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My Teclast X10HD updated Windows 10 (Home edition) recently, Because of disc space, it wanted me to plug in USB for updating. Finally it failed due to insufficient battery power. When it was fully charged, re-boot, it shows recovering previous version (with USB plugged) and restarted, re-booted, showing recovering previous version……. It did loops and was never successful!!  Although I ...[Read More]



Four months later and ……..

Well i have been using this tablet for just over 4 months now. and initially i was impressed with the HD screen and the speed. But ! and you new this was coming, it has not been without problems and difficulties, mainly the android system would repeatedly fail to boot and hang on the intel screen. so leading to the regular android recovery and reset up nearly twice a month ! a right royal pain in ...[Read More]



Very good tablet – Amazing screen but lack of expansion ports

The Teclast X10HD is an amazing tablet. Very fast, amazing screen quality and excelent build quality. The high resolution panel make using Windows in Desktop mode a nightmare (since everything is very small to touch, even with 200% zoom) but all the Metro Apps works very well. Since in Android all the applications are DPI-Aware, this problem does not happen on the Google OS, making it very simple ...[Read More]

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