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    Alan Ling
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    I pre-ordered  x98 Pro from Gearbest on Sept 11th.
    Received reply that it would be another 3-7  business days to “QC”

    7-15 business days to come to me.

    Those “business days” would put me past the Paypal Buyer Protection limit.

    I’ve gone ahead and canceled my order.

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    I ordered my Chuwi vi10 on GB on Sept 11 iirc, got an email confirming it shipped on Sept 18. The keyboard shipped a bit later. The tracking number gave me barely any info besides when it was received in NY. It arrived in southern US on Sept 29. Happy with it, the glue on one corner seems to be noexistant though!

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    I ordered my Chuwi vi10 on GB on Sept 11 iirc, got an email confirming it shipped on Sept 18. The keyboard shipped a bit later. The tracking number gave me barely any info besides when it was received in NY. It arrived in southern US on Sept 29. Happy with it, the glue on one corner seems to be noexistant though!

    Also ordered a Chuwi Vi10 w/ Keyboard on 9/11.  I had to go thru the “sketchy” ID verification also.  Finally got the keyboard almost a month later, on 10/2; flimsy packaging, the keyboard was bent and missing four keys.  I was told the tablet would be delayed (but only after I contacted them, requesting a refund).  I’ve sent 2 follow up tickets w/ pictures of the smashed keyboard for replacement.  Now GearBest is saying the tablet will ship “soon”, but they want to know what I’d like to do in regards to the keyboard; get store credit or a new one (after I’ve told them twice to send a replacement).  Anyway, after one full month, so far all I have is a broken keyboard and still no tracking for the tablet or replacement keyboard.  I will never use GearBest again!

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    So today I’ve been given the option of getting GearBest credit for the broken keyboard or this: (Find a replacement for a custom Chuwi Vi10 keyboard, like there are any, these guys are a TOTAL JOKE!)  Use one of the AliExpress vendors, stay far away from GearBest!
    Gearbest Customer Support  At :10/12/2015 08:05:56 UTC

    Dear paul,


    Thank you for your inquiry at gearbest.


    I’m sorry to inform you that the keyboard 128735601 is back ordered. Please choose a replacement and send a link to us. We would send it to you as soon as possible.


    Thank you for your support.


    Best Regards


    gearbest Customer Service

    Chris G
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    That’s shocking! Not good at all. They were good when I first used them and posted this review. But it seems they are slipping for sure as I also had to cancel my X98 Pro order, 3 week after order it was still waiting to be shipped, I’ve since ordered again but with

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    I placed my order for teclast x98 air III, not a presale, a regular item. $ sent, confirmed recieved, processing day 1, day 2, day 3… day 6, I then cancelled my order, 3 times. Got an email 3 days later, “Sorry to reply you late…. order cancelled, refund processed.” Got my paypal refund in 4 hrs. That was my 1st purchase with gearbest. Unfortunately, I think they are the teclast authorized dealer ;(


    Ethan Spitz
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    Reposting what I posted in the Teclast forum.

    I figure I should let everyone know that they want to steal your money. See below. Currently working to get PayPal to refund me.

    Just some more details, this was the pre-order or the Teclast X98 Pro that I pre-ordered on Sept 9 and was supposed to ship out 3-5 days after Sept 15.

    On Oct 5, I got fed up on waiting and cancelled the order. Oct 6, they confirm that my order has been canceled. Oct 6, I tell them how I’d like my refund. Oct 13, they decided that it has now already shipped and they can’t refund me, a full week after they already promised the refund.

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    Sorry to hear you have bad experience w gearbest.  I was having similar problems.  I waited for 6 days, and cancelled my order; apparantly nobody was manning the store, no response for 12 hrs; I cancelled for 2nd time, still no response; I cancelled for the 3rd; response, “…order cancelled….”; I see my paypal refund 12 hrs later.  For you, the bad one, you cannot refund; the good one, your merchandise is no the way;  I guess I would just wait, as there is no other choice; and look at it this way; I cancelled my order, and hooped to another store, and it is still waiting to be process.  I guess you can never win 🙂



    Bill Hedworth
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    I’ve just had a terrible experience with gearbest.

    I made 4 orders 2 from china and 2 from EU, the EU orders were fine but the china orders (both, I made a few weeks apart) never turned up. Not tablets but not cheap items either both $40+.

    They made me wait 2 whole months at which point I assumed I would get a refund, err but no. They offered me a refund of half the item cost because apparently it was the postage companies fault?!? What the actual f**k??

    So obviously I have just claimed with paypal.

    Please do not order from these robbing ba*tards

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    Tried cancelling a order with gearbest, this was the reply:

    “Thank you for placing your order with us.
    Regarding your order xxx, the status is payment authorised. In this situation, we didn’t charge your money. It’s in paypal or your GC card which is blocked.
    Now we have informed the paypal or GC card bank to release this payment.If you have any further issue, please contact paypal or GC card bank.
    Generally, paypal needs 3-5 days to complete this refund; And GC refund time maybe extend from 15 days to 30 days, it depends on the GC card bank.
    Thank you for your understanding.

    I contacted paypal and they said they need confirmation from gearbest to cancel the pending payment but they have not received such confirmation yet. It seems buyer has no power to cancel the payment unless proof is shown that the seller has acknowledged the cancellation! The buyer has no power to cancel paypal order AT ALL!


    Reply from paypal –

    Hi, it’s me Apple once again from PayPal Customer Support and it was a pleasure speaking to you just a moment ago on the phone.

    I am sending you this email as a follow up on our conversation.

    When you purchased an item, you authorized a PayPal payment to your merchant. You cannot cancel this authorization, but your merchant might be able to cancel it for you.

    If the status of your authorized payment is “Pending”, you can contact your merchant and ask them to cancel the authorization. If the status is “Completed”, your merchant claimed the payment and it cannot be canceled.

    Edit 2: Gearbest cancelled the order thankfully.

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    Ordered Cube iwork8 ultimate on the 4th nov, it got shipped on 17th nov and received it today 20th nov (chose expedited shipping)

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    I have ordered a ADO Mate3 (bluetooth speaker) : no problem Fast and correct

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    I ordered the Iwork 8 Ultimate tablet from Gearbest and used the standard shipping.

    Ordered on November 11th, shipped around 15th, the Tracking number they gave me was in fact the one from the package, however it was not trackable. It got here (Germany) on the 28th, packaged in a thick layer of bubble wrap and a bubble envelope. It came in the original box.

    I have to admit I was a bit worried because there are a lot of people complaining about gearbest and it was my first ever China-order, so I was hesitating at first, but the price was too tempting. I would use this shop again.


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    Hi All, I’m new here.

    I’ve just canceled (still waiting to receive money back) my order of the Teclast X16 pro on Gearbest. After 4-5 days waiting I wrote them asking why this delay and they answered that for issues related to the supplier I had to wait 1 or 2 weeks more before they could ship the tablet. So I’ve asked to cancel the order and they proposed me to charge the refund on GB wallet for future purchase! CRAZY!!

    So I’ve opened a Paypal dispute and they wrote me that they will close the order and refund money on may paypal account. Though until now the order is still open.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that this is not a good place to buy. Once I receive (I hope) my money back I’ll order on Aliexpress. More expensive but I’ve never had bad experiences with them.

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    I’m very scared after reading this posts… My order is still in “processing” mode even I payed 4 days ago.

    I found this video on youtube and… It’s only left for me to pray that they wont trick me… 🙁


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