Accessories for cube i7 book (powerbanks, chargers, hdmi etc)

Accessories for cube i7 book (powerbanks, chargers, hdmi etc)

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    Frank Procopio
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    I received the Delippo 12V 2.5A 30W Power Adapter today and it works great.

    My i7 is finally charging again.

    The Delippo seems like a good quality charger.

    It is disappointing the Anker PowerPort+ 5-Port Charger would not work.

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    I hope someone can help me with my problem.

    I bought a charger for my Cube i7 Book but after plugin the USP Type-C cable nothing happens. No red light turns on. So i tried to power on the tablet but nothing happens. I unplugged the Type-C cable and tried it again. Nothing. Now I tried to charge it with the original charger but nothing happens.

    Is my tablet dead now? Is it overpowered?

    Here the charger:

    Thank You

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    Can you power it on while charging using the original adapter?

    I would advise everybody else reading this to buy only proven chargers for these devices, since USB-C implementations are really poor.

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    No nothing happens 🙁

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    Where did you buy it from? Have you contacted support? Did you pay using paypal? If that’s the case, check if you’re in the 120 days window to file a case.

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    Macbook 45watts works
    Xiaomi charger works
    Hp spectre x2 charger works

    Hubs(i don’t know why but some hubs won’t function well without charger plugged on hub)
    Dodocool DC35 works
    Dodocool DC48 works
    Orico W10PH4-C3-BK works
    Ybc no
    Chenyang no

    Xiaomi(friend gave it, i think it’s stock from his laptop) working
    baseus magnetic charging(he now uses this, if someone manage to get this please reply) not tested but my friend’s spectre x2 works with this.
    Unbranded Type(male) c to type c(female) extension works, it’s for nintendo switch

    I haven’t tried any magnetic cable reply if you have recommendations. Specially baseus type c magnetic as it’s the easiest cable i could get.

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    I tried ‘Innergie Powergear Slim USB-C 45W’, it charges my Cube i7 book quite fast. I am having issues with the original charging connector of the Cube, but charging via USB-C with the Innergie adapter is working fine 🙂

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    i brought a xiaomi 45w charger,the newer one,fording plug,but it can‘t charge。

    so i try to buy a QC decoy,it success ,with 12v and a normal typec-usb3.0 cable。

    so i think it is not important to buy a pd charger,what is the point is to buy a charger with default 12v output ,or some cable can active 12v automatically。

    my i7 book‘s processer is 6y30,is that different from yours?





Viewing 8 posts - 226 through 233 (of 233 total)
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