dual OS version announced

dual OS version announced

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    I also bricked my BIOS and want to reflash it with the method mentioned on page 2, but the software doesn’t recognize it.

    I already unplugged the battery from the motherboard and checked if the clip fits 100%.

    When I connect the clip to BIOS, the USB programmer disconnects from laptop. When I disconnect the clip from BIOS, the USB programmer connects again to laptop.

    This is weird! What can be the problem? Shouldn’t it operate the opposite way?

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    Hi everyone, I have a Cube iWork 10 flagship which works (in as much as it will boot into the bios – and that’s all). What files do I need to replace the partitions and windows10+android 5.1 (presumably I don’t need to flash the bios as it is working).

    Second quick question – how do I get the tablet to recognize the usb stick. I have a bootable stick but I can’t seem to get the tablet to boot from it  (other computers do). Your help would be greatly appreciated, Barry

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    Are you using the bios.bin inside the following rar link to do a hardware flash??


Viewing 3 posts - 61 through 63 (of 63 total)
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