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    After waiting one month, they suggested me to wait another month. And finally i canceled it. I guess they do not want to sell that device from 220 usd. Then why they made that flash sale? Anyway, stay away from this website unless you really dont need the device and bought for fun, can wait 2-3 months without complaining.

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    Bough a 3D Printer at gearbest that never arrived. Paypal had to refund. Lousy seller, and custommer service using google translation to tell me to…. wait….

    Avoid this seller.

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    Pre-ordered Redmi note 5 mid march. Didn’t expect them to deliver until early may as  global variant  got released in Indonesia last week . as I frequently the order page over the weeks. I noticed the price being raised a few times. In typical Gearbest fashion, they cancelled my order after a month and a half due to “limited stock” and refunded me via PayPal. I find that hard to believe. I understand that may have paid slightly less but as an early buyer I expected better ( yes they are running a business) . They had ample time to stop my pointless anticipation by rejecting my order after the price-raise a weeks ago.

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    6 weeks no tracking no nothing. I asked if they could resend,  and they told about logistic problems.
    I told them I don´t care there was no proof it was ever send and I would talk to Paypal.
    Next week somebody told me they will send out new and I will get 10$ for every week it is over the delivery dead line.
    This shipment was traceable and arrived nearly 4 weeks later.

    They told me I had to talk to customer service to claim the delay money when it arrived. I tested the Jumper for a week before I talked to the customer service again and asked for my late fee money.
    the 3s was around 240 Euro and they put 50$ in my gearbest purse.

    It is a good idea to pay for the insurance because they have a lousy logistic with some long finger people.


    Another order a pc for 129 Euro no tracing for 6 weeks ( I always order via traceable shipping routes) Same problem.
    This time they just offered 70$ and told me to insure for no money loss. I waited 2 weeks longer, still no tracing with any service.
    I told them I would accept the 70$.

    lesson learned, always include insurance when you use a normal carrier

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    thnik phutan
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    I want to leave a comment but I get an error “ERROR: Your reply cannot be created at this time.”

    Richard Baker
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    I have spent hundreds of pounds at Gearbest recently and had a good experience. However, Gearbest now have £255 of my money and I have nothing.

    I ordered a Teclast F5 on October 20th. According to the tracking system it arrived in the UK on October 29th.  Its now December 21st and it is lost.

    Gearbest fob me off with their “shipping insurance” joke. It is THEIR responsibility to get their product to me, they hold the risk, not me.

    It is their shipping loss insurance, not mine, as its their property until it gets to me. Claiming that shipping insurance is “on their website” cannot be a defense to taking someone’s money for no exchange of product. That simply is not business, its is something else….

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