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TouchSetting.gt file for inverted screen touch Teclast X10HD 3G

If you have installed Windows yourself over the Windows 8.1 Bing version then you could have issues with an inverted touch on your X10HD 3G, here is the file you need for your X10HD, the TouchSetting.gt file, move and replace if needed with this file here. This should restore you touch settings and stop the inverted touch and screen issue...[Read More]

Teclast X10HD 3G Keyboard Dock Hands On

Picked up the X10HD 3G keyboard today, it took about 20 days to come from CHina via Ali Express. It’s EXACTLY the same as the Pipo W3F keyboard I got with my W3F order. It seems the Chinese brand 10.1″ tablets with this same dock all share a very common keyboard design between a variety of models. Pros: Good feedback and trave...[Read More]

Teclast X10HD unboxing and hands on video.

Just got our hands on the new Teclast X10HD to put it through its paces and review. Just uploaded a quick unboxing and hands on video for those interested in this unit. First impressions:  Play store is broken out of the box. Good build quality, no sharp edges. Matt metal backing plate Screen is a Panasonic IPS 2560 x 1600 that is sharp a...[Read More]

First photos of the Teclast X10HD 3G keyboard surface

These photos just recently surfaced of the Teclast X10HD’s original clip on dock keyboard. As you can see it’s a little different from the photos first released from Teclast.Or should I say the photoshop photos showing it with two mouse buttons and the touchpad. The keyboard is a Surface style one that clips into the X10HD mag...[Read More]

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