Bad EZBook pro batteries – How to replace step by step

Bad EZBook pro batteries – How to replace step by step

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    Reading in different language forums the newer batch of EZBooks pro has a major battery problem.
    And the problems some of you are having with m.2 SSD is the same, it is not the M.2 it is a certain batch of EZBooks.

    There seems no replacement battery right now anywhere, so here is how you do it your self.
    All the credit for the information and the pictures go to x-someone

    Ordered on AliExpress batteries
    There are fears that do not fit the length. The right seat in the frame is 123 mm, the length of the battery is 124 mm.
    While there are batteries with Ali, I found more batteries
    They fit better in size and are not expensive. I decided to put it as it is, do not remove native controllers. A brief photo report and everything should be clear.

    1) Remove the bottom cover, for this we unscrew all the bolts 🙂
    2) Carefully remove the protective film from the battery. In principle, you can first remove the battery itself, and then remove the film, but I wanted to first inspect the banks, and then already dismantle the battery.
    3) As expected, the banks swelled. The left is stronger, the right is weaker.
    4) The film from the battery pasted on the inside surface of the bottom cover to remember which battery was originally standing.
    5) Carefully peel off the bottom protective film. The film is sticky, we show patience so as not to damage the battery frame.
    6) Contacts of the left battery are welded to the controller by spot welding. Cut the contacts with scissors. The contacts of the right battery are soldered to the wires. We unsolder the wires.
    7) Install new batteries in the frame and fix it with adhesive tape.
    8) Solder the contact wires of new batteries to the controller and isolate the connections.
    9) Install the battery in the laptop. Close the lid and put on charging.

    The actual capacity of the new batteries is much lower than the claimed capacity. 4800 mAh there is definitely not, a maximum of 2000 mAh. Hold no more than 2 hours. In Wikipedia I read that an inhibitor is added to the Li-Pol battery electrolyte, which allows storing the battery for a long time.
    Allegedly, it decomposes itself after 2-3 charge-discharge cycles. Let’s see if this is so. As for the controller, in the native battery it is really shitty. And the inflation of the cans is due to the fact that the temperature regime is not observed when charging. Most likely, this happens when the laptop is running during a charge. There’s no thermistor. A white wire is a data interface, but these data are not correct.

    Neither the voltage nor the charge-discharge current corresponds to the actual one. Balancing, it seems, is not there either.
    The difference in voltage on the banks of the charged battery was 0.05 V. Most likely, there is some kind of protection against overvoltage, deep discharge and all. In general, you still need to look for a normal controller for a 2S battery with our specifications.Controllers that come with new batteries usually do not have data interfaces and balancing, but are only for protection.

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    A few days passed :-)
    Batteries that I bought in the store “In the laptop”, do not meet the stated specifications neither in size nor in capacity. They have paper stickers (not engraved) on them 0388117 3.7V 4800mAh.In fact, the dimensions of 3x78x105mm, capacity, of course, with such dimensions, is much lower than the claimed. The laptop works for them only 2 hours.It’s funny that when ordering batteries, I made a mistake with the size.88 mm in width in the frame would not have climbed, a maximum of 80×123. On the other hand, the frame is not necessary to use, you can put the batteries on a thin double-sided tape, but without fanaticism, fix them in a pair of three points, so you can then remove.When the Chinese come with Ali, I will experiment and share the results.

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    Thank you very much Chupa, this topic has been treated extensively and I think it is very relaxed. I’m sure I’ll try to do it, but I’m not sure about the quality of the Chinese batteries. Although I think the size itself is very important for the true battery capacity. If once you thank a lot for your effort.


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    Thank you for your efforts and info, dude! =)


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    Really great post @chupa ! We needed it! So if I want to replace cells I need to solder (can’t do it any other way?) and about batteries the best option is 2 x 3.7V, right? Last question: do you think 6mm thickness battery could fit? Thank you so much.This forum need you 😉 Really appreciated!


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    Let the order a replacement fun begin:

    Even when everything on the photos looks like in your Jumper there can be differences in the actual dimensions of the frame what holds the batteries and the electronic.
    I would take out the battery, measure the exact dimensions, look if there is extra space to the side or top/bottom. Every bit counts.
    Remember you can fix it without frame or screws.

    In a 15.6″ TBAO the battery is just fixed by the usual strong sticky black fabric tape. (picture)
    As long as every connection is good insulated there will be no problem.

    To the order process:
    Being a while with Aliexpress and others, here is how my order process goes.
    Have the dimensions of your batteries ready.
    Search for them, NOT the capacity.
    Look only for 4 stars and better sellers. What have at least sold the product over 100 times
    Prefer shipping included (better for refunds)
    Find something that might work, put it in the cart.
    Keep on searching until you have at least 5 different sellers in you cart.
    Open the cart and open all 5 or more items in different tabs for easy comparison.
    Check for user feedback only with pictures and then for only additional feedback.
    Look out for info about the REAL capacity.
    Ignore feedbacks without actual product info.
    Try sellers where you can choose Aliexpress standard shipping.
    For Europe it will mostly be Dutch or Sweden mail, Dutch is faster.
    If you want to wast money or need it fast DHL, UPS etc – they will charge you tax and more in Europe.

    After you found the best choice ask the seller how close the capacity comes to reality.
    This is important and you might ask them more than once, If the do not tell you the exact capacity, discharge seller look for second choice.
    If this is done, order!

    When Battery arrives take photo opening the package and place little sticker with sellers name and order number on it.
    Do not tell Ali that you received the item yet!
    Install battery in frame and connect as seen in photo. Do not put into the Jumper.
    Flip the Jumper so you can work on it BUT flip the battery to the outside with the seller sticker on top.
    Put insulation between Jumper and where the battery touches the Jumper.
    Recheck if everything is OK and then turn on.

    Take photo of initial battery state via batterybar show bar and jumper with battery sticking out. Maybe choose 200% font size just to make it better to see.
    Plug in charger
    Do 3 full charges with 1 hour cool down and fully discharge cycles, again wait 1 hour before recharging
    Take photos from each max and min cycle. If you can, put date and time into photos.
    After this procedure you will see and know the real capacity of your batteries.
    Do all this within 2 days after you got the batteries.


    Now to the fun part.
    If the capacity is more than 90 % as described, you are good.
    Up to 80% capacity than stated is normal, calculate with this when you order.
    If the capacity is less than 80 % as described, you write the seller politely and inform him with photo evidence showing his product sticking out of your jumper and the batterybar result.
    Wait 2  days, if no reply the ask again politely for a solution.
    Do not take a refund from the seller , it will never get yo you except paypal and they charge you a transaction fee.
    Now a week should have passed and you are not happy with the sellers response.
    Tell Ali you received the order but do not rate
    You open a dispute.
    Tell ali that the seller confirmed the capacity (the correspondence is automatic part of your dispute.
    Tell you tried to solve but the seller was not compliant.
    Ask for a partial refund.
    Base the refund amount on the price plus shipping and the actual percentage.
    You payed 10 $ per battery and it has only 60% capacity ask for 4$ per battery compensation.
    You payed 10 $ per battery and it has only 40% capacity ask for 6$ per battery compensation.

    If you photo evidence proves your claim, ali will refund the money.
    With over 400 orders and over 80 refund claims 77 in my favor and to my conditions, I know how ali works.

    Wait for at least 25 days after telling the package arrived and rate accordingly.
    No matter what the refund  wrong labeled battery can only get 1 or 2 stars for product info.
    The whole order in case of refund can never a 5 star rating 3 or 4 if you are happy.
    Try to leave a honest review with actual data and pictures on ali for your fellow jumper sufferers.



    you just enjoyed another quality post from Uncle Chupa

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    Let me clarify some things.
    1. I do not have a Jumper 3 pro, I have the “better” 3s with 256GB  build in by the factory (now 512GB) 5 months running every day with  5.4% battery wear.
    2. I have a Thomson NOX13 what is quite similar to the Jumper 3 pro and might even share the same battery but I could not even find a replacement battery there. 3 months light use 0% wear.
    3. to do the job right you need to solder (cheap one with a thin tip for a few euros is fine) but I mentioned alternatives here measure exactly you need a caliper (picture) local china store 1 Euro
    5. batteries expand during work (heat) – so if you think you can squeeze a 6mm battery inside a less than 4mm space you will be in for a bad surprise. You actually can do that but you might need longer screws and your bottom lid might show a little ventilation gap.
    6. to tackle the battery problem right, please post your Jumper model, the date of purchase, the vendor and the bios version. That way we can figure out what batch(es) are bad and you can order a replacement before your Jumper croaks.

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    Ok I bought 2x of this battery [L552] 3.7V,6600mAH,[4480121] PLIB;Polymer lithium ion / Li-ion battery for tablet pc,cell phone,POWER BANK to Clipboard

    They are 2x parallel battery. Capacity is 6600mah and they are japan cell (not chinese nor korean). Dimensions are just fine, 4.4 mm thickness. Final capacity would be 13200 mah!!! Seller is affordable. Price including shipping in Italy about 20€. Can’t  wait to have them in my ebook 3 pro v6! To


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    this is quite an interesting seller 8 Years with Ali which is good
    1 battery sold – not good
    A very honest explanation why you cell will only have around 4000 mAH what is still OK. My Jumper 3S reads 50.000 mWH
    To get from one to the other you have to take your mAH and multiply by the voltage of the cell. Full cell is around 4.3V x4.000mAH = 17.200 mWH you have 2 batteries so that is 34.400mWH. If you are lucky and got a god batch you will be over 40.000mWH, If it is a bad batch you will be around 30.000 mWH.

    He makes it very clear that only with his professional tester and the battery not installed (wrapped) and his special measurement method you will get the shown “RATED” capacity +/- 5%
    Think of the car industry what tells you this light SUV only needs 4.9 liter per 100 km and when you refill the first time it sure is a lot more.

    BUT he is honest from the beginning and shows all the testers and how much they will differ. What they show is the real world in you EZBook build in battery.
    I will order from him too, even if I do not need a battery. BUT I will ask him first for his opinion what is his best battery with this dimensions.
    I had a battery guy on ali what I asked fro 3.7v AA batteries and he told me they are rubbish and I should leave it to him to send me the right ones but I get only 4 for the 10 I ordered and payed for.
    He was right they were and are good and I RATHER HAVE ONE EXPENSIVE WHAT WORKS AS IT SHOULD THAN 3 CHEAP ONES WHAT ARE GARBAGE, (sorry caps got switched on).

    I like his style, he looks honest

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    Yes, I think best seller in Aliexpress about battery! Now I’m waiting to have mine.


    Stefano CASALINI
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    Hi euplio, did you try the battery?


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    battery shipping always take a a while  because of shipping resrictions

    Need Help? ... I date back to 81 when my first computer was from Sinclair and MS-DOS was called IBM-DOS 1.0


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    Found this seller:

    Battery is out of stock but you have to contact them to let it available. It takes 5/10 business day for ordering…


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    yes, you posted that already

    and yes, seen him, it is always out of stock, same with the jumper keyboard….

    but maybe if enough people ask and want to order they get some???

    Need Help? ... I date back to 81 when my first computer was from Sinclair and MS-DOS was called IBM-DOS 1.0


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    They told me that they can sell it to me. I already confirmed my order of two batterys and I am awaiting for their directions. Within 5/10 business day they will be ready, as they say…

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