Alternative Type-C charger for the Hi13.

Alternative Type-C charger for the Hi13.

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    So… I bought this USB quickcharge 2/3/PE (8€) and connected with the Chuwi USB-c cable to a Quick Charge 2.0 AUKEY 3-Port USB Wall Charger (15€) (I already had it at home), pressed twice to change from 5v to 12.2v and… It works!!! The USB adaptor show 1.82A and 12.2V, so it means 22 Watts. I think it is charging a bit slower than the original, but it charges whole I’m using it. Also I noticed the original charger gives a little bit electricity touching the tablet when connected but this one does not. So it seems better than the cheap chuwi’s original one. I’m very pleased because I will not have several chargers when travelling, and AUKEY charger looks safer to me. Quick Charge 2.0 AUKEY 3-Port USB Wall Charger with Micro-USB Cable for Galaxy S8/S7/S6/Edge/Plus, Note 4/5, LG G4, Nexus 6, iPhone, iPad & More | Qualcomm Certified

    Could you please give us the link to where you bought it?


    i happened to have aukey pa-t2 charger as well, so i bought this voltage meter/trigger. it gives me 12v and 1.7 A which seems to do the trick and charger my chuwi while using it.

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    Hello all. Here’s an iClever  USB charger that’s working pretty good. I’d guess it’s about 70% as fast as the stock power charger. I can pull some numbers once I get my tablet running again, lol.

    Here’s the Amazon Link

    It’s only $19 now, and it’s great for any other QC3/2 charging you may have. Be careful, there is another model with similar description that’s cheaper, but note the different spacing on the USB ports. I can only vouch for the specific linked version.

    Seems like a nice growing collection of usable c-chargers here, we have hope!

    Daniel J.
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    If you live in europe like me(Denmark) you might wanna consider buying a USB-C charger from a local shop, as the added taxes and toll and administration fees increases the total cost of the purcase significantly.

    I personally bought and can recommend this model =

    I would maybe not recommend buying from amazon(was just to showcase the charger unit), but try doing a search for the model within shops in your own country.  I paid the same for this device as the Chuwi model(import fees added), but I feel I got a better product by spending the extra costs on the product itself, instead of spending them on import taxes and fees!

    And yes it works, I have tested it.  Actually, it charges a little bit quicker than the one supplied by Chuwi.

    At 70% battery charge, windows 10 reported an estimated:

    59 minutes left for charging, using the Chuwi charger

    54 minutes left for charging, using the Innergie charger. May be due to the extra amperes  3A vs the 2A from the Chuwi charger.

    Another advantage of the Innergie, is it supports outputting 4 different voltages via “PD”, so can be used as a universal USB-C charger for ALL of your current and future USB-C PD compatible devices……and not just the Chuwi HI13!  So I also see it as an investment in future USB-C chargeable devices!  😉

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    i second the ask for an asutralian charger? my original charger is already disintegrating, and i really don’t want to fork out for the ravpower bank. its a huge chunk of the cost of the actual pc.

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    So I broke the end of the adapter, the usb c metal tip.  I was going to try one of the suggested chargers used here but found others with same specs on deals sites.  Tried these three :

    None worked.  On standby mode (screen off) actually drained the battery slowly where as the standard usb port kept it stable (maybe charged a bit).

    Found a obvious solution after all the trouble.  Splicing the cable to the plain usb c cable included with the Hi13!  Found this video and it works.  The chuwi charger has red and black wires so i just clipped the other ones out of the way in the plain usb c cable and spliced those two wires.

    I got this 90 degree usb c adapter so that the cable is not sticking out the side to easily break again and also incase i do snag it, it will detach:

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    OK, after some trials and tribulations with various chargers, as well as reading some horror stories ( … el-usb-type-c-test/) and going through very thorough reviews (mostly – negative! ) of USB-C components on the market today – … ;ref_=cm_cr_rdp_pdp, I decided to go with the “low-tech” solution.

    So, the problems that most readers try to address are (a) the charger that comes with Chuwi Hi13 is too bulky, and (b) the need for a back-up charger in case the original one stops working. My solution to this problem comes in two pieces:
    1. A 12V 2A small size power adapter: … 0?ie=UTF8&psc=1
    2. Barrel connector to USB-C adapter: … 0?ie=UTF8&psc=1

    Basically, this solution is similar to the one that comes in the box (dumb 12V power adapter with USB-C terminal), but much smaller and lighter. Working fine, charges my Chuwi as fast or faster than the original brick.


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    I’m pretty sad that Chuwi didn’t offer their charger specs up so we as customers know what’s needed. I saw the Chuwi 4-port charger – I mean they even call it the “Hi-dock” for me if a charger would be compatible with my “Hi13” this should be it right?

    Bought it, got it home excited to be away from that dodgy charger the tablet came with – plugged it it…red light came on…good so far I thought, then I saw “plugged in, charging”…excellent, then I saw my battery remaining go down…and down….and down.

    Grabbed the little freeware battery util mentioned in the Chuwi forum….opened it, plugged in…reported min of 6000 mW going in…but no charging. I plugged in the original charger…it said 6000mW going in but it IS charging.

    Why have Chuwi locked out their own product from charging their tablet? Or is it that the original charger has damaged the chipset and is the only one I can use now?

    This is starting to turn me off them for a purchase again in the future.

    Daniel J.
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    Sorry to hear about your dissapointing experience. You are not alone, having to figure out what charger is supported(thus this thread).

    You need a USB-C charger that is supporting the PD(Power Delivery) standard and can output 12V and minimum 2 Amperes(supporting more amps, just means the charger gets less “overworked”). The one you bought is using Quick Charge…

    You would need something like this instead(quick random model search) =

    Which has “only” 1 USB-C port and the rest is for your regular non-USB C devices. So more of a “universal” USB charger.

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    Thankyou – really the critical point here is that vendors really shouldn’t put a standard plug in a device without stating what it supports. Just means for us as consumers we have to fumble around in the dark where being up front would save us all money and potential hazards.

    How hard is it to put in the specs: USB-C, charging port, PD support only

    I mean they’re quick to say that the Hi-dock is QC3.0, I can’t for the life of me understand why they wouldn’t make it compatible with their own tablet under the Hi brand…sigh…anyway I’ll check out that link thanks…but being in Aus I’ll suss out what banggood and those guys have.



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    <ul class=”a-unordered-list a-vertical a-spacing-none”>

  • <span class=”a-list-item”>Specification: one port Type-C supporting up to 12V/2A 24W. Another port of 5V/2.4A with smart IC technology to auto identify the charging current. 1A~2.4A available</span>
  • <span class=”a-list-item”>Powerful Type-C port: 5V/9V/12V 2A, complies to the 3rd profile of Power Delivery Specification for charging new Type-C devices</span>
  • <span class=”a-list-item”>Ultra Convenient: Small, light and compact with super charging speed. Worldwide voltage compatibility(100V-240V/ac). Independent US, EU, UK, AU changeable adapters work in over 200 countries with iKits drawstring bags provided to help manage plugs</span>
  • <span class=”a-list-item”>Compatiblility: Apple Macbook 12”, Google Chromebook Pixel,Google Nexus 6P, 5X, Pixel C tablet, Nokia N1, LG G5, Microsoft Lumia 950, 950 XL, Le 1, Le Max, Le Pro, Xiaomi 4C, Meizu Pro 5, ZUK Z1, OnePlus 2</span>
  • <span class=”a-list-item”>Package Contents: PD Wall Charger X1. EU & UK & AU Changeable Adapter Pack X1. iKits Drawstring Bag X1</span>
  • Would something like this work? (I still haven’t found a charger for the AU style plug since the last time I posted…I can’t stand using an adapter because it’s too flimsy but this will have to do since they only make US/EU ones by default…)


Daniel J.
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USB-C port = Check

PD support(profile 3) = Check

12V – min. 2 amp(24W) = Check


Seems fine!  😉

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Lily> USB-C port = Check PD support(profile 3) = Check 12V – min. 2 amp(24W) = Check Seems fine!

Wow, I didn’t think I would get such a quick reply, that was super helpful, finally I can replace my charger (and about time too since it’s starting to produce smoke and a burnt smell :/ ) thanks Daniel, you’re a champ! 🙂


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… and what luck! it does not provide shipping to Australia… 🙁 The ikits charger was so promising too…

Excuse me Daniel, I hope this isn’t too troublesome, but could you please check if this would be suitable? it’s the only thing I can find that has the AU plug/ships to Australia.


This 29w Type-C USB (CHECK? :0)charger supportS PD3.0 (CHECK? :o) quick charge,it can actively adjust power output depending on the requirements of the device to 5V,9V,12V,15V,20V.It also supports QC2.0 QC3.0 QC4.0 charging.This wall charger supports Huawei FPC,MTK-PE quick charge protocol and it can be compatible with most fast charging devices.




Name:USB-C 29W for Macbook

For:Apple Macbook 12inch

Huawei Matebook

Input:AC 110V-220V 1.5Amp

Output:DC 20V 1.45A(USB-PD)

14.8V 2A(USB-PD)

12V 2A(USB-PD) CHECK? :0






Honestly I can’t tell since I am not good with tech specs…

Daniel J.
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Lily> Hello again!  🙂

From the description, it sounds like the model you found should also work yes. However, I feel I should make a small word of precaution before buying. I personally don’t have great experience buying cheap unbranded electronic products, that claims to do it all for half the price and have a lot of grammatical errors(and technical ones too)in the products description.

I did some searching too and I can see what you meant, regarding it is not easy finding a seller that ships to Australia. But I did come across one seller and personally I would feel safer buying this product instead = to select the AU plug)

Looks like a more professional and safe product to use, judged by the specification details. 2 years manufacturer warranty from a manufacturer that has been in the business for years also feels good….but the charger is more expensive, so if that is more of a concern to you, just give the one you found a try!  🙂

Cheers mate!  😉

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