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First Intel Skylake tablet of 2016. First kickstand tablet.
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First Cube i9 Skylake Core M3-6Y30 User Hands On

First Cube i9 Skylake Core M3-6Y30 User Hands On

Scott in our Cube i9 Forum has just received his Cube i9. If you’re not aware of this model, it’s Cube’s successor to the popular Cube i7 Stylus (The first Chinese brand Core M tablet). The i9 is powered by the new Intel Skylake Core M3 6Y30, which is a rather nice step up in terms of power compared to the previous Core M 5Y10.

I’ve sampled the Core M3-6Y30 in a Surface Pro 4 and it’s quite the powerhouse considering it’s a fanless 4.5W CPU.

You can even play a demanding title like Battlefield 4 for example. And it’s even more powerful at least the Intel 515 GPU is than my old Surface Pro 3’s Core i5 4300U. Scott’s been kind enough to post some photos as well as an unboxing video.  Keep an eye on the thread as he should posting some benchmarks up on the i9 soon.

Cube i9 Hands-on images:

Source (Thanks Scott): Forum

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  1. @chris Cube has announced a sale of the Cube i9 for 399.99 at its Aliexpress page

    “Cube i9 will make its fearured brands promotion in Aliexpress apps From 29th March to 2th April, offical standard price is US $399.99. Due to huge quantities of orders made during promotion, it may take 3-8days processing time,thanks for your patience and understanding in advance. “

  2. @chris

    Google is selling it’s quite amazing Pixel C chromebook for 375$ for people in the USA.
    Take a look here
    •3:2 screen,
    •3GB RAM
    •32/64GB SSD,
    •Dual band Wireless
    •Great build-quality

    Now with some good Microsoft Apps making their way to Android, it’s not bad at all…

    • Shame it’s not so cheap for us in Europe.

      • There are services that give you US addresses for such uses and then assume transportation to your home address.
        Haven’t used them myself, I thought you might be more in the know.

  3. Hey @chris take a look at this tablet, *Jumper EZpad 5s* at everbuying. a

    – 11.6 inch, 1920*1080 screen
    – with stand (like Surface pro)
    – optional keyboard
    – Z8300
    – 4GB RAM
    – 64GB Storage

    • Looks like a Surface 3 and the Teclast TBook 16S which also has a similar desgin. Wonder if Jumper products are any good, might have to check this one out.

      • Never heard about this manufacturer but its looking quite good at least on paper…
        – 10.1 inch 1920×1200 fully laminated?
        – with stand
        – keyboard included
        – X7 8700
        – 64 or 128 GB + 4GB RAM
        – Dual Band wifi
        – full size USB 3.0 + USB type C
        – optional Stylus (dont know which technology)
        Great specs although the price goes too high maybe for an atom and for the small screen size. What do you think @chris?

        • Nice if it was $299, but at that price $456 or $510. Why get a clone? Just buy the real deal a Surface 3. Don’t see the point. Call me when the price drops and I might check it out.

      • I have found out here on the forum discussion about EZpad 4s. It seems since it is not a well known brand there is not much support and it is a problem with drivers and stuff if you try to mess with the tablet. I suppose it will be similar with EZpad 5s if not many guys decide to buy it and create a community with drivers and stuff.

        Other than that it seems it has potential. Speakers are on both sides and look large enough, so maybe they will give decent sound. Decision to use both sides of the tablet is excellent and now there is one full usb 3.0 and two full usb 2.0 ports. Add to that metal body, kickstand and decent looking keyboard and you have a great potential to be best Z8300 tablet.

        If only Cube, Chuwi or Teclast had gone that way I am sure we would had a winner by far in Z8300 range of tablets.

  4. what about the charging time and stand-by time?

  5. the screen seems to be flickering badly.

    • Yep, seems like the X98 plus (assuming he recorded it @30fps). It’t not that apparent in real life though.

  6. no screen bleed seen at all. the viewing angle is actually good

  7. Thanks for the video! The screen looks reflective as a i7 sadly :/ I wonder if it has any edge bleeds.

    • Screen protector doesn’t help that, but it’s mostly due to the fact it’s non laminated.

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