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Dell Type-C Dock And Cube i9 Test

Dell Type-C Dock And Cube i9 Test

In my quest to find a type-c hub that can be used as a proper dock for my Cube i9, I brought a Dell dock (model WD15) with a Type C plug In the hope that it that will charge, output video via HDMI or DisplayPort and have a few USB 3 ports. And work on future tablets that have proper type C support.

Everything worked, apart from any form of display out. HDMI would flash like it wanted to work, but no luck and no response from the DisplayPort. It charged my Cube i9 super quick, even when on with full brightness the charge rate according to Battery Bar was 14 watts. Dell claims that using non-Dell products the dock will only output 60 watts. But that should be more than enough for the Cube i9, and a hard drive or two.

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  1. Chris, I am unclear. You tried to implement a way to both (a) charge your i9, and (b) send the i9 signal to an external display.

    What about the ability to do (b) alone? For instance, if one connects a USB type-C to DisplayPort Adapter (see below) to the i9, can the i9 extend its display onto an external display?

    For example, I am considering using this:

    • Ronald,
      I have implement the the solution you are asking Chris. I bought a Type C USB 3.1 Male to VGA Female Adapter Cable
      and it works fine with my Cube i9.

      • Hi Andreas,
        I have been struggling to connect to my vga monitor with the exact adapter cable you were referring to. But to no avail, it has not worked. Is there something I can do so the cube i9 can detect the external display? I’m struggling to get this right…

        • Hi fmmathias,
          you must do the usual setup through the graphics card setup. I have been using the cable on a regular basis to connect the Cube i9 to external video projectors. However I have noticed that in one case with a particular video projector for some reason it didn’t work. Try connecting it to different monitors. Also connect it first and then power on the Cube i9.

          • Thanks Andreas,
            Connecting the cable to Cube i9 before booting up did the trick!

    • Also, you seemingly tried charging the tablet and connecting to the external display — both using the tablet’s single USB-C port.

      Could you instead plug the tablet’s original Power supply into the tablet’s Power In port (instead of the USB-C port), and then use the USB-C port to directly connect to the HDMI port of a display?

      • Yes i tried everything and just what you mentioned. It also didn’t want to work on my Cube i7 book or Cube i9.

    • Yes, just a display out adapter (type-c to HDMI Out) works fine. I was trying to get this hub to work with USB ports and HDMI or displayport video out. It failed to work for me.

  2. Hi,

    I do confirm that my new ivoler 75 W available from amazon correctly and quickly charges my cube i9 (charge rate over 8200 mW according to battery bar)
    it is currently the only “cheap” charger to implement usb-c PD norm (5A and up to 20V)
    It should be good for all devices,from smartphones ( nexus5 ) to apple Macbook, google pixel and other high powered laptops

  3. Chris you mentioned in the video that you’ve actually come across USB-C hubs that will give you hdmi-out with the Cube i9. Would it be possible for you to point them out to me?

    Thank you.

  4. Hmmm try the bios I recall seeing Intel(R) Thunderbolt at the end of the list, Intel Thunderbolt Technology is set to [Fully Disabled] if you Enable you get a large number of options which i hope will help.

    • Hi, yes, tried this and nothing happened. Seems it doesn’t support thunderbolt at all.

  5. About iVoler 75W USB Type C Charger:

    Do you think this one might finally charge my new cube i9 at 3 A 15 V ?

    I mistakenly firstly bought the 60w Anglink and it failed to charge the tablet ( my fault here: USB C Output: DC 5V/3A…)


  6. Very interesting review Chris. Did you check if the Ethernet port of the dock is working?

  7. If I must believe, the issues you encountered with the external displays may not be caused by the Cube i9:

    They were actually much more positive about the similarly priced Plugable USB-C dock:

  8. Wow! could you recommend a usb c charger that could charge the cube? im hearing a lot of people having trouble with charging turning on and off when they try to charge it through usb..

  9. have you been able to charge via usb-c?

    • You mean this dock here? Yes, it charges really well. Much better than the dc plug, a lot quicker.

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