit Drivers217 MiB12667
Chuwi Hi10 Plus Drivers Dump224 MiB3742
Chuwi Hi12 Android OS (Dual OS)542 MiB2580
Chuwi Hi12 Drivers Dump216 MiB6940
Chuwi Hi12 Win10 OS (Dual OS)6.2 GiB2731
Chuwi Hi13 Bios AP1V114 X64 BIOSEC4.6 MiB1158
Chuwi Hi13 Drivers Windows 10 64bit288 MiB1886
Chuwi Hi13 Touchsetting Gt907 B1380
CHUWI Hi13 Windows AP135 Part11.0 GiB665
CHUWI Hi13 Windows AP135 Part21.0 GiB452
CHUWI Hi13 Windows AP135 Part31.0 GiB432
CHUWI Hi13 Windows AP135 Part41.0 GiB423
CHUWI Hi13 Windows AP135 Part51.0 GiB418
CHUWI Hi13 Windows AP135 Part61.0 GiB416
CHUWI Hi13 Windows AP135 Part71.0 GiB409
CHUWI Hi13 Windows AP135 Part8453 MiB441
Chuwi Hi8 Drivers Backup Doubledriver88.6 MiB19907
Chuwi Hi8 Pro Dual OS Bios5.8 MiB3336
Chuwi Hi8 Windows 10 Image Part1700 MiB7014
Chuwi Hi8 Windows 10 Image Part2700 MiB4842
Chuwi Hi8 Windows 10 Image Part3700 MiB4478
Chuwi Hi8 Windows 10 Image Part4700 MiB4349
Chuwi Hi8 Windows 10 Image Part5473 MiB4398
Chuwi HiBook Drivers226 MiB807
Chuwi HiBook Pro Drivers224 MiB2480
Chuwi HiBox-hero Drivers247 MiB351
Chuwi Lapbook 12.3 Drivers Dump Doubledriver251 MiB451
Chuwi Lapbook 14 Card Reader Fix Disconnects9.0 MiB759
Chuwi Lapbook 14 Realtek CardReader Win10 V63960031213 WHQL9.0 MiB774
Chuwi Lapbook 14.1 Drivers887 MiB1236
CHUWI LapBook 14.1 Windows Part11.0 GiB295
CHUWI LapBook 14.1 Windows Part21.0 GiB204
CHUWI LapBook 14.1 Windows Part31.0 GiB189
CHUWI LapBook 14.1 Windows Part41.0 GiB185
CHUWI LapBook 14.1 Windows Part51.0 GiB183
CHUWI LapBook 14.1 Windows Part61.0 GiB185
CHUWI LapBook 14.1 Windows Part71.0 GiB179
CHUWI LapBook 14.1 Windows Part8240 MiB188
Chuwi Lapbook 15 Drivers237 MiB453
Chuwi Lapbook Air Drivers432 MiB599
Chuwi Lapbook SE Drivers Windows DISM Dump1.1 GiB16
Chuwi Surbook Mini Drivers Dump268 MiB156
Chuwi Vi10 Drivers Doubledriver Backup76.6 MiB5432
Chuwi Vi10 Plus Windows 10 Drivers333 MiB373
Chuwi Vi10 Touch Drivers Installer74 KiB5066
Chuwi Vi10 Touch Drivers Installer74 KiB13293
Chuwi Vi10 Windows 10 S165C-Drivers208 MiB8702
Chuwi Vi8 Win8.1 Drivers April 201579.1 MiB9391
CHUWI WIN10-VI10 Factory Drivers155 MiB8528
Civiltop Air Fingerprint Reader Driver Fix Also T-bao Tbook Air7.0 MiB190
Cube I12 Drivers Dump222 MiB703
Cube I6 Doubledriver Backup79.8 MiB640
Cube I7 Book I16 Drivers Win10 64bit390 MiB2248
Cube I7 Stylus Doubledriver Backup221 MiB2915
Cube I9 Windows 10 Drivers Dump373 MiB1871
Cube IWork10 Ultimate Drivers Doubledriver222 MiB3966
Cube Iwork10 Ultimate(i15-T)dual Boot Files5.9 GiB2823
Cube Iwork11 Stylus Drivers130 MiB785
Cube Iwork1x Drivers Backup48.6 MiB1430
Cube IWORK1X(i30) Dual Boot Files6.1 GiB1055
Cube Iwork1X(i30) Windows 10 Image5.0 GiB713
Cube IWork5X Drivers Dump291 MiB56
Cube Iwork8 Air Drivers I1-TF221 MiB1620
Cube Iwork8 Ultimate Drivers129 MiB1977
Cube Iwork8 Ultimate Drivers Dump220 MiB1183
Cube Iwork8 Ultimate Dual Boot Files8.0 GiB4058
Cube Knote Drivers Doubledriver Dump1.1 GiB61
Cube Mix Plus(i18)Windows10 Image7.0 GiB1008
Cube Thinker I35 Drivers Doubledriver 5 08-May-17 8-50-22 AM367 MiB545
Cube Thinker I35 Windows Driver Backup Command Line Export403 MiB312
CUSTOM CONFIG For X98 Air 3G Intel Flash Tools510 B3676
DaySky D-Book Pro Drivers Dump631 MiB60
Dolby Installer20.3 MiB154
Double Driver 4.1.0 Portable2.1 MiB6629
Double Driver 4.1.0 Portable2.1 MiB537
Double Driver Backup Chuwi Hi13 Drivers278 MiB865
Drivers Teclast X3 Plus 5-18-2017 8-12-12 AM247 MiB301
Dualboot Bios Tested C6J6 And C8J73.6 MiB7476
Dualboot Hi12 BIOS May 18th (Latest)6.9 MiB5475
DualOS Win8.1 X86 Drivers Self Installer142 MiB1665
EZBook 2 Drivers Dump220 MiB6934
EZBook 2 Windows 10 Acronis Factory Image Backup5.1 GiB3214
Ezbook 3 Pro Doubledriver Backup168 MiB2641
EZBook 3 Pro RealTek BT 4 Updated Driver56.8 MiB1492
EZBook 3 Pro RealTek Wireless N Updated Driver41.3 MiB1660
EZbook 3 Pro V4 Drivers Doubledriver Dump257 MiB1945
EZbook 3 Pro Version 3 Drivers (wifi AC Model)411 MiB3033
EZbook Plus (Core M3) Drivers868 MiB287
EZBook X4 Drivers Dump286 MiB153
EZPad 5S Windows Drivers Doubledriver171 MiB2080
Files To Flash 940M GPU Daysky D-Book Pro3.1 MiB49
Google Play For Mi Pad 230.9 MiB5798
Google Play For Mi Pad 361.0 MiB84
GPD Pocket Drivers Dump202 MiB310
Gpt File For 19GB Free Chuwi Vi10 Plus Android 5 Flash (No Windows)534 B123
Hi10 BIOS Fix MicroSD Slot And Screen Flashing6.9 MiB1471
Hi12 TouchSetting Original Place In WIndows INF897 B3541
Hi8 Android Rom474 MiB9020
Hi8 Bios7.1 MiB6674
HI8 How To Flash (Chinese)6.2 MiB5466
Hi8 Pro Dual Boot Bios Android 5.1 Image And Windows Image4.4 GiB189
HI8 Windows Image Part13.0 GiB4670
HI8 Windows Image Part22.6 GiB3160
HI8pro Android 5.1 And Windows 10 Image4.3 GiB4093
HI8pro Dual Boot Bios Rom And Image4.3 GiB97
How To Flash Tbook 16S Chinese Translate It2.6 MiB222
How To Install2 KiB932
I10 Dual OS Files Windows 8.1 And Android5.4 GiB1187
I10 Windows 8.1 Drivers And Touchscreen Config Files76.4 MiB1392
I30-TP Touchscreen And Pen Drivers0.1 MiB927
I7 Drivers Win8.1 4-21-2015213 MiB1214
I7 Remix-B2015092001-signed1.1 GiB424
I7 Wacom Drivers Wacom11.6 MiB2026
I7-cx Remix-2015052202 With Google Play Store583 MiB503
I8MAX English ROM1.4 GiB16
Ifive Mini 4S Upgrade Tool1.9 MiB1559
Ifive Mini 4S US 1.0.4 201702210.9 GiB248
Ifive Mini 4S US 1.0.5 20170301503 MiB214
Ifive Mini 4S US 1.0.6 20170330507 MiB796
Ifive Mini 4S US 1.0.8 W 201708240.9 GiB839
IFive Pro2 ROM Android With Google Play1.0 GiB104
IFive Pro2 ROM Flash Tool And Driver1.8 MiB77
Instructions Chinese IWORK1X(i30)Window6.2 MiB747
Insyde Windows To Android Switcher1.8 MiB4082
Intel Driver Update Utility Installer2.2 MiB5065
Intel GFX Driver July 15 Win64 153621120 MiB1600
Intel Mfg Tools16.1 MiB8118
Intel(R) DPTF 8.1.10605.22117.1 MiB101
Intel(R) HID Event Filter Driver Ver11.2 MiB117
ISO2DiscSetup0.9 MiB3419
IWork8 5-5-2015 Win8.1 Drivers83.9 MiB659
Jumper EBook 3 Pro Flash Tools5.6 MiB1021
Jumper EZBook 3 Drivers707 MiB1410
Jumper Ezpad Mini3 Drivers218 MiB799
JumperEZBook Air Drivers Windows 10 64bit226 MiB710
K9C3 BIOS V100 Windows 10 ONLY VERSION3.0 MiB2204
Kingo Root18.3 MiB5931
KMDF HID Minidriver For Touch I2C (Touch Screen Driver)80 KiB7487
KNote 5 7-12-2018 6-21-53 PM395 MiB50
Knote 5 Windows Driver Dump354 MiB36
Knote 8 Drivers Windows 10 CMD Dump509 MiB45
LapBook 12.3 BIOS 2017061214.5 MiB164
LapBook 12.3 Windows Part12.0 GiB120
LapBook 12.3 Windows Part22.0 GiB89
LapBook 12.3 Windows Part32.0 GiB86
LapBook 12.3 Windows Part41.2 GiB87
Lapbook Air Bios Z0028.5 MiB407
LapBook Air Win10 Part12.0 GiB167
LapBook Air Win10 Part22.0 GiB140
LapBook Air Win10 Part32.0 GiB124
LapBook Air Win10 Part42.0 GiB128
LapBook Air Win10 Part5149 MiB136
LapBook SE Drivers Dump 9-15-2018513 MiB14
Latest Hi Book Bios (wifi)4.1 MiB572
Livefan S1 Drivers Dump298 MiB67
ME 11.0 Consumer MiB83
ME Intel V11.0.5.118990.7 MiB390
ME Intel V11.0.5.118990.7 MiB204
MediaTek USB VCOM Drivers6.2 MiB16
MEmuSetup-Cube-20150410345 MiB1670
Mi Book 13 TM1604 Drivers 2017 Nvidia MX150 Model599 MiB3540
Mi Notebook Air 13 (2016) A06 Bios Update I5 6200U August 27th 20174.3 MiB111
Mi Notebook Air 2017 Model TM1607 Drivers Dump331 MiB517
Mi Notebook Pro Bios 4015.0 MiB265
Mi Notebook Pro Bios 6035.3 MiB951
Mi Notebook Pro Bios Update SSD Speed Fix XMAKB5R0P03004.9 MiB3016
Mi Notebook Pro Patches2.7 MiB14
Mi OSD3.0 MiB270
Mi OSD3.0 MiB780
MI OSD1.6 MiB104
Mi Pad 2 Googleinstaller-20.2 MiB3669
Mi Pad 2 Play Store28.7 MiB3320
Mi Pad 2 Play Store Apks35 KiB3195
Mi Pad 2 Windows Drivers Doubledriver235 MiB5097
Mi Pad 3 Google Play60.8 MiB150
Mi Pad 3 Google Play Installer Restore Backup67.4 MiB128
MI5 S Review Original Photos From Review36.3 MiB761
Mini3 Touch Screen Files76 KiB645
Mirek190 Flash Tool X98 Pro55.6 MiB6790
MiTongBu34.5 MiB125
OBOOK 11 Drivers Dump218 MiB3288
OBOOK11 PRO Drivers Dump468 MiB372
OEM SLIC Bios Windows Key Reader11 KiB8168
ONDA Q2S Windows To Android Swticher0.5 MiB3046
ONDA Q2S Windows To Android Swticher0.5 MiB990
Onda V116w Core M Drivers212 MiB285
Onda V919 Air CH Android 5.1 Rom458 MiB3195
Onda Xiaoma 21 Drivers626 MiB260
Onda Xiaoma 21 RealTek Audio Driver Update191 MiB203
Onda Xiaoma 31 Drivers Dump304 MiB57
P98 4G (A8H6)-Android4.4.4-V1.16522 MiB1091
Performance Mode (High, Balanced and Power saving) ON-OFF658 B3888
PhoenixOS-iFivePro2-OEM-v1.1-2016-11-29625 MiB67
Pipo W1 Pro Drivers205 MiB190
PiPo W1s Driver X6420.5 MiB320
PiPo W3F 32GB Dual Boot Bios40.0 MiB1238
PiPo W3F Windows Drivers Auto Installer100 MiB1249
Pipo W4S Win 8.1 Drivers Dump78.9 MiB505
Pipo W8 TouchSetting Gt Touch Config1 KiB441
Pipo W8 Windows 8.1 Doubledriver Backup216 MiB332
PiPo X10 Dual OS Bios Flasher4.8 MiB397
PiPo X10 Original Windows 10 Only Bios2.9 MiB387
PiPo X10 Windows 10 64bit Drivers Dump232 MiB996
Realtek BT 20140.2 MiB1463
Realtek BT 20140.2 MiB422
Realtek BT 20140.2 MiB848
Realtek BT 20140.2 MiB258
Realtek BT 20140.2 MiB276
Realtek BT 20140.2 MiB943
Realtek BT 20140.2 MiB2288
Realtek Wifi 3007.10.1031.2014 20141.2 MiB1829
Realtek Wifi 3007.10.1031.2014 20141.2 MiB435
Realtek Wifi 3007.10.1031.2014 20141.2 MiB907
Realtek Wifi 3007.10.1031.2014 20141.2 MiB312
Realtek Wifi 3007.10.1031.2014 20141.2 MiB380
Realtek Wifi 3007.10.1031.2014 20141.2 MiB1231
Realtek Wifi 3007.10.1031.2014 20141.2 MiB2436
S165-WIN10-bios6.1 MiB5149
SerialIO 30.63.1603.052.6 MiB81
SileadTouch Config Files For Vi1067 KiB4959
SileadTouch Config Files For Vi1067 KiB7678
SileadTouch files for X89 Kindow73 KiB616
SileadTouch Files For X89 Kindow73 KiB185
SileadTouch Files Place In System32 Drives Folder91 KiB1403
SP Flash Tool V5.1744 Win50.6 MiB77
Stock 940MX Daysky D-book Pro Bios16 KiB26
Surbook TP Driver AP123 20170915 Fix Touch1.8 MiB902
SurBook Windows 10 Part12.0 GiB45
SurBook Windows 10 Part22.0 GiB39
SurBook Windows 10 Part32.0 GiB42
SurBook Windows 10 Part4548 MiB41
T-Bao Tbook Air CivilTop Air Drivers431 MiB395
Tbook 10 Drivers Dump220 MiB4421
TbooK 11 (E5A3)Android5.1-V1.10504 MiB2134
Tbook 11 Android5.168.4 MiB1674
Tbook 11 E5A6 Android Updates658 MiB1325
Tbook 11 Win 10 64bit Drivers Dump222 MiB3723
TbooK 16 Power Drivers197 MiB3214
TbooK 16S (M3J5) Android5.1 V1.05 ROM423 MiB178
TbooK 16S (M3J5) 双系统 Win10 20160721版(images)文件 Part13.0 GiB162
TbooK 16S (M3J5) 双系统 Win10 20160721版(images)文件 Part23.0 GiB106
TbooK 16S (M3J5) 双系统 Win10 20160721版(images)文件 Part33.0 GiB96
TbooK 16S (M3J5) 双系统 Win10 20160721版(images)文件 Part4551 MiB99
Tbook 16S WinPE (U)218 MiB147
Teclast Air 3G Android 3D Freeze Temp Fix "FastMode"0.3 MiB1658
Teclast Bios Editor2.0 MiB2169
Teclast F6 Pro Drivers1.0 GiB362
Teclast F7 Drivers Dump333 MiB726
Teclast M89 MT8173 20180711913 MiB26
Teclast OS V210.8 MiB1259
Teclast OsSwitch Android To Windows27 KiB2891
Teclast Tbook 16S Drivers Win 10 64bit229 MiB706
Teclast Windows To Android Switcher2.3 MiB4811
Teclast Windows To Android Switcher2.3 MiB766
Teclast Windows To Android Switcher2.3 MiB948
Teclast X1 Doubledriver Backup183 MiB139
Teclast X10HD 3G Orientation Sensor Reg Values467 B625
Teclast X16HD 3G Windows Drivers81.8 MiB721
Teclast X2 Pro Doubledrivers Dump284 MiB1003
Teclast X3 Pro 5-16-2016 3-28-56 AM290 MiB1069
Teclast X3 Pro Drivers Mirror 1290 MiB537
Teclast X80 Plus Drivers217 MiB6562
Teclast X80h Doubledriver Win 8.1 Driver Backup86.7 MiB2073
Teclast X98 Air 3G Doubledriver Driver Backup84.8 MiB2526
Teclast X98 Plus Dual OS A5C8 Bios Update V36.0 MiB4411
Teclast X98 Plus Dual OS A5C8 Bios Update V36.0 MiB4721
Teclast X98 Pro V1.03 Android 5.1 Rom Stock816 MiB4699
Teclast-TbooK 16 Pro-Windows10-Drivers-All246 MiB445
TouchPad Synaptics89.2 MiB363
TouchPad Synaptics89.2 MiB1902
Touchpad Synaptics V19 1 2 8 C X6485.6 MiB163
TouchSetting2 KiB1123
TouchSetting Gt File For Air 3G Touch Screen Calibration1 KiB1896
TouchSetting Gt File For Cube I6748 B446
TouchSetting Gt File Teclast X10HD 3G986 B521
TouchSetting To Fix Missed Touches1 KiB4220
V1032G Dual Boot BIOS1118.2 MiB2254
V1032G Dual Boot BIOS1118.2 MiB2620
V116W Windows Drivers Doubledriver 2015-3-1176.7 MiB786
V5 0 BIOS Unlocked Final4.0 MiB343
V6 0 BIOS Unlocked Final4.1 MiB848
V919 3G Air DualOS Win8.1 X86 Drivers138 MiB3108
V919 3G CORE M Win10 X64 Drivers569 MiB1033
V919 AIR CH 3-29-2016 Drivers Dump227 MiB5504
V919 AIR CH Windows 10 Image Model V7 201603047.4 GiB4614
VBOOK I5 I7 Dubledrivers Dump May 2018371 MiB57
Vbook V3 Core M3 Drivers Other Source90.3 MiB111
VGA Intel V20.19.15.4444204 MiB527
VGA Intel V20.19.15.4444204 MiB225
VI10 Android Intel MFG Flashing Tool26.3 MiB3191
Vi10 Plus Android 5.1 ROM536 MiB194
Vi10 Plus Bios3.8 MiB203
Vi10 Plus Windows - Part Part11.0 GiB111
Vi10 Plus Windows - Part Part21.0 GiB84
Vi10 Plus Windows - Part Part31.0 GiB76
Vi10 Plus Windows - Part Part41.0 GiB77
Vi10 Plus Windows - Part Part51.0 GiB75
Vi10 Plus Windows - Part Part61.0 GiB78
Vi10 Plus Windows - Part Part7236 MiB74
Vi10 Pro - Fix Android Blur Text Issue19.7 MiB1970
VI1032G Android Rom469 MiB3647
VI1032G Instructions (Chinese)6.1 MiB1638
VI1032G Windows8.1 Image Part01500 MiB2039
VI1032G Windows8.1 Image Part02500 MiB1461
VI1032G Windows8.1 Image Part03500 MiB1346
VI1032G Windows8.1 Image Part04500 MiB1315
VI1032G Windows8.1 Image Part05500 MiB1237
VI1032G Windows8.1 Image Part06500 MiB1200
VI1032G Windows8.1 Image Part07500 MiB1206
VI1032G Windows8.1 Image Part08500 MiB1541
VI1032G Windows8.1 Image Part09500 MiB1521
VI1032G Windows8.1 Image Part10500 MiB1171
VI1032G Windows8.1 Image Part11115 MiB1184
Vido W10 Elite Drivers Dump261 MiB288
Voyo A1 Plus Ultimate Drivers30.4 MiB262
Voyo A1 Plus Win 10 Drivers Pack72.5 MiB301
Voyo V1 VMac Apollo Lake Drivers674 MiB93
Voyo VBook I5 4415U Drivers (Windows Dump)407 MiB41
Voyo Vbook V3 Drivers894 MiB396
Voyo Vbook V3 Drivers894 MiB61
Voyo Vbook V3 I5 7200U Drivers375 MiB36
Voyo Vbook V3 Ultimate Core M3 Drivers Dump210 MiB141
W1S BIOS Update-20160919T131355Z4.1 MiB163
W3 Win 8.1 Drivers155 MiB362
W3F Dual OS May 26th Part11.5 GiB866
W3F Dual OS May 26th Part21.5 GiB651
W3F Dual OS May 26th Part31.5 GiB624
W3F Dual OS May 26th Part4889 MiB615
W3F Windows Only Bios Feb 20153.0 MiB767
W8 English Image Windows Part1700 MiB165
W8 English Image Windows Part2700 MiB138
W8 English Image Windows Part3700 MiB124
W8 English Image Windows Part4700 MiB122
W8 English Image Windows Part5700 MiB115
W8 English Image Windows Part6700 MiB123
W8 English Image Windows Part7363 MiB116
Win 10 SileadTouch-Package S806 MSSL00011.5 MiB11877
Windows 10 Factory Image KNOTE8(i1301)8.0 GiB27
Windows 10 Image Part13.5 GiB812
Windows 10 Image Part23.5 GiB525
Windows 10 Image Part3240 MiB503
Windows 8.1 English USA Language Pack82.9 MiB1773
Windows 8.1 Espanol Espana Pack Idioma88.0 MiB516
Wireless 18.40.4 PROSet64 Win1089.3 MiB838
WLAN Intel170 MiB313
WLAN Intel170 MiB704
X10HD 3G Dual System (M6K6)-Android4.4.4-V1.06- Systeminstallation526 MiB1735
X10HD 3G Playstore Fix With Root Browser & Toolbox38.0 MiB1493
X10HD Win Drivers Dump82.0 MiB1393
X16 Images WinPE Part12.0 GiB146
X16 Images WinPE Part22.0 GiB122
X16 Images WinPE Part32.0 GiB116
X16 Images WinPE Part41.1 GiB121
X16 Pro Doubledrivers Dump153 MiB3069
X2 Pro Touchsetting Gt File745 B999
X2 Pro Windows 10 Drivers328 MiB1401
X3+Plus Audio Fix0.2 MiB40
X5 Pro -Windows100.7 MiB395
X5 Pro Bios Update Install From Device Manager System Firmware3.1 MiB978
X5 Pro EC Update - Enables Type-C Port Charging1.5 MiB894
X5 Pro Windows10 (RS1) 20161125(U) Part13.0 GiB211
X5 Pro Windows10 (RS1) 20161125(U) Part23.0 GiB154
X5 Pro Windows10 (RS1) 20161125(U) Part32.8 GiB151
X80 Power (B2N3)Android5.1-V1.09 ROM498 MiB1288
X80 Power Drivers Dump And Touchsetting Gt221 MiB2678
X80 Power WINDOWS 10 WINPE Image (1)2.0 GiB1493
X80 Power WINDOWS 10 WINPE Image (2)2.0 GiB863
X80 Power WINDOWS 10 WINPE Image (3)2.0 GiB819
X80 Power WINDOWS 10 WINPE Image (4)349 MiB860
X80h (FB5M)-Android4.4-V1.05 20150808564 MiB703
X89 Kindow Drivers & SileadTouch Screen Files82.3 MiB865
X89 Kindow Drivers & SileadTouch Screen Files82.3 MiB301
X98 Pro K9C6 Bios 1.13 EMMC Fix5.1 MiB5480
X98 Air 2 Android 5.0 Mirek190315 MiB306
X98 Air 2 Android 5.0 Mirek190320 MiB885
X98 Air 2 Android 5.0 Mirek190 V5.0-ultra-light246 MiB956
X98 Air 2 Android 5.0 Mirek190 V6.0-ultra-light247 MiB743
X98 Air 3G (All Variants) Android 5.0 Beta V3.0 Mirek190336 MiB4684
X98 Air 3G (C6J6) Mirek190 3.0296 MiB1133
X98 Air 3G (C8J7) Mirek190 3.1296 MiB1128
X98 Air 3G (C9J7) Mirek190 3.1296 MiB1792
X98 Air 3G Air II Dual Boot Bios Flasher bat3.9 MiB4007
X98 Air 3G Air II Official Android 5.0 V2 Debloated With Root (Tecknight)406 MiB3228
X98 Air 3G Android 5.0 (c5j6) V2.00 Final568 MiB4137
X98 Air 3g Android 5.0 Mirek190317 MiB496
X98 Air 3g Android 5.0 Mirek190320 MiB1950
X98 Air 3g Android 5.0 Mirek190 V5.0-ultra-light246 MiB313
X98 Air 3g Android 5.0 Mirek190 V6.0-ultra-light248 MiB1381
X98 Air 3G C5J6 Doubledriver Backup July 201581.6 MiB1179
X98 Air 3G C5J6 Windows 10 drivers pack (29th July 2015)111 MiB12551
X98 Air 3G C6J6 C8J7 Google Play Fix Files32.6 MiB3128
X98 Air 3G C6J7 WIndows Bios And Flasher bat2.5 MiB1745
X98 Air 3G Dual Boot C9j7 Wifi Driver Fix0.6 MiB1935
X98 Air 3G Flasher Bios 2.02 - Works On 100 % On C5J6, C6J6, C8J713.3 MiB5955
X98 Air 3G Toolbox with Root36.1 MiB2974
X98 Air 3G Toolbox Zip38.3 MiB1732
X98 Air 3G USB Bios Flasher55.4 MiB2396
X98 Air 3G Windows 8.1 Drivers87.1 MiB6093
X98 Air 3g(c6j6) Ota V2.00 to V2.01_2014122514.1 MiB1552
X98 Air 3g(c8j7) Ota V2.01 to V2.02_2014122313.2 MiB1492
X98 Air 3g(c9j7) Ota V1.06 to V1.08_2014122512.7 MiB1223
X98 Air Dual Boot Bios For Android3.6 MiB1982
X98 Air II (HG6N) Bios File for Windows 8.1/102.3 MiB3670
X98 Air II Custom Rom (HG6N)321 MiB3054
X98 Air II HG9M Android 5 V3.00 Final580 MiB1980
X98 Air II HG9M Doubledriver Backup July 201580.7 MiB1253
X98 Air3G C6J6 Lite (JCEspi2005)322 MiB1184
X98 PLUS (A5C8) Android 5.1 Mirek190 V3313 MiB3610
X98 PLUS (A6C7) Android 5.1 Mirek190 V3313 MiB1387
X98 PLUS 3G (A6C9) Android 5.1 Mirek190 V3309 MiB2549
X98 Plus Drivers146 MiB4047
X98 Plus II 7-28-2016 11-13-08 AM225 MiB5015
X98 PRO (K9C3)-Windows10 Part12.0 GiB2393
X98 PRO (K9C3)-Windows10 Part22.0 GiB1468
X98 PRO (K9C3)-Windows10 Part32.0 GiB1337
X98 PRO (K9C3)-Windows10 Part41.5 GiB1338
X98 PRO Android 5.1 Mirek190 V5381 MiB1824
X98 PRO Android 5.1 Mirek190 V6382 MiB6203
X98 Pro Android Flash Tool And Drivers64.5 MiB6934
X98 PRO Driver Win10 Teclast Drivers Pack210 MiB7158
X98 PRO Windows 10 20150902 WinPE Images Part12.0 GiB1792
X98 PRO Windows 10 20150902 WinPE Images Part22.0 GiB1362
X98 PRO Windows 10 20150902 WinPE Images Part32.0 GiB1327
X98 PRO Windows 10 20150902 WinPE Images Part41.0 GiB1323
X98 Windows 10 Stock Image Factory Drivers Dump84.4 MiB2433
X98-Air 3G (C8J7)-Android4.4.4-V2.00-(Official)556 MiB1226
X98-Air-3G 2.02 BIOS Flash In Android13.4 MiB3053
X98Air3G Android Only Bios2.4 MiB2238
X98Air3GW C6J7 WIndows Bios .bin file2.3 MiB1221
X98PlusBIOSUpdateTool2.7 MiB9162
X98PRO K9c3 Dual Boot Bios5.7 MiB2740
X98Pro K9C6 Doubledriver 10-22-2015201 MiB3895
X98Pro Windows 10 Driver Doubledriver150 MiB3040
Xiaomi Mi 5S 1080p DIS Enabled Video Sample164 MiB330
Xiaomi Mi Mix 4k Video Sample628 MiB173
Xiaomi Mi Note 2 4k Sample Video641 MiB127
Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro Bios 03004.9 MiB437
Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro Drivers Timi TM1701940 MiB4843
Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro Drivers Timi TM1701 (doubledriver Dump)659 MiB1036
XMAKB5R0P0401 (Bios Dump) Flash With With Caution4.7 MiB481
XMAKB5R0P05025.3 MiB446
XposedForTeclastX98 UpR774.7 MiB683


  1. could you please provide the md5 checksum for every x80 power windows image files? thanks

    • Sorry I don’t have, why is that required? They are safe on drive and have not been tampered with.

      • I have completed the download and got trouble extracting them using gnome archive manager (ubuntu 14.04), just wanted to make sure whether I downloaded the files correctly or not. I think one of the files is corrupted or something on my download.

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