• I think I’ve reached the end of the road trying to repair the F6 Pro myself! I tested the PS board and it’s working and providing 12V to the Mboard. Checked all the flex connectors and they all appear to be working. So all lead to the MB. Whether it’s fried or a dead capacitor somewhere, I don’t know…..

    If I can source a MB for the F6 Pro, I…[Read more]

  • **Update***

    Received a new battery today. After replacing it still NADA, no battery or SSD status light. So it’s not the battery in my case. The only possible problem I can see is the power adapter circuit board.

    Now the big issue is where to source a similar board for the F6 Pro.  I’ve been looking high and low with no results. So if anybody…[Read more]

  • I’m not sure whether it’s the battery or power supply .As mentioned in my original post, when the laptop first went dead, there was enough juice to charge my tablet, than my phone, which leads me to believe battery is good! Never had an issue with battery not fully charging or discharging abnormally. So I’m assuming the battery is not the cause .…[Read more]

  • @katagiri, it’s on the first page of this post about half way down .

  • If you search my username you will find a small write-up with pics for opening up the X6 Pro . The mod does wonders for the thermals, no more throttling. I have a teenage son that pushes hard all the time and the thermals are steady solid .

  • **UPDATE****

    It seems the laptop is completely dead! I disconnected the battery and plugged in the AC directly and nothing!! No LED status lights, screen did not wake-up, no boot up, NADA!!!!

    I’m pissed and concerned at the same time, considering that I have an X6 pro as well and wondering if it will suffer the same fate after 18months!!

    I…[Read more]

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