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Hands-On With The AlldoCube X – The Sub $300 Galaxy Tab S4 Alternative

The crowdfunded X Android tablet from Alldocube finally arrived, orders from Indiegogo are shipping out now. This tablet has a fully laminated SAMOLED 2560 x 1600 screen in it. Yes, it’s the same panel used in the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 and it looks stunning. 600+ lux max brightness, deep blacks, great contrast, and very good viewing angles. I assumed for the $219 this must have been the seco...[Read More]

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Alldocube X

The X from Alldocube started out as a crowdfunding 10.5" tablet built around Samsung's SAMOLED 2560 x 1600 panel. This screen is fully laminated and only found in one other tablet, the $600+ Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 their flagship tablet. The Alldocube X has thin 6.7mm unibody 500 gram alloy build. MicroSD support, wireless AC and BT 4.1. It runs stock Android 8.1 and is power by a Hexacore MediaTek ...[Read More]

Chuwi Hi9 Plus Gets Much Needed OTA

Chuwi’s Hi9 Plus Android tablet recently received a huge 1GB ROM update, it’s basically a completely new ROM. This addresses the performance issues which affected the first release ROM & batch. With this new update, the performance has improved greatly (within the limits of the Helio X27 chipset) everything feels a bit smoother and responsive. However, the touch and stylus issues r...[Read More]

Chuwi Lapbook Pro – Full Details Emerge But 4GB of RAM Again?

Now I’m not sure if this is the final spec of the Chuwi Lapbook Pro, a laptop that should have been released some time ago already. It’s very similar to the Chuwi Lapbook SE, the same specs with the same weakness, only 4GB of RAM. I was hoping there was an 8GB RAM release coming of this one. Maybe that’s not happening now as this official placeholder with all of the press info co...[Read More]

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