Xiaomi Mi gaming laptop

Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop Review

Mid 2018 saw the introduction of Xiaomi’s gaming laptop line. We all knew this was the next step for them and for the first attempt at a gaming laptop, it’s very decent. But far from perfect. 01:39 – Screen & sRGB 02:19 – Keyboard 03:45 – Touchpad 04:04 – Ports 04:47 – Webcam 05:23 – Internals 06:06 – Battery Life 06:34 – Mi RGB contr...[Read More]

Hands-On With The Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop – First Impressions

Xiaomi’s Mi Gaming Laptop, a not so typical Gaming Laptop without the gamer red or green accents, silly dragon, flame, or alien logos. A more discreet look. But still has RGB lights if you want it. With up to Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB GPU options it can game well at 1080p with High to Ultra settings. The new Mi Gaming Laptop, this one took a while to get hold of. Xiaomi has released only very limi...[Read More]

Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop Videos

Mi Gaming laptop unboxing and hands-on review: Mi Gaming Laptop review:

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