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First Intel Skylake tablet of 2016. First kickstand tablet.
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Cube i9 Keyboard Unboxing and First Impressions

Cube i9 Keyboard Unboxing and First Impressions

My Cube i9 keyboard arrived today, rather poorly packed as it shipped with an express document courier and GearBest removed the outer box. Not too happy about that, luckily no damage to it.

But this keyboard is so far great! First impressions are really good, the build is as good as the last gen Surface Pro 3 keyboard. No seriously it is, it uses exactly the same materials as the original Microsoft one on the top and bottom. An a similar trackpad (Type cover 3 size), which by the way feels good and looks to be one of the more useable trackpads I’ve tried in a while. With hardware left and right mouse buttons are within the touchpad. It also supports Windows gestures and can be disabled with Fn + F11.

I’m really impressed with this keyboard considering the price of $63.85 I paid when it was on special. Much better than the rip off $110 I remember seeing on Aliexpress. (Sorry, I got it wrong in the video and said it was $46.)

My i9 keyboard order. Got this from GearBest this time around because they were the first to stock it after Aliexpress.

My i9 keyboard order. Got this from GearBest this time around because they were the first to stock it after Aliexpress.

Key travel is good, and I’ve typed this out on it with few errors. And the keyboard flex and bounce is exactly the same as my type cover 4. Hell, this keyboard even smells just like the Surface Type covers are they are made by the same ODM? Has to be. It even has two little status LEDs for caps and number lock instead of in the keys itself like the Surface one.

The only thing it lacks is backlit keys, but for the price, I’m not complaining. This premium keyboard definitely compliments the Cube i9 and completes the tablet, it’s now the closest Chinese tablet to a Surface Pro 3/4 I have seen to date.

Keyboard link for those interested:

Cube i9 keyboard / type cover images:

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  1. Cube i9 Windows 10 Ultrabook Tablet PC – DEEP BLUE 170304001
    12.2 inch Skylake 6th Gen Intel Core M3-6Y30 Dual Core 1.51GHz 4GB RAM 128GB ROM Dual Cameras Bluetooth 4.0 Type-C HDMI

  2. Hi!

    How does the trackpad compares to the iwork-10 ultimate?


  3. Hi 🙂

    This Keyboard will work/fit on Chuwi Hi12? Have you try this? Looking the photos of the pins in both tablets i see 5 identical pins.
    I’ve bought a Chuwi Hi12 from but after 13 working days still waiting for shipping out, but whatever, I have used to many discounts and coupons and it costs me around US$210 this means that I bought it at very good price.
    I’ve bought too a Fordable Stand like you have for use table in horizontal and vertical, a ULAK Keyboard ($7) like Apple Keyboard. I think it will be a better solution than Official Chuwi Keyboard. What do you think about it?

    Waiting an reply. Thanks Chris for the best reviews I’ve seen so far 🙂

    • Pins are the same but not the mounting points. You could have to mod it to make it work.

  4. It seems great. I am wondering if the dock connector would work with any other tablets?

    • It would as far as the 5 pogo pins. But the issue is the magnets are different to most as they are mostly in the tablet itself. And the securing tabs are spaced differently to other keyboards.

  5. Anyone can tell how much i9 weighs together with the keyboard?

  6. it is possobile to get a nice looking german layout? it shoud look like original and not changed…..

  7. Nice.

    You say that it feels like the keyboard cover for Surface 3. I have understand that the new cover for Surface is better than the old one, how does Cube’s compare to the new Surface Cover?

    • You’ll see them side by side in the video. But because 3:2 ratio of the Surface Pro 4 there is more space, an extra row and a way larger trackpad. The Surface Pro 4 type cover also has backlit keys. It’s a better cover overall, but the build quality is about the same which is why I think it might even be made by the same company. Cube and all MFG’s do outsource and share ODM. Just look at the Cube iwork10 Ultimate keyboard and the Chuwi HiBook keyboard are the same exact design just different colors.

  8. Wow the quality is much better than I anticipated, I totally thought that the promo images would have had some photoshopery applied, or something, but this looks pretty sweet. This keyboard + the stylus version of the i9 (when it emerges) is going to be fantastic.

    I’m wondering if the trackpad gestures are configurable in windows settings ? as far as I can tell only a certified precision trackpad allows you to control which gestures are active or not. (Currently using the cube iwork10 ultimate trackpad, and I keep accidentaly minimising my windows, when I mean to scroll)

    I could be completely wrong about this (If anyone could shed some light ?)

    • Hi yes, Cube have definitely found the right ODM for their keyboard, I swear it’s the same manufacturer as the MS keyboards, they are just too alike in so many things. It’s Teclast that tend to photoshop the hell out of promo images. For example, bezels that are a good 50% smaller than real life, I really hate that and in the rest of the world considered as false advertising and missing leading! Well, I can see in settings I can change gestures etc for Windows 10 is that what you mean? I must admit I’m not must of a gestures person, I hardly ever use them apart from the scrolling in web pages.

      • Yeah I meant those settings, fantastic that they can be configured on the i9.
        On the iwork10 dock the trackpad is multitouch and supports gestures, however, in settings there are no options to turn certain gestures on or off, they are just always on.

        This is great news, though, a stylus i9 is totally going be a present to myself later in the year

  9. Really nice!!

  10. Still waiting for a version with a better screen and more RAM.

  11. I’d waiting for i9 stylus model and if they still use Wacom on it so you can say that this is “perfect” model after i7 stylus.

    Hope that Cube don’t disappoint me and launch stylus model in a next few month. :3

    • We are definitely a step closer with each new flagship release. Remember first we got the i7 Core M, then the i7 Stylus, smaller with a Wacom digitizer. My guess is in a few months we will see a stylus version with 8GB of RAM and even an LTE modem as an option in that spare M.2 slot. Cube will see how the i9 sells before they make that move however.

      But I doubt we will see a new screen. Personally, I’m waiting for Teclast, Cube or even Chuwi to use the 3:2 2160 x 1440 Surface Pro 3 screen in a Core M3 tablet. Hopefully, we will see that this year.

  12. Chris this might be a big ask, sorry… But if I do get the cube I will most likely do the heat sink mod 🙂

    Could you upload more gameplay videos and show the fps difference between stock and 9w?

    • Hi, if I have time. I have 3 more tablets arriving soon and still need to work on the i9 review. I can only retest the games I already tested in the first gameplay video like counter strike, LoL, Half-life lost coast etc.

  13. Looks really awesome and a ‘copy’ of Microsoft products

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