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New 8″ Cherry Trail Tablets, the Teclast X80 Pro and X80 Plus

New 8″ Cherry Trail Tablets, the Teclast X80 Pro and X80 Plus

Teclast have updated their X80 line, and plan to release the X80 Plus and X80 Pro version. Both models are a successor to the Teclast X80h and both will be powered with the Atom X5 Z8300, 2GB of Ram and a 32GB eMMC. The difference between the Pro and Plus is the screen, much like the Chuwi Vi8 and Hi8. The plus has an 1280 x 800 IPS panel and the pro an 1920 x 1200 panel. Which I assume will be the screen hardware Chuwi use in the Hi8 and up and coming Hi8 Pro.

Micro HDMI is onboard, Wireless B/G/N 2.4Ghz single band 🙁  and Bluetooth 4.0. The only real downside I see is a 3800mAH battery, and the claimed 3 hours video playback. Oh dear! I hope that’s a typo. Still I’ll do my best to buy these or at least the Pro, review and compare them for you guys.

The price? $102 for the X80 Plus and $121 for the Pro. The source: Gearbest.com It looks like it can be ordered now, but I think it’s just a preorder surely at this stage.
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Teclast X98 Pro image 3 Teclast X98 Pro image 4 Teclast X98 Pro image 5 Teclast X98 Pro image 6 Teclast X98 Pro image 7 Teclast X98 Pro image 1 Teclast X98 Pro image 2


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  1. Hi!
    I bought a tablet Teclast X80 pro and one 64GB Kingstone SDXD card. Unfortunately, Windows 10 does not support the SD card. Under Android works fine.
    Does anyone have any solution for this problem?
    Thank you, Fecco

  2. brand new x80 pro. Windows doesn’t boot. Any ideas? Also, is the battery 3000mAh or 3800mAh?

    • Try holding the power button for 14 seconds then charge it overnight and then hold the power button 3-4 seconds it should boot up now. I think it’s 3800mAH or close to 4000mAh.

  3. Link to product at a good price, can someone come in handy.
    $79.99 http://j.mp/1T7eL1C

  4. Hi Chris, is Teclast X80 Pro really 5-point touch as its said @ Gearbest or its just typo like Gen7? Just curious since newest Chuwi Hi8 Pro is offered as 10-point and i am really confused which one is better (especially if one of them release drivers for dual boot in the future)

    • Not sure as it’s not out and I haven’t tested it. But I imagine it should be 10 point. If anyone makes it dual boot later on it would no doubt be Teclast first.

  5. what is better ? Teclast X80 Pro vs Chuwi Hi8 Pro ???? Thanks
    What are the difference ? Thanks

    • Excuse, is it not a dual boot ? Teclast have 8 inchs tablets dual-boot with cherry trail ? Thanks

  6. Support USB 3.0?

  7. I wouldn’t order ANYTHING from GearBest! They advertise items for sale that they don’t have in stock – or have any idea when they will have. I contacted them last week to inquire about a Teclast X98 Pro. Their answer: Please order and we will refund if stock does not arrive. There’s no mention of it being a pre-order on the website, and of course, they didn’t post my question in the ‘comments’ section on the sales page! I can’t help but wonder how many other people have been conned into parting with their money for the X98 Pro and other items they purportedly sell. In the UK it’s refereed to as ‘fraudulent trading’ and carries a jail sentence.
    The answer: order from Banggood

    • Yes, I must say, I to tried to order the Teclast X98 Pro from Gearbest. It was listed as shipping within a week. I ordered it (with bluetooth keyboard) September the 30th, and after more than a week later, I got a reply from my emails asking me if I “wouldn’t mind” waiting another week until they possibly had new stock. Turned out I did mind, I was very annoyed, and after seeing that Chris from this site, cancelled his order out of clear frustration, and ordered from Banggood (where he was informed his order was shipped next day), well I did the exact same thing. Ordered from Banggood October 10th, and received an email it had been shipped, all within 15 hours, not to mention it was cheaper there.

      As for my refund experience from Gearbest, well, this is precisely how it went for me. After their email to me asking me to wait a further week, I immediately replied back asking for a full refund . I also opened up another ticket specifically to ask for a full refund, and this was done on a Saturday btw. They emailed me back the following day (Sunday), stating that my full refund was confirmed, and that it would take 3-5 business days for the refund to process. Refund was received (through Paypal), at about lunch time in Australia next following day (Monday), where I then ordered the tablet again immediately from Banggood (without the bluetooth keyboard).

      I will say this though, I looked around everywhere for somewhere (anywhere!) else to order the Teclast bluetooth keyboard for the best price possible, and couldn’t find anywhere else other than Gearbest ;S So I re-ordered the keyboard at Gearbest, not minding if that took a long time to be shipped. And since have atleast received a shipped email from them 2 days ago (18th October)! Quite an ordeal for this tablet !

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