BMAX y13 – USB-C not charging

BMAX y13 – USB-C not charging

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    There is video on YouTube in spanish where someone is charging the Y13 form a Powerbank, and one more YouTube telling he is in deed powering his Y13 from a Xiaomi charger, but gave no details. I do have a SamsungUSB C charger for my wireless charger that delivers 12v 2.1A as max, I tried it and it does not work either. Unplugging it even rebooted the computer !!! But luckily did no harm. Would be interested thou if the Y11 USB-C charger would work here or not, since the y11 is only USB-C charged at least per specs.

    Yes, I can confirm that with the left full USBC port I’m charging the Y13 with a power bank.
    I uploaded a video that show this.

    Link in the youtube description

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    Guys, I still didn’t get what feature is needed for the charger to charge this laptop!

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    The Y13 spec suggests PD2.0 but I honestly don’t think my cheap charger has even that (see earlier post for link). My 2ct is to try a generic one with at least [email protected] or a high wattage PD2.0.

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    I am successfully charging with this charger in my van:
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Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)
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