Accessories for cube i7 book (powerbanks, chargers, hdmi etc)

Accessories for cube i7 book (powerbanks, chargers, hdmi etc)

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    I got a Vtin USBC to HDMI adapter, but it wouldn’t work. I think the USBC port is too shallow. I can get a USB key to load, but it drops out constantly. Also got a Samsung 64GB microSD and it wouldn’t recognize it either.


    Has anyone found a MicroSD card that does work? 64GB preferably?


    Thomas Law
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    Thanks for your info. Actually, I’m looking for a charger which can charge my iPhone & i7 book at the same time. However, in the market, charger with Type-C PD only has one Type-C output.

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    iVoler 24W Quick Charge 3.0 Typ-C

    is not working, it says “not charging” in the battery menu.

    The charger has 12V/1.5A

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    I got the Tronsmart Prest 12000mAh power bank ( which unfortunately doesn’t seem to be able to charge the tablet either, at least not with the supplied cable. I’d love to try a proper USB C to C cable (or maybe a better A to C one than the one it shipped with?), but unfortunately don’t have any handy at the moment.

    Am considering to return the power bank – it’s a good power bank, but I actually have another one and just got this hoping that I’d be able to use it with the Cube as well. If anyone’s got further hints on whether a different cable makes a difference on your power bank, I’d be very curious to know. My last chance to return the power bank will be right after the weekend…

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    Hello. Anyone found USB-c to HDMI and Ethernet in one adapter, witch work with cube i7 book?

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    As a brief update, unfortunately I wasn’t able to charge from my Tronsmart powerbank at all, either with a USB 3.0 A to C cable or with a real C to C cable. With the latter, it actually looked like the tablet was starting to charge the power bank rather than the other way around, so that’s a bit unpractical…

    Not sure why it doesn’t work, as far as I understand at least the Quickcharge outlet should supply 12V, but judging by other people’s comments, Quickcharge outlets simply don’t seem to work for charging the Cube. Same problem with my 24W Anker Quickcharger, that one at least brings up the red LED on the tablet, but Windows says not charging.

    If anyone’s got a recommendation for a powerbank that allows charging the Cube i7, I’d be eager to hear of it! (Or any advice as to what may I may have done wrong with my Tronsmart).

    Andrew W
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    There is a LOT OF CONFUSION over type-C.

    ****Please take a look at Benson Leung’s Google + page.****

    He is a Google engineer who is running a bit of a crusade against manufacturers who are violating spec. And tries to explain why things are violating the spec.

    @Paul you need a charger that supports USB PD (power delivery).


    this is a different standard. Connecting a USB-A to TYPE-C cable to a QC 3.0 port MAY damage your device.



    The type-c connector is one of the most confusing standards in the history of computing.

    Not just for consumers… If engineers departments can’t even comply with specs well something is seriously wrong.

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    Thanks, that clear statement that QC won’t work is very helpful! (Luckily I didn’t damage anything.)

    I still haven’t quite understood if the issue with the regular USB chargers and power banks is that they don’t supply sufficient voltage, or if it’s some unrelated problem with the standards?

    I had heard about the issue with USB C cables, so I got one that had a number of good reviews on amazon. Does anyone know if there are any powerbanks that might supply USB Power Delivery?

    Andrew W
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    Okay. Standard USB voltage for USB 1,2 & 3.0 is nominally 5V   ( give or take a fraction of a volt.)

    USB 3.0 has a max charging current of 1.5 A.

    So obviously a LOT of phone/device manufacturers go off spec to charge faster. That’s fine. A device will only draw as much current as it requires – plus with USB there’s communication between the phone’s charging circuitry (or even kernel) and the charger as what to allow. Great- Nothing fries.

    Not like voltage.

    Now 5 Volts is not enough for high powered modern devices.

    So along comes the USB PD standard to supply higher Voltages and currents.

    Have a look at the tables and things will make more sense

    In Revision 2 – it is possible to supply up to 100W (20V x 5A).

    The macbook charger that works with the i7 Book is only revision 1.  I don’t know what Revision the i7 is!


    I don’t know if there are any USB PD capable power banks.

    Even if it is USB-PD You would need to pay attention to what PROFILE it is.

    For example : A powerbank could CLAIM it is USB-PD

    BUT only output 5V 3A rather than higher voltages like 9/15/20 V …


    Okay this being said: Forget USB power banks right now…

    There are powerbanks that can output higher voltages 9,12,15 sometimes 18/21.

    via a pin connector. Not USB. Some “car starting” ones have this feature too.

    THAT’S RIGHT you could then just plug it in (TAKING CARE TO MATCH THE CORRECT POLARITY) to the DC JACK.

    To me this seems much much easier than trying to find USB-PD that puts out the right voltage!…

    This is one of the reasons why I got the i7 Book was a standard DC jack!

    Hey if you want you could get a 12 Volt car/motorcycle battery. You *could* cut the cord off your i7 charger (taking great care on polarity – perhaps a multimeter to check tip polarity on the wire, Or get another wire with the same tip) and connect it to car/motorcycle battery. Maybe you might want to attach a fuse if you’re scared… Maybe a switch too so it doesn’t spark when you plug it in…

    But the DC voltage is nominally right! Hey you could even tap the 12 Volt rails of a PC power supply if you wanted! … Simple easy and delicious.

    I’d guess upwards of 100 hours with a car battery. (you’d probably want a deep cycle one of sorts)

    Now that would be ONEHELLOFAPOWERBANK!!!!

    I want to get a AGM motorcycle battery for this purpose (and other bicycle related electrics). Get a motorcycle battery charger for when it’s flat

    Attach a car charger/socket if I want USB power.


    I don’t have any links to one of these adjustable powerbanks right now. It’s ~3.30 AM and this is all the love & detail I can give right now.

    Live long and prosper

    Nawab arzoo
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    Hi , i have a query about the right type of usb c charger .

    If anyone is charging through usb c then can you tell me what is the maximum voltage and curent consuming by the tablet .

    You could use “USB POWER METER” to measure maximum current and voltage consuming by the tablet.

    i think ivoler 75w charger maybe proving more current or voltage thats why chris is getting 30min faster charge through usb c.


    i have 12v 5a dc adapter . Can i use it to charge Through dc port? Will it burn my tablet ??

    Andrew W
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    12V 5A charger….

    Provided you make sure the polarity is corrent (positive tip)  it should be fine. Get the polarity wrong – well that can be a good way to kill a device/blow the charging circuitry.

    So inside of the barrel needs to be positive

    outside negative

    Voltage is the issue not current.

    A device is only going to draw as much current as it needs.

    Eg. If you hook a 12V DC computer fan to a car battery it isn’t going to go faster than a PC power supply!

    The charging circuitry should control how much current can come in.

    It would be interesting to know the maximum current that it would charge at…

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    Is their any kind of tests i can do to find out if the usb type-c charger only ruined the battery or did it ruin circuit board, or did it ruin both the battery and the circuit?

    Doug Lung
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    Thanks for starting this survey!

    Samsung 128 EV)+ Micro SD card works after installing Intel driver using Device Manager.. Select Update Driver and let Windows search on-line for the driver. It will find the Intel driver and install it.

    RAVPower RP=PB043 20100 mAh external battery pack will charge the i7 Book via the USB-C port. Use the supplied USB-A to micro-USB cable plugged into the QuickCharge USB-A jack with the female USB-micro and USB-C adapter plugged into the i7 Book USB-C connector. The battery pack can deliver 12V at 1.5A so it won’t charge as fast as the supplied adapter.

    The RAVPower battery pack doesn’t come with a charger, so you will need a USB-C QuickCharge charger to charge the battery pack. I found a Tenergy charger at Frys that I wouldn’t dare plug into the I7 but it works okay with the RAVPower until I find something better.

    I was happy to find the RAVPower battery pack works. I haven’t had time to test the battery life, but I hope it and the i7’s battery will last at least a full business day.


    Doug Lung
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    Re: RAVPower battery pack. Bad news.

    I posted too soon. The RAVPower displayed the “Plugged In” battery icon in Windows but fails to charge and drops out after a few minutes, not maintaining the battery charge. I’ve got a USB-C to USB-C charge cable on order from Google. We’ll see if that works. According to the RAVPower spec it should deliver 12V/1.5A on the QuickCharge USB-A outlet. If I have any success with it, I’ll post an update.


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    Thanks for starting this survey! Samsung 128 EV)+ Micro SD card works after installing Intel driver using Device Manager.. Select Update Driver and let Windows search on-line for the driver. It will find the Intel driver and install it.


    After reading this I decided to give it one last try. I have the same card but could not get it to work.

    First I rolled back the driver and installed an other one I found online. Didn’t work. Reformatted the card to FAT32 (was exFAT). Nothing… Formatted the card in my android phone (read somewhere that this could work)… Still nothing.

    Than I updated the driver through device manager et voila, IT WORKS! 🙂

    EDIT: Never mind… Stopped working again 🙁

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