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12″ Tablet Deals: Chuwi Hi12 $246 & Cube i9 Core M3 $499

12″ Tablet Deals: Chuwi Hi12 $246  & Cube i9 Core M3 $499

A two new deals have popped up online, while most other retailers have put the price of the recently review Chuwi Hi12 up to $279 and even $299. Gearbest has lowered their price to $246 for a limited time for the black and grey version. The white and gold version is $249 just a few dollars more.

Chuwi Hi12 Pro - 1

And the Cube i9, the first Chinese Skylake Core M3-6Y30 12″ tablet with kickstand has been dropped to $499 on Aliexpress store So Cube (Cube’s official Aliexpress store?)

Cube i9 Skylake Core M3-6Y30 images - 17

I hope to receive my Cube i9 next week for review here.

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  1. When will the hi12 be released with dual boot, and any news on the official keyboard for it yet?


  2. Chris, any news frp, xiaomi mipad 2 whith windows?

    • Mine is on its way, should have it in 15 days or so 🙁 Slower PostNL shipping, but I don’t fancy paying the DHL fee B) DHLSpains stupid 15 euro customs fee, plus 21% killer tax on top of everything. It turns a 250 US tablet into a $350 dollar one for me.

      • Where did you order your Mi Pad from Chris?

      • please test cube i9: dota 2, lol, cod, team fortress, hl2, etc.

      • Hello Chris!

        Do you believe that a further update will permit a dual boot (Windows & Android) on the Cube i9.
        Regarding this request, Cube contact team just told me “It is not available”


  3. That Cube i9 seems fairly pricey for what you get. Especially if there is no stylus.
    For me the price of the Cube i9 needs to be sub $400 to deal with the risks of importing overseas.

    Compare that to the new HP Pavilion x2 12, for $100 more.
    Yes its getting out of the range of cheap tablets but its got a 3:2 screen with optional active stylus, Core M3 (Atom version also available $499), 4Gb Ram. It comes with a keyboard and attaches to it similar to the Surface Book. So no need for a kickstand.
    At least in the US you can buy it in stores, so easy returns and made by HP so should have some relatively good quality control.

    • Thank you mate!

      I didn’t know this new product, it’s almost everything I wanted on a tablet-pc.
      Sadly, in Spain, I only saw the 8gb version for 800€… but it can stand up to the SP4 m3 version. Wi-Fi AC, enough resolution (1080 is just perfect), new m3, keyboard, stylus…
      Oh, you made my day, I was looking for something like this (mid-high range tablet) and, unless you tell me otherwise, this is my better candidate until now.

      • Yeah man it looks good to me as well. Like you said, it checks off alot of the right boxes. Its similar to the HP Spectre X2 in some ways but slightly lower end and does without the kickstand which I like.
        I haven’t tried it yet though. Just noticed it through the CES coverage. Really hoping to see some reviews of it soon, but there is fairly little coverage of it online.
        I don’t see the 8GB version for sale here in the states but that would be ideal.

        • Wow, I have found a 13% discount in Spain’s HP shop, so I can buy the 8gb version for 700€, which is its real price.
          But… I can also buy for the same price an ultrabook: HP Envy 13-d000ns
          It’s also veeery thin and transportable.

          Pros of the ultrabook: i5 6200u. Design. 1″ more on screen. But: 4gb of RAM.
          Pros 2in1: 8gb RAM. Even more mobility. But: worse design and a smaller screen, which is worse for working and multimedia for example.
          What should I do…?

          Thanks for your answers again! 🙂

  4. Even banggood have put in new arrivals for $600. Good to see the kick stand and much needed full size port usb 3.0.

    IMO this price of $499+ is not gonna pull buyers and certainly not me as, i would save up bit more for SP4 core m3 version which has proper support and awesome laminated stylus display.

    • It will no doubt lower more in the coming months once more sellers stock it. I highly recommend the Surface Pro 4 if you can get it. As you say full support and it’s the best screen I’ve used on a tablet by a mile. The build is great and the type cover 4 is very good for what it is a thin flip up keyboard that doubles has a protector for the screen.

    • Wow… at least in Spain SP4 is 500€ more with kickstand and 10% University discount… 1000€ is just so prohibitively expensive…
      But yes, I understand what you are saying.

  5. Hi Chris,

    Could you confirm if the cube i9 has stylus support like the i7? Cube’s response to this was that they will offer the stylus once it’s manufactured by their factory… This I thought was somewhat unhelpful. Shouldn’t they announce this with the launch of the product? Makes me wonder if the i9 uses a wacom digitizer… If not, I might end up with a surface pro or cintiq companion.

    Thank you for the dedicated work!

    • Not this first release, I think they will later release an i9 Stylus version. The same happened with the i7, first the 11.6″ i7 and later the Wacom i7 stylus model.

  6. I hope the price of the cube i9 continues to go down. Does anyone know how long it took for the original cube i7 to have its big sale (at $399) from when it was announced- I just want to have a rough idea on when the i9 sale will be.

    Looking forward to the review next week!

    • I think it took about 3 months if I remember correctly. Hopefully, it will go for something like $375 or $399. I don’t see it being any cheaper with that Skylake.

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