SSDs Compatible with Ezbook 3 pro

SSDs Compatible with Ezbook 3 pro

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    Go with Samsung

    works great

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    I’d love to but for two reasons: cost and having to open the case.

    I think I’ll tolerate the eMMC for a while, I seem to be getting about 1/2 SSD speed on read and 1/3 on write which hasn’t driven me mad just yet.  Hopefully by the time I am driven crazy by it there’ll be a reasonable 2242 option discovered by the more adventurous types 😀

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    KingSpec m.2 SSD 2242 120 gb 240 gb 500 gb HDD 2242mm NGFF SSD M2 SATA Hard Drive per del computer portatile Ponticello 3 pro prestigio 133
    Questo funziona bene!


    This works well!

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    the easiest way if you have compatibility trouble is a Sandisk Ultra Fit via usb usb 3 installed with win 10 and make the main boot drive.

    works quite fast and speed is between emmc and ssd.

    also you can swap between computers if it they have the same license  (home or professional) burned in.
    I tried that with 3 different notebooks and it worked, just some extra drivers needed to be installed the first time.

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    Just bought the ezbook from an Amazon seller for 199.00. Not sure which verion it is, it has he door on the underside for the ssd and a locked down bios.

    Installed a Kingdian 240 ssd from amazon which cost me 48.00 and followed instruction online to clone the drive and so for it worked fine.

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    Hello everyone!
    I first tested Crucial mx500 250gb unfortunately is not recognized by the bios, it works as storage and can be used as main disk cloning windows from emmc and at that point choose it as a priority disk from bios.Io I also made an attempt with Samsung 860 but that behaves the same way. Writing and reading files of both perfect. I was wondering if you unlock the bios (02/01/2018) the situation can improve and proceed to an installation on ssd clean from bios?Thanks

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    Hi! i ordered an Ezbook 3 pro from gearbest 19 jan.. and my order is still in “payed” mode. they seems to not have the product in stock, anyway i want to put inside an ssd 256 or 512 gb and make it primary disc. I see reading this forum that are a lot of problem finding the right one.. some people suggest kingspec some no.. i read the Jumper factory suggest to buy a: TCSUNBOW M.2 2242 240GB SSD NGFF 240GB 256GB Solid State Drive Disk for Ultrabook Desktop PCs and Mac Pro (22*42mm ) (N4 240GB) but this factory make maximum size of 256 gb. Someone have tryed this one?

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    i recently bought a wd green ssd m2. I can see this while i format to windows but the process isn’t finished. Do i need to do some changes in bios first?

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