• I premise that, by following the suggestions in the following guide:

    I was, by now, working on the 120 Gbyte SSD hard drive on which I had cloned the original EMMC.

    I was forced to delete all the partitions present in the SSD HD, also the recovery partition cloned from the eMMC.

    I’m ignorant about…[Read more]

  • Hi

    MyEzbook 3 pro mount this version of BIOS:

    American Megatrends Inc. Jumper10x.P8.WP3132.NHNAUHL03, 02/11/2018

    taken directly by Windows System Information

    Is there a modded version of this BIOS?

  • AC replied to the topic How to reinstall Windows? in the forum EZBook series 4 months ago

    Hello guys

    re-installing or restoring windowx 10 on my EZbook 3 pro is proving virtually impossible

    I tried to perform a restore using the command inside the BIOS unfortunately the restore stops almost immediately and I am asked to
    1) Turn off the computer
    2) choose other options (troubleshooting, or even turn off the pc)
    Would you have any suggestions?

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