[OFFICIAL][WINDOWS + ANDROID 5.1] Dual Boot files from Chuwi

[OFFICIAL][WINDOWS + ANDROID 5.1] Dual Boot files from Chuwi

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    The password of the dropbox is en.chuwi.com

    Macho Man
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    Thanks, I’ve successfully recovered the Windows partition!

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    Hey all,

    I’m trying to pull these files down from within China, but getting to DropBox & Google drive is way too slow. So I’m looking for a torrent solution, any suggestions?

    EDIT: I changed from using a VPN to using a VPN proxy and connected via Singapore. All downloaded and installed. Hello Windows 10 – ENGLISH.

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    Here MEGA Mirror for BIOS Update





    To flash it without problems I followed the following instructions:

    READ THIS: Make very SURE you have the correct BIOS for your device. Flashing the wrong BIOS WILL BRICK your device and make it unbootable.

    1. Get an empty USB thumb drive.
    2. Format USB drive FAT32, name it WINPE
    3. Extract all files and then Copy all the files from the BIOS .rar onto the USB drive. Your USB drive should look like the picture below all files at the root directory.

    If your BIOS is already set to boot USB thumb drive as 1st prioroty, then the deivce will go directly to step 5 automatically
    4. Boot into BIOS boot manager using F7 key
    5. Select and Boot the USB thumb drive
    6. New BIOS will be flashed, the script doe snot exit properly so you will see an error about IA32, but it is finished correctly. Remove the USB drive once BIOS flash is complete. You can type exit here or just hold down the power button
    7. Remove the USB drive once BIOS flash is complete. If you leave it in, then BIOS will be flashed again on boot.

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    Thanks GregorEasy,

    I have the BIOS Updates, which I don’t need (according to Emily) I just need the Windows 10 rar. I bought this tablet in China (I live in Beijing), so I have Chinese Windows, therefore I require a reinstall of the OS into English. Trying to pull the 6Gb rar from DropBox or Google requires a VPN, which of course routes me through the US or Europe = Slooooow. If I can get to these files without having to use a VPN I’d be much happier. The MEGA link seems to work without a VPN (seems to go through the Great Firewall of China OK).

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    Still failing to flash my android partition to stock, but having followed this forum it seems I should also flash the bios to upgrade the memory usage and prevent the WiFi loss. I want to follow the instructions on en.Chui.com however it says there that flashing the android will lose the windows partition, so I probably have to do windows afterwards.

    For those of us like me that have no experience in this area, what order would I do this in? I assume bios first as its the main component, then android which will destroy windows, then finally windows? Given the amount of references to bricked tablets this is obviously a scary process for those of us with no experience.

    Thanks for any advice.


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    Actually just flashed android on my HI12 without an issue following the instructions on the chuwi website, and using the no erase json file to make sure windows did not get erased. Once android was in English everything was fine, it’s fast and great to use. Might do the bios next to speed up the ram access.

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    I flashed the latest bios to my chuwi hi12  (v5.0.11), byt im still getiing random reboots when in windows and battery somewhere in 50%. Does anyone else have this same issue? Android is running well and no reboots on that side.

    I would also like to speed up the ram from bios but im not what should change from there. Is there manual or guide somewhere where this ram thing is explained??

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    added to my thread

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    Guys the links are temporary disabled… ???

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    The password of the dropbox is <span class=”textlinkplus”>en.chuwi.com</span>

    Emily, I want to update bios because my wifi fails after a while.

    my S. No is: q64g4517010XXXX

    I cant find which one to flash

    Leyneli neo
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    İs this Z8500  or Z8530?

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