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Four 8″ Cherry Trail Atom X5 Z8300 Tablets Compared

Four 8″ Cherry Trail Atom X5 Z8300 Tablets Compared

In this video comparison, I compared the Chuwi Vi8 Plus, Cube iwork8 Ultimate, Teclast X80 Plus and Onda v820W CH. These tablets are very similar spec wise they all have the same resolution screen, 1280 x 800. They have the same eMMC size (32GB), 2GB of Ram and Atom X5 Z8300 CPU. But which one is the best?

Some key differences & findings:

  • All four tablets more or less perform the same in benchmarks (Geekbench 3, 3Dmark and PCmark etc)
  • The Cube iwork8 Ultimate is the only currently that can support Dual OS.
  • The Chuwi Vi8 Plus has a Type-C port, but it’s only a USB 2.0 port.
  • The Batteries on the v820 and iwork8 Ultimate are smaller at 3300mAh. Where as the X80 Plus and Vi8 Plus have 4000mAh batteries.
  • The Cube iwork has the best speaker and screen.
  • The Onda v820w CH has the poorest battery life and has various issues including randomly powering off.

I’ll try my best to have full written reviews of these tablets up one of these days (times an issue). But they are all covered on the Tech tablets YouTube channel. 

I picked up these tablets from, you can of course  get them from Aliexpress and other retailers like GearBest. But I find BG normally has the best prices and faster shipping. And their 7% off discount coupon is active again: 3F3128

Video tech reviewer and tech blogger. I have a huge interest in the latest tech, tablets, laptops, mobiles, drones, and even e-scooters. Active in the tech community since 2008 days of the Omnia i900 Windows phone., founder from way back.


  1. Hi Chris. A friend of mine tell me that whatsapp app can’t run in a wifi only tablet sized 7 inches or more, is it true?

    The apps I’ll always need are whatsapp, facebook, maps (here, maps, waze, and so on), office apps, emailing apps. I’ld like to leave my Lumia 535 and migrate to 7″ or 8″ tabs that include all apps I need (messaging, office, navigating, sosmed) and feature phone. I need 8″ because I’m gonna spend a lot of time for reading pdf file. what would you suggest me?

  2. hello, goodbye to you all, I am from Greece, today I found your page (very useful and valuable!)
    Firstly sorry if my English is not so good ..
    I am interested to buy a tablet that will chrisimopoio more as musical lectern (for scores) and photo album – photo frame!
    I found some tender (recently geekbuying) to cube iwork 8 ” 79 $ but puzzled the battery (only 3300)
    after searching for reviews, I found your site and is written for chuwi Vi8 good reviews, all that concerns me is the screen (oblong .. not ideal for music ..)
    In your opinion what tablets are advised to buy (Chinese or not? 8 ” 9.7 ” or 10.1 ”; android, windows or ios? double operating will be good or crashes? and .. for photos or HD FHD;)

    Thank you for your hospitality,
    good evening to all of Greece!

    Sorry if I’m wrong topic

  3. Thanks for the comparison review. It was really helpful.

    Seems like you consider the Chuwi to be the best overall but that USB type-c port is a deal breaker for me. I’ll probably go with the Teclast : Second best screen, best battery size, (possibly) best eMMC speed but below average build quality and speakers.

    • Yes, that type-c port wasn’t required here. Shame they did that.

  4. Hi Chris,

    I got my Chuwi Vi8 and a beautiful looking tablet. However, mine had a hairline vertical crack about in the middle from top to bottom. It doesn’t show up when the unit is off. I have raised the to Gearbest, but due to Chinese Holidays, I am still waiting for their response.

    Best regards!

  5. If anyone is interested banggood currently offer a 10$ off coupon for the VI8 plus: f4644d

  6. An off topic question, why do none of the tablet makers include GPS in their tablets? I cant imagine it adding that much cost. And i like the ability to find businesses and such by having my location either Android or MS. I really want a Cherry Trail 9-10″ tablet that i can do this with.

    • They seem to only include GPS on tablets that come with tablets with data connection (3G / 4G). This seems to be the case for most mainstream tablets as well. I really want GPS as well but none of the models of tablet I want come with (3G/ 4G).

  7. Which 8″ and 10″ would you recommend?

    • Depends on your needs

      For 8″
      The Hi8 Pro could very well be the best price/performance tablet… just wait a few days till Chris has ist Review up
      Aside from that the MiPad 2 is a very nice 8″ tablet if you can live with ist technical restrictions (and the premium price)

      For 10″
      Close call between Chuwi Hi10 and Teclast X98 Plus, mostly depending on if you prefer full size USB port or screen with 4:3 aspect ration
      As long as you can live with 2GB of RAM the “last gen” Teclast X98 Air 3 also offers great price/performance
      And the Teclast X98 Pro is a powerhouse but needs serious modding to be really worthwhile

      – Teclast and Chuwi usually offer good built quality and best price/Performance, both also have a wide range of models
      – Cubes built quality is even a tad better but their are usually slower in adopting new Chips and slightly more expensive
      – Onda should be avoided at all, about 50% of their tablets have major flaws and they generally suffer from bad quality control

      • Well put! My Hi8 Pro is a good week away. Maybe more with Chinese New Year. But I’ll have something up as soon as I get it.

        • Everything fine, but I was thinking about tablet with Android system.

        • Everything fine, but I was thinking about tablet with Android system.

  8. Do yourself a favor and dont buy any 1280×800 tablet at all…
    It is 2016, FullHD should be the norm for several years now and 8 Inch tablets with 1920×1200 and otherwise identical specs only cost a few bucks more…

    • I’ll be reviewing them soon the Hi8 Pro and X80 Pro. Just they weren’t out at the time. 1280 x 800 is good for Android gaming. 2048 x 1536 on the Mi Pad 2 isn’t great for gaming. Makes some games run very slow whereas on the iwork8 they were playable.

      If you want the best 7 to 8″ tablet, for me it’s clear the Mi Pad 2. Or Shield K1 for gaming.

      • Hey Chris I see many reports of people already having the Chuwi Hi8 Pro in their possession, some websites are telling me they have them in stock.
        Although some websites like Banggood report the tablets are delayed due to hardware debug problems?
        Did Chuwi release a faulty batch or is it safe to buy one anyway?
        The box of the Chuwi hi8 pro also tells me it should be dual boot, sadly the first models aren’t.
        Would this be added in a future bios update or will it be a second revision only feature?

        • My Hi8 Pro shipped about a week ago. I think later on they will come out with dual boot.

      • Yeah, I am definitely looking forward to your Hi8 Pro Review (thinking about buying one for my girlfriend for her birthday)

        My statement about resolution was more meant as a general advice:
        Games might run a little better on 1280×800 in comparison to 1920×1200 but it only really matters for “FPS games” (which I think generally very few tablet users focus on) and with Windows or rooted Android you could easily scale down resolution anyways, so this becomes a mood point even for those people who do play FPS.
        The vast majority of things people commonly do on tablets (reading, browsing, video playback, etc.) greatly profit from higher resolutions, thus I would always recommend to spend a few bucks on the upgraded screen.

        Comparing those tablets to a Mi Pad 2 which is double to triple the price isnt exactly fair 😉
        And while I agree that the Mi Pad 2 is generally a very solid tablet I would never buy it because
        – it is lacking dual-boot, which is crucial for my Needs
        – only 2GB of RAM on a >250USD tablet (Windows version) feels like a rip-off

        • Nono I do agree with you, the 1920 x 1200 does look very nice and sharp on these 8″ tablets. And that panel’s brightness is a good 100 nits more brighter than a 1280 x 800 panel. It also takes a hit. You wouldn’t be surprised but from the Youtube comments a lot of people play games like LoL and CSGO etc.

          The Mi Pad 2 was $185 when I got mine (okay only 16GB version), but if you don’t game and want ipad Mini 4 quality it’s well worth the extra. Trust me, when you feel it in hand, see that laminated retina screen and the battery and sound. It’s a huge step up from the Hi8, Vi8 $100 tablets. Well worth the extra it if you can get it. If Xiaomi released it with 4GB of Ram, 64GB and Dual OS, It will be a massive hit.

          • I’m looking to buy an 8″ windows tablet in the next couple of months purely for xbox one streaming.

            I currently use a sony android z3 8″ compact tablet to stream from the ps4 and it’s perfect (I have a 1 year old so don’t get to use the TV much!). Therefore I want the same sort of setup for the xbox. 1080p is a must as I might aswell get one with 1080p if I’m purely going to be streaming the xbox.

            The 2 things that put me off the forthcoming chuwi hi8 are wireless n and the battery life.

            Chris when you do end up getting the mi pad 2 windows can you please do some footage with say steam streaming as I don’t think you have an Xbox? The Mi pad may be near perfect for this as as better than 1080p screen, decent battery mah and wireless AC. The only negative is the HDMI adaptor didn’t work on the android version so I doubt it will on the windows one either.

            Thanks for your help – Love the site!

          • Thanks for honest review, i see other sites recommend quality of x80 plus, but after read its clear that they dont have the tablet in their hands. I cant find anybody review the x80 plus in android, and banggood say 13-18 days… so i think its delayed product from end of last year.
            I really dont care dual boot, windows is ugly in tablet (worst in phone), i try lenovos, asus and other dont remenber the mark, but all brands hang and give horrible user experience, no way it need a mouse… i’ve bsod in camera. So i’m only interesed in Android.
            I really recommend to all chinese brands, please, do your android firmware first!!! and later dual if you want, not so relevant.
            ps: I want to known if Hdmi can be diferent resolution than internal lcd? its posible in others intel cpu, but in budget cherry trail i dont known.

            • Well the HDMI can go up to 4k 30hz. I can run my 2560 x 1440p monitor no problems.

          • I agree, Xiaomi built quality is uncompared to those plastic 8 inchers

            I would buy a dual-boot MiPad2 with 4/64GB in a heartbeat, even if it would cost 300 USD

      • Hey chris i finally bought the iwork8 ultimate but it’s true that with dualboot it cant use anymore windows update due to lack of space? I will follow your guide to convert it in dualboot once arrived bought on gearbest EU warehouse, can you please give me a link of cheap microhdmi cable compatible with the iwork8 ultimate since i don’t understand wich one to buy? Thanks

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