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Teclast X10HD unboxing and hands on video.

Teclast X10HD unboxing and hands on video.

Just got our hands on the new Teclast X10HD to put it through its paces and review. Just uploaded a quick unboxing and hands on video for those interested in this unit.

First impressions: 

  • Play store is broken out of the box.
  • Good build quality, no sharp edges. Matt metal backing plate
  • Screen is a Panasonic IPS 2560 x 1600 that is sharp and bright. Good color reproduction.
  • Not 3d freezing issues so far when gaming in Android or Windows.
  • Battery meter in Windows only reports one battery cell. (Full battery cycle might fix it)

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  1. Excellent videos posted to better appreciate this tablet TECLAST X10HD 3G.
    Now I’m a fan of it and I’ve just ordered one for myself at the AliExpress.
    I’d rather to understand a bit better how to run the patch to fix the Play Store, yes it’s absolutely annoying this bug.
    I’d like to ask you if you foresee any problem in upgrading it with the upcoming Win 10? What about Office 365?
    Again, my personal WELL DONE to you, Ciao fm Italy.

    • I think it should be straight forward enough to update to Windows 10.

  2. chris does ur teclast x10hd time resets after each reboot in both windows and android?.
    i tried setting it each time but it reset/or out of sync for the differnce of 2hrs each time. do u have any fix for that?

    • Yes this happened, there is a fix around, I had it from XDA. But I can’t find it now.

  3. i know the ability to call in android but i want to know gsm calling functionality in windows.
    but on teclast website x10hd is mentioned with builtin gps.
    can u plz install phone dialer pro and in tools>option>general>hadrware select builtin gsm modem and try making and recieving calls , i wil be very thanksful to u as its a very big thing for me to make and recieve gsm calls in windows os,

  4. Excellent video unboxing review.
    i want to know whether it got gps built in and accessible via windows maps application and also is there any gsm call app for windows available ?
    cheeers from Australia

    • Hi, I don’t think there was GPS in this unit. But there is a calling up for gsm calls in Android, just like your Android phones have.

    • 1.GPS YES
      2,GSM call only available for android system

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