Lets make a survey: who has the tablet working fine and who has problems?

Lets make a survey: who has the tablet working fine and who has problems?

TechTablets Forums Chuwi Forums Chuwi Hi10 Discussion Lets make a survey: who has the tablet working fine and who has problems?

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    And that was it. Seems like Chinese tablets are actually pretty good and it’s Polish-branded chargers that are shit and not worth  your money (Kruger&Matz if you’re curious – way to go guys, make Poland proud :/).

    So apparently I disassembled my tablet for no good reason and even managed to make a big scratch on a screen in my rage (not even sure how this happened). Learn from my mistakes and in case of trouble, chceck your chargers first folks. And don’t buy Kruger&Matz – obviously.

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    I purchased a HI10 from Chuwi flagship store on Taobao. Started using it last week for a total of less than hour of screen on time. Now it’s dead. It’s the new version with blue USB port and 64 bit windows. Totally can’t power it on this morning when I tried to bring it to school. Had 93% when I shut down yesterday after transferring some files.

    UPDATE : My Hi10 is able to turn on! Went home after school and tried many chargers(both 5W and 10W chargers) and it couldn’t work(USB Meter measured 4.98V 0.32A) so I thought I needed something with more output and I tried my S7 Edge Fast Charger. The meter is reading 5.32V and 1.08A and I tried pressing the power button for 3 sec and it turned on! Now the battery life is at 47% when it was powered on(93% yesterday night when I did a full shut down after I finished transferring files). Either something is wrong with the inside of the tablet(voltage regulator?) or the battery indicator is totally wrong.

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    Hi! I’ve had my Hi10 for a week, and so far: My micro sd dissapears when I restart and drops its speed, the wifi connection is half as fast as my laptop (10 MGb of 30 of ADSL) The housing is swelled up around the hotter part in the back, and when using HDMI several times a day my screen loses the connection and I have to unplug and replug, sometimes it comes back on its own.

    I already returned a non charging Teclast Plus and I bought this instead because the screen ratio, the full USB and the dock, I’m not very happy, now I guess I’m going to check my BIOS version.

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    I have a Chuwi HI10 serial number is Q64G421602002042   and big problems :
    1 I cannot connect Microsoft Wireless display adapter . It is recognized but not connectable! (I can connect my Chuwi HI8 without any problem….)
    2 The HDMI output does not work either
    3 WIFI very slow
    4 Other functions not yet checked

    Do you have a solution for fixing these crippling failures ?

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    It lasted 2 months

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    Hi everybody,

    REturning home in France after 2 weeks vacation, I realize that my Chuwi is in a worst condition than before. Power supply seems to be also a very weak module. Impossible to turn on (or off) the tablet which can become blocked on a saving screen or a black screen (cf Victor )… So I decided to send this product back to the seller : Gearbest.

    Jim Pike
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    I’ve had my ser. # …6xxx Hi10 for a couple of months with few problems. Occasionally it has been reluctant to start but hooking it up to the included charger and holding the button on has started it ok. I’m very careful not to leave it in sleep mode for long to avoid running the battery down. It would not see most SD cards until I updated the bios but now recognizes all up to 64Gb. I haven’t tried any larger SD’s. I got the docking keyboard which works well except if I swipe down on the trackpad, it minimizes the window. Switching to tablet mode seems to cure this annoying characteristic. HDMI works fine with my Avegant Glyph Head Mounted Display with good sound and acceptable 3d video at 720p. It runs pretty hot, so I’m a little concerned about the hot weather.

    Overall I’m very happy with it. Great bang for the buck! The only thing I’d like would be a dual boot upgrade or perhaps a dual boot Hi12 with stylus.

    Antonio Mourao
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    64bits, Work fine but I just broke the screen, have one glass in the mail.

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    Died since first day.

    Returned for a refund after communicating with GearBest’s support.

    Cesar Fdez.
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    HI10 x64 with blue USB 3.0 connector had erratic behaviour on arrival (black screen after suspend, some windows closing and some blue exception screens), so I tried to update drivers…and the Tablet was bricked by the BIOS update refered in other threads (it looks like it downloaded a Teclast image and flashed it). It also has at least two dead pixels on screen, but not too annoying.

    Now the red led blinks when powered on. Waiting for the tools to arrive to reflash the SPI BIOS.

    I had another Chuwi Android Tablet I was very happy with, but I think this will be my latest Chuwi product. Even if I recover the BIOS, the Tablet may have a hardware issue, as I don’t think it came from Factory with the wrong drivers.

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    This is my final post regarding Chuwi HI10.  My seller Gearbest has received the faulty equipment  10 days ago and today i have got the 100% refund  on my mastercard account (except the cost for sending back the item from France to China). So Gearbest has been quite correct during all this process.

    Shira Ishikawa
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    Well, mine is working fine so far, but i updated all the drivers first after i bought it using 3rd party software, so i didn’t check factory driver error.

    Using it for downloading in public WiFi, campus life, and some programming. Heck i even using it as Oracle 9g server and XAMPP server since i need them. No faulty problem, WiFi is good, battery also good (around 8-9 hours), USB is good too.

    The only trouble was when i updated the Sound driver with 3rd party driver updater, and it stopped working (fixed it with rolling back).

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    Is there anyone that hasn’t had at least 1 problem with the Hi10 Tablet?  Was looking to purchase one of these tablets just for web browsing and Netflix watching, but seems like there is at least one thing wrong with every HI10 tablet based on this forum thread.

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    I have had several tablets, but my HI10 with only win10 os is most perfectly running one yet.

    I have updated the bios because of sd reading problem.

    Restored to restore point a couple of times, but that is as I could expect when I tinker with the operating system…

    Sometimes a “dead” tab has to be charged for a while and be restarted again to gets working again.


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    I have always problems to root my Chuwi Hi 10 Dual boot, because I don’t manage to open the SuperU and TWRP files, not possible with 7 zip, neither with Winrar.

    Thanks, best regards

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