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Teclast X80 Plus Dual OS News

Teclast X80 Plus Dual OS – Android Review (Video)

I’ve just uploaded the Android review video of the Teclast X80 Plus (Below) Android does perform well on the little tablet and the speaker sounds a little louder than in Windows. But it’s still no way near as loud as it should be. My review video below demonstrates just how the ROM is, benchmarks and gaming. Battery life is st...[Read More]

Teclast X80 Plus Dual OS Model Now Available

The new Cherry Trail 8″ X80 Plus is now out as a dual boot from Teclast. Like most new release Atom’s it came out first with Windows 10 Home only. I’ve had some time on with the Windows model and it’s not a bad tablet considering the low price point. Its got a plastic build and the screen has a large gap 2-3mm gap ...[Read More]

Daily Deal: Teclast X80 Plus Atom X5 Z8300 for $79

Teclast’s cheapest Cherry Trail Atom tablet has $20 off over at Gearbest.com and is now selling for $79 but in limited quantities. I’ve reviewed this one in a few videos as seen below and even compared it to the other 4 common 8 inch tablets out with the same spec. The Build of the Teclast is a bit cheaper than the rest and it...[Read More]

Four 8″ Cherry Trail Atom X5 Z8300 Tablets Compared

In this video comparison, I compared the Chuwi Vi8 Plus, Cube iwork8 Ultimate, Teclast X80 Plus and Onda v820W CH. These tablets are very similar spec wise they all have the same resolution screen, 1280 x 800. They have the same eMMC size (32GB), 2GB of Ram and Atom X5 Z8300 CPU. But which one is the best? Some key differences & findi...[Read More]

Five 8″ Atom X5 Z8300 Cherry Trail Tablets this Month

Recently I got my first 8″ Atom X5 Z8300, the Onda v820w CH. The second Cherry Trail Atom 8″ the Cube iwork8 Ultimate Dual Boot is now in stock today at Banggood for $106. Knowing Cube the iwork8 Ultimate it should be a step up in terms of quality of the Onda which has a few issues. But this month will see the release of four ...[Read More]

New 8″ Cherry Trail Tablets, the Teclast X80 Pro and X80 Plus

Teclast have updated their X80 line, and plan to release the X80 Plus and X80 Pro version. Both models are a successor to the Teclast X80h and both will be powered with the Atom X5 Z8300, 2GB of Ram and a 32GB eMMC. The difference between the Pro and Plus is the screen, much like the Chuwi Vi8 and Hi8. The plus has an 1280 x 800 IPS panel...[Read More]

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