BMAX y13 – USB-C not charging

BMAX y13 – USB-C not charging

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    My original post is lost somehow. Probably because I edited it one time too many. I can not repost it because the forum software detects that. Here it is again, hidden as a quote.

    After buying three power banks (none worked) I decided to buy a USB-C tester from Aliexpress (search for 32816538942).

    The tester reports that my BMAX Y13 charges at 15 volts, not 12 volts like I thought it would. If I connect any of my PD power banks the BMAX negotiates 9 volts and it doesn’t charge.

    And yes, it is definitely a BMAX problem. I have one charger that doesn’t work if I connect it directly (tester shows 9 volts), but which does work if I put a HDMI dock between the charger and the BMAX. With the HDMI dock in between, the BMAX will charge at 15 volts.

    @Octavio : I tried your power bank from Aliexpress (search for 4000191871773) but it also connects at 9 volts. 🙁

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    I’m having a tester shipped so I can see what voltage is reporting with my powerbank that do charge it, and they can’t go over 12V for sure.

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    Hello, Ajeet Tailor  I also have a problem with the appearance of the Blue Screen of Death. how did you solve it?

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