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    Hi Gennady.

    No. My X6 Pro works perfect. No problem until now. My complaints was only about “aesthetics”… Check my posted pics and you will see 🙁

    But, as I said, the X6 Pro currently is doing his job very nice.

    Perhaps the only thing I could comment is the extreme heat/high temperature. Sometimes I’m a little worried but I don’t use it for “hard” tasks… In fact it’s only a “back up” computer for a very specific task.

    Hope my long answer give you some kind of help. Good luck and kind regards from the island of Mallorca, Spain!


    Alejandro Aguilar Rodriguez
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    I have received my Teclast X6 Pro from Aliexpress ~4 weeks ago. At first, it worked well, without any problem. Last week I didn’t use my tablet and today I have tried to turn on it. But it does not turn on and the tablet does not charge. Did you have such problems? What should I do?

    Hi, the same happens to my X6 pro. After i month of use it turns of while I use it and I can’t go on again. A technician friend revised it and concluded that some capacitors goes bad. It changed some but it refused to charge the battery.

    I found a Power Delivery charger (29 watts, Belkin) and tried without succes to chrage the machine. But before send my computer to trash I do an desesperate attempt: I put both chargers (the PD one and the X6 one) at the same time overnight. The next day it was on and working perfectly until today without problems.

    I recommend you to get a PD charger and try to chrge the X6 overnight. If it doesn´t works try put both chargers simultaneously. If still doesn´t works fing someone that test the capacitors of the power controler inside the X6.

    If it works do the thermal fix for the processor (it could be part of the problem) and the computer will work more faster and reliable.

    (sorry for my english, it is not my native language).

    If it works


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    Thanks, Alejandro

    I got a power delivery charger 45W. I tried to charge by both charger-without any success. Now, the tablet has moved to hands of the local tech expert for repair.

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