Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop Review

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Mid 2018 saw the introduction of Xiaomi’s gaming laptop line. We all knew this was the next step for them and for the first attempt at a gaming laptop, it’s very decent. But far from perfect.

01:39 – Screen & sRGB 02:19 – Keyboard 03:45 – Touchpad 04:04 – Ports 04:47 – Webcam 05:23 – Internals 06:06 – Battery Life 06:34 – Mi RGB control 07:47 – Audio 08:20 – Thermals 08:40 – Fan noise 09:15 – Benchmarks 09:43 – 4k encoding 10:12 – Gaming tests 12:00 – Final words 13:50 – Pros & Cons listed

So apart from the excessive fan noise and rather bad design move on the keyboard with those macro keys the Mi Gaming laptop is a good gaming laptop, but for around the same price you can find offers from MSI, Dell, Acer and ASUS with the newer and faster Core i7 8750H 6 Core CPU, something the Mi Gaming laptop should have shipped within the first place. The touchpad is THE best I’ve seen and used on a gaming laptop, large and accurate it’s one area most gaming laptops skimp on but not Xiaomi. I want to see more manufacturers include good touchpads. Just because most gamers (If not all) use a mouse doesn’t mean you should overlook it.

And I love the look of the machine, no silly dragon, flames or other gaming logos and accents on the machine. Not every user is under 16 years of age and wants this. And the addition of the RGB keyboard and side lighting should please those that do want the gamer RGB lights.

Look for the later 2018 refresh with the 8th Gen 8750H CPU and I hope they lose the macro keys on the side and move them to the top! It might be a good idea for them to team up with someone like Steel Series to work on the next keyboard.


  • Great build quality & screen
  • HDMI 2.0A Spec
  • Type-C port
  • Great huge touchpad
  • No gamer logos or gaming accents


  • Excessive fan noise
  • Poor keyboard layout (Macro keys)
  • Expensive for the spec
  • Should have launched with 8th Gen CPUs
  • Slow SD card reader
  • Heavy for a 15.6" gaming laptop
  • Windows 10 in Chinese


Performance - 9
Build & Design - 8
Screen - 8.5
Sound - 7.5
Battery Life - 7
Value for money - 7.5

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