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Five 8″ Atom X5 Z8300 Cherry Trail Tablets this Month

Five 8″ Atom X5 Z8300 Cherry Trail Tablets this Month

Recently I got my first 8″ Atom X5 Z8300, the Onda v820w CH. The second Cherry Trail Atom 8″ the Cube iwork8 Ultimate Dual Boot is now in stock today at Banggood for $106. Knowing Cube the iwork8 Ultimate it should be a step up in terms of quality of the Onda which has a few issues. But this month will see the release of four 8 inch tablets with similar specs:

All the tablets have the following:

  • Intel Atom X5 Z8300 (1.84Ghz Boost)
  • 2GB of DDR3 Ram (Single channel)
  • 32GB eMMC
  • Wireless B/G/N 150Mbs (single band)
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • MircoSD card slot.
  • Windows 10 only. No dual boots yet!


The  Onda v820w CH, Cube iwork8 Ultimate and the Teclast X80 Plus have a 1280 x 800 IPS panel. Personally I find 1280 x 800 in an 8 inch form factor is okay. The Chuwi Hi8 Pro and Teclast X80 Pro both have 1920 x 1200 IPS panels which are sharper and brighter. But might come at the cost of battery life, and if you want to game at native screen resolutions the 1280 x 800 is clearly going to be faster.

So far I have already seen the Onda v820w CH is disappointing, The Chuwi Hi8 Pro and Teclast X80 Plus/Pro I think will be the Cherry Trail 8 inchers to look for.

Release dates:

  • Onda v820w CH – Released
  • Cube iwork8  – Released
  • Chuwi Hi8 Pro – Due 11/11 in China. Shipping around 16-18th from retailers?
  • Teclast X80 Plus Due 11/11. Shipping around 16-18th from retailers?
  • Tecalst X80 Pro  Due approx 30/11?


Video tech reviewer and tech blogger. I have a huge interest in the latest tech, tablets, laptops, mobiles, drones, and even e-scooters. Active in the tech community since 2008 days of the Omnia i900 Windows phone., founder from way back.


  1. Only delays, I am so confused. I have the taste of losing my money.

  2. I have noted that there s no mention of any having a 3G or 4G card …. Looking out for a replacement for the V89 and couldn’t manage without that. Find the 9.7″ tablets a little large for true portability (otherwise I would use my Surface 3 Pro).

  3. I think the best option is Chuwi Hi8 Pro, because had more battery , more resolution (in games you can downgrade the resolution) and with promo 11/11Aliexpress is cheaper.

  4. @chris, “No dual boots yet!”… does this mean that the BIOS (assumed UEFI) is locked down and won’t boot a USB “live” install drive or has some kind of partitioning on the system disk that would not allow for resizing and/or parallel install of another OS like Android or Linux? Granted this question might be better to ask over at XDA dev forum:

    • Just looked at that Banggood page and it says the Cube iWork8 is dual boot … “Windows 10+ Android 5.1”

      • Oh so it is, will correct the article! Thanks.

        • there is no mention of dual boot on that banggood page… instead, it is mentioned as a windows 10 only tablet so no dual boots yet!

          • Yeah that’s what I first thought. I think it’s only Windows 10. Did a user in the form post this as they have one, can’t find the thread.

  5. I wish someone would release an 8 inch device with an 8700, or better yet, a core m7. I’d have no problem having it be considerably thicker and more expensive in exchange for the better performance and ideally, good portion selection. I want to use such a device for gaming and light productivity. Any idea if something like that is in the pipeline for any of these manufacturers?

    • None yet, I think the problems is the 8-inch form factor is too small for those higher clocked or Core M chips. Needs more space to dissipate the heat with heatsinks. But if anyone was to release a Core M 8 inch tablet, it would be the Chinese I think.

      • Hey Chris, I’ve got the crappy Teclast x80HD (yes, the plastic case, because I was new in the windows tablet and didn’t know any better) and this thing runs hot!

        Despite simple RPG games like the legend of heroes: trail in the sky” running smoothly , the CPU temp reached 75c. I tried prime95 and CPU temp barely reached 62c, so the extra temp must be from high GPU usage.

        Since the game already run fine on bay trails(albeit with high temp), would switching to cherry trail tablet likely lower the temp as GPU is more powerful and perhaps won’t stress the CPU too much?

    • The hideously expensive HP 608 features a 8500 and 4gb of ram and 128GB storage.

      The ASUS predator features a 8700 – but just 2gb of ram, and android only.

      The 8500’s and 8700’s will come to the chinese market, but the cooling issues around those faster chips will mean they will take longer to develop,

      Core-m would be beautiful, whichever the chip, especially due to the higher ram and SSD capability – and I think this will come too. But possibly 8.9 inch.

      I expect somewhere between the begining of next year, to half way through, we will see some 8 inch versions of the larger flagships with higher chips (they are actually usually the ones that come later). Possibly even some 8.9s too. And more dual boots and android versions – as great as win10 is, some users want android too.

      So yeah, I am sure it will come, and I too am waiting for it, for my next tablet. I’d not forking out the insane cost of a 608, but that’s more like what I am looking for, the power of a slimline laptop, that I can slip in a shoulder bag, and use as a dekstopand netbook also (with loads of space expansion via usb nubs/microSD) – one computer to rule them all.

      For me, that means either high capacity emmc, but preferably SSD – the ability for lots of space (although happy to add very small wireless drive to the bag), 4gb of ram, or actual removeable modular ram – and 8500 or 700 or core-m. It will also need usb-c, and preferably HDMI.

      Even better – folding laptop like keyboard dock with tiny trackpad. 8 or 8.9 (8.9 might be better for the application and keyboard size)

      I expect that will cost much more, though less than the 9.7’s of similar ilk.

      But something like that is possible, and is coming. I wait with baited breath 😛 😉

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