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Cube iwork8 Ultimate How To Flash Dual Boot With Download

Cube iwork8 Ultimate How To Flash Dual Boot With Download

Finally a dual OS 8 inch Cherry Trail tablet. Cube released these files a week or so ago, I’ve got around to testing it out myself and it seems to work just fine. So we now finally have an 8″ cherry Trail dual OS tablet like the older Bay Trails. The Android version is 5.1 And Windows 10 Home.

The download file is here:

Icon of Cube Iwork8 Ultimate Dual Boot Files Cube Iwork8 Ultimate Dual Boot Files (8.0 GiB)

I’ve translated the Chinese how to. And it’s not hard. This is what I did. Firstly you will need two USB pen drives and a USB hub, keyboard and mouse. And follow the below step by step. iwork8 Ultimate (Atom X5 Z8300) model only.

  1. Download the dual OS files required above
  2. Charge your tablet so that battery is full or at least 80%
  3. It might be a good idea to record your current Windows 10 key.
  4. Extract the archive you downloaded, you’ll have 3 folders. BIOS, WIN10 and 安卓 (Android Rom)
  5. Extract the BIOS folder to your C/: drive root. Inside the drive run (As admin) the flash.bat (Dual OS bios will flash) DON’T POWER OFF THE TABLET, let it finish or brick it!Dual OS bios flash
  6. Create a GPT bootable Fat32 drive and move the files inside of 安卓 to the root of the USB pen drive.
  7. Enter the bios on boot (hit escape) go to Save and exit menu. Find your flash drive and boot it.
  8. In the EFI shell you will see a countdown, let it run startup.nsh. The Android ROM will flash.Cube iwork8 android rom flashing
  9. Once done it will reboot and you’ll see and Android dual boot logo.
  10. Power off the tablet (Hold power button 10 seconds at the dual OS menu)
  11. Format a USB pen drive NTFS GPT bootable name it WINPE
  12. Move all the folders and files from inside WIN10 folder to this WINPE USB drive.
  13. Place the NTFS WIN10 WINPE USB drive in your USB hub.
  14. Power on the iwork10. Enter the bios again, in the Advance menu of the bios. Enter System Component. Find OS IMAGE ID and change it from Android to Windows 10. Press F4 and save and exit.Cube iwork8 ultimate dual boot 2
  15. Now at the dual boot menu select the Windows icon. Let WINPE run and install the Windows 10 Image.Windows WINPE installing
  16. Windows 10 will reboot 2-3 times before it works. You’ll see Chinese, and a box called OOBE. Click the first box on the left! And it will reset and run the setup, there you can select English. (See below image)

Cube iwork8 ultimate dual boot


Notes: Android took 3 reboots before I saw the home screen, don’t freak. Google Play is installed. Rom is Android 5.1 very stock looking. DPI set is good and the screen looks sharp enough.

Warning: Windows 10 license could be lost? Not sure. It might not work for you, but the above worked for me! My Windows 10 Home however isn’t activated 🙁


  • Use a tool like Rufus to create a GPT Formated USB pen drive.
  • You might be able to do it without a hub or keyboard. Hold Vol+ on boot enters the touch enabled bios.
  • If installing Windows gives you an APCI Bios BSOD crash, you haven’t set the bios setings to Windows 10 in step 13!

The end result:

Have fun and any issues please comment below. Please don’t PM me for help, I get over 20+ support emails/pms a day and I’m not the official support for Cube or any brand here.

Android Benchmarks and screens:

Source: Cube

Video tech reviewer and tech blogger. I have a huge interest in the latest tech, tablets, laptops, mobiles, drones, and even e-scooters. Active in the tech community since 2008 days of the Omnia i900 Windows phone., founder from way back.



    i really desperate. Its many times i’ve been flashed my Cube iWork8 Ultimate. But ,its not solve my problem. The problem is the touchscreen on Android Mode MESS. Its seem like vertical mirror. The point where i touch is not match with point/dot on the display. PLEASEEEEEEE. HELP ME. I REALLY NEED IT. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

  2. Need HELP.

    i really desperate. Its many times i’ve been flashed my Cube iWork8 Ultimate. But ,its not solve my problem. The problem is the touchscreen on Android Mode MESS. Its seem like vertical mirror. The point where i touch is not match with point/dot on the display. PLEASEEEEEEE. HELP ME. I REALLY NEED IT. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

  3. does anyone have problem with touch after re-installing stock android?
    I had the same problem with windows but I installed the drivers and it solved.
    What can i do on android to fix the touch? is there any patch?

  4. Hi guys, please the tablet have 32gb space, why android have 8gb and windows 16gb? Thats 24GB where is others gb? Thank you.

  5. Need help. Failed to Install bios on iwork8 air (should be the same with ultimate) & now it’s really bricked & can’t boot the bios or OS. what can i do?

  6. Need help please….. My cube iwork8 ultimate is fine on Windows mode. But, its error / mess touchscreen at dual boot choice moment or on android mode. The point that’s I touched is not exactly where I wanted. So,,, help me, please. Thank you.

  7. guys, is there any way to remove windows and leave android only?

  8. hello techtablets, i just bought cube iwork 8 air, when the battery 30% suddenly the tablet turn off and when i try turn on the tablet won’t turn on, what should i do? thanks for your help

  9. Ι followed the tutorial but I have a problem with touch panel. I have installed the “KMDF HID Minidriver for Touch I2C Device”.
    If I restart windows, touch panel doesn’t work. I should always shutdown windows and then turn on the device again.

    what can I solve it?

  10. I’m having trouble flashing my Air tablet. I’m using Windows 10 x64 and keep getting unable to run error on FPTDW64.exe – anyone had this and solved it ?

  11. I ran the bios now i get black screen no bios to get into just a blank black screen

  12. Here are the official dual brush tutorial with icons and google translated, for iwork8 air. I supposed they can be used for ultimate as well:

    you sould use these instructions to make the disks (for windows use ntfs):
    1. Connect the USB flash drive to your computer, of course.

    2. Open Command Prompt with Admin rights. Press Win+X and choose Command Prompt (Admin) from the list.

    3. Type diskpart to start the diskpart built-in utility. And type list disk and make a note of the disk # for the USB drive.

    4. Type in the following commands to properly format the flash drive. Replace # with the actual # you got from step 3 above.

    select disk #
    create partition primary
    format fs=fat32 quick

  13. Please anybody can help me, I have cube iwork 8 ultimate, but when i starts with android it doesn´t work, what can i do??

  14. Hi. drivers need to touch panel the tablet iwork8 ultimate serial number i1-TWB please !!

    the address where are the files is: C: windows / system32 / drivers

    please someone who can send me those 2 files i1-TWB?

    please my tablet has error with the touch panel.

  15. I need a BIOS dump Cube iwork8 send mail [email protected]

  16. Hi,

    I’d need Dual Boot files for my Cube iWork8 Air (I1-TF) because – long story short – I made a mess…

    Will the Dual Boot files for the iWork 8 Ultimate work with the Air model too?

    May i ask you where did you get them? I’ve tried to download the official I1-TF firmware from here but the chinese cloud service client won’t recognize my username and password, so I’m stuck.

    • There is a way to register to baidu with your mobile number, be sure to put your country code in front (i searched a lot, because most times it shows china mainland numbers). Once you do that go to your profile options and enter a username, then download baidu windows application and login with the username and the code you gave when you registered.

  17. I upgraded my Cube iWork 8 ultimate last night with 100% success last night, using these instructions. I did have the foresight when I bought the tablet to copy my Windows 10 activation code but, guess what? my Windows key IS now the wrong key to activate this version of windows!!!

    I have written to Cube but doubt I will get any satisfaction from them. There customer support is next to nil but as an oem product they should by rights help with this issue.

    Thanks alot with this instruction guide.

  18. hello, my touch panel does not work properly after installing the bios does not work well on android or windows. can you help me? someone did the same?
    Thank you.

  19. Hello!

    I have a Cube iwork8 WiFi Win10 + Android4.4 Tablet PC / Intel Z3735F Quad Core 1.8GHz 2GB RAM. Unfortunately my W10 doesn’t start anymore. I think Drvier booster caused the problem. I tried W10 Troubleshooting, but without success. I can’t find on ROM, so any ideas what I can do?

    • Once again. I dpon’t know what to do with the model l1_W. Do I need a special W10 cube-version to repair windows? Or can I use a “normal” Version? Is it ok, to use the troubleshooting way?

  20. my tab name CUBE iwork8 model . i1
    when i power on ,it display on and then off.
    how could i flash this or it works???

  21. sdcard could not be seen in windows10 after this update.

    “Got it!!!! Went into BIOS and enabled ms custom sdbus driver!!! Use a keyboard and otg usb cable, press escape on startup, press right arrow and go into Advanced, down to System component, press Enter, and go down to “ms custom sdbus driver” press enter and select enabled, press enter, then press F4 to save and exit. Voila!!! Boot into Windows and now my micro sd card is there!!! Hope this info helps someone else.”

  22. Error on 1 tablet during windows10 installation today: “The Computer Restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error” it got stuck on this error no matter how many times I rebooted. it was effectively stuck in a boot loop.

    EASY FIX just press Shift+F10 and follow the instructions here:

  23. bugger, drive not found on 3 tablets today.. I finally figured it out.. its because of the USB hub. so I set the OS IMAGE to windows10 using the hub (KEYBOARD), then pulled out ALL the cables, and just use the OTG cable with the USB WINPE stick, YAY no more DRIVE LETTER NOT FOUND. strange because not all tablets have this problem that I have been upgrading.

  24. in the WINPE windows10 script\main.cmd this “pause” should be removed after “call diskpart /s x:\Android_Partition_Hidden_LHH.txt”


  25. Oh I see. more problems with the instructions. follow these too:

    9. Once done it will reboot and you’ll see and Android dual boot logo.
    should read:
    9. Once done android will reboot 3 times, the 3rd time is the longest, sitting on the chinese iwork logo for many minutes.
    (If you don’t let it self reboot android till its finished, you will get DRIVE NOT FOUND error when installing Windows10, obviously android has post-install scripts to do with partitions and drives etc.)

    7. Enter the bios on boot (hit escape) go to Save and exit menu. Find your flash drive and boot it.
    Should read:
    7. turn the device on, so that you can see a small android circular logo and an OK icon, insert your usb drive, and click the power button once, it will start installing your android system from the usb stick.

  26. please update the instructions. it was driving me nuts:

    6. Create a GPT bootable Fat32 drive
    should read:
    6. Format a plain GPT Fat32 drive using rufus-2.9

    I wasted ages trying to find a way to make it “bootable” but you don’t need to.

    7. … Find your flash drive and boot it.
    should read:
    7. … Go down to under Boot Override, and select UEFI: Built-in EFI Shell and press enter.

    I wasted ages trying to select my UEFI partition1 and it didn’t work.

    12. Move all the folders and files from inside WIN10 folder to this WINPE USB drive.
    should read:

    12. To fit on a 8Gb usb stick, delete the 400MB of chinese mp4 desktop videos in the folder \WIN10\Scripts\Recovery\OEM\Scripts\video\ and also delete the shortcut files in folder \WIN10\Scripts\Recovery\OEM\Scripts\lnk\ (ensure you keep the empty folders though because the batch file looks for *.* in those specific folders to copy across)
    12. Then Move all the folders and files from inside WIN10 folder to this WINPE USB drive.

    • This was a huge help in clearing up the steps and it worked perfectly as you described. Thanks very much.

      • funny thing was, even though I deleted the mp4 videos out of the WIN10 folders before I copied on to the USB stick, even after the WIN10 image was finished loaded onto the iwork, the mp4 files were on the desktop afterwards anyway, lol. so that means they were also hardcoded inside the windows 10 image anyway.

  27. OTA update for Android screwed up… will boot to Windows but not to Android. Boots up to recovery screen, dead Android with No Command. Is there a way to only replace the Android installation? I’ve tried jumping into the dual boot OS install after Windows install but it won’t recognize the USB stick. I’d also be okay flashing this with an Android only or custom ROM as I have no intention of using this with Windows anyway. Any advice?

  28. my notebook with the downloaded files died, and having problem with the download link on your site (it stops at 592mb). Any chance of another download location?

    • nvm pls ignore, i tried a few times and finally downloaded and extracted without erors

  29. Hi. I recently bought a Cube iwork8 Ultimate tablet for my kid and it works okay but I have noticed every now and then flashling vertical lines across the screen. Is there a fix for this issue? Thanks.

    • That sounds like a hardware issue with the screen. Contact your seller and get a replacement.

  30. sorry, how can i upload my 4kb zip?…

  31. Pimp my Cube iwork8 ultimate
    thanks to all.
    i just wanna tell you a way to pimp the tablet. sorry, can’t write an exact manual. no warranty at all! its for tablet-freaks…
    the tablet will not get faster, it gets only more usefull.
    please read it complete before you do anything.
    this little script is founded on the dialogs of this side.
    so feel free to write an orderly manual. 🙂
    Save all your datas, win-key, accounts (win/ android).

    win10 pro 1511 64bit activated. android 5.1 executable.
    (use 64gb sd on the 32gb-iwork8-cardreader (this is possible if you dont use more than 32gb at the same time)
    win: 21gb emmc; 30gb sd
    android: 3gb (intern memory) (+2.5gb +2.0gb) emmc; 20gb sd
    maybe: 10gb unused sd for recovery-partitions)

    iworks8 + poweradapter
    usb-hub for stick, keyboard, mouse (or touchpad)
    64gb tf-cardreader (3$?)
    64gb card (nice: uhs3 max r80MB/s w30MB/s; (netac p500?; 18$?)) not to slow and not to ‘risky’ (a sd is not a ssd or emmc. it will get hot and damaged if there is to much and to long traffic on it. => your risk!)
    time- much time…

    i gave up the target with 64gb sd. sd was hot and drive ‘logged out’. Maybe an other card could work better.
    i tried out a slow cheap 32gbcard. i partitioned it with ‘mini tool’ in 24gb fat32 for ‘drive d:’ and rest fat32 no driveletter. than in win i formated the 24gb into exfat.
    => win can only detect the first partition on a sd. android can not detect exfat but detects the second fat32-part 🙂

    tip for all who crashed tablet but bios is alive:
    -if hole partitions are deleted (my problem) or nothing else helped:
    download win10-iso from ms, make it bootable on stick. in bios select win10 and stick for boot. install win10 (no matter what version).
    then you are able for the step of copying Bios-content (look description below). flash the (dual-os) bios. now you have a reseted dual-os bios and a bootable (wrong) win10-OS. not exactly the same start-conditions for switching from single-os to dual-os, but it is enough.
    -if you sure win is on tablet:
    try the dual-os-win10-stick. set win10 in bios. just look if stick is recognised in boot-settings. try to start from stick.
    If the acpi-bios-error-bluescreen comes- look in bios if win10 is selected. try to start stick with efi-script (last register, penultimate line)

    on an other tablet (teclast X98) has spzjulien (thanks) worked out the procedur to make an android-partition with an other size (as the size of the manufacturer). look at: Resize android partition the easy way ! for X98 serie ! – TechTablets.htm. he modified the gpt.bin. this gtp.bin is (are) the same as iwork8 needs- except the iwork8-recognition. i just changed the x98-recognition (in 300: 00 01) to iwork8 (DC 05) (with HxD).

    thats important. dont use x98-gpt.bin! (your tablet would be recognised as x98. win10 would then offer a teclast bios-update. if you would start it- your tablet would flash the wrong bios!=> irreversible brick…)

    in Android-Folder (安卓) rename the orginal ‘gpt.bin’ to ‘gpt-iwork8u_org.txt’. then get your favourite ‘.bin’ from gpt, rename it to gpt.bin and move it to the Android-Folder.
    I use android only with little apps. so i gave android 3gb. =>5gb more for Win10.
    make updateprocess like discribed (step 6).
    For Win install (step 16)
    i did not connect to internet. i deactivated bluetooth as soon as possible and did not make connection with wlan. made settings to reduce visual-effects and maximize space (deactivate virtual memory; maybe you dont need/ want it).
    After finishing of step 16:
    i am german. i downloaded the german win10 home 64bit threshold2 (1511) iso from ms an put it together with my favourite antivir-prg on sd. sd into tablet and mounted iso as dvd (right mouse-click – mount). started dvd. it makes warning that datas and apps will get lost. that doesnt matter- it is a new install (no datas, no apps to save). than it copies all datas to emmc and starts upgrade. this makes a nearly ‘clean install’ and drivers will survive and bootpoints (android-win) also.
    reactivated virtual memory. cleaning drive c:
    walked about all settings and switched much sharings of.
    installed my favourite antivir-prg and connected to internet.
    win activated. made ms-account.
    than: upgrade to pro (as described here) it works 🙂
    after that i took my modified 32gb-sd into tfcard-reader and switched docu, video, music, pic and download to drive d:
    works good.

  32. please help!! no longer comes into Windows 10, I wanted to make a restoration of windows and I run out of battery !!! I did not know that the tablet when charging and windows are in charge …… could not help me, please ???
    translated with google

  33. por favor, ayuda!! ya no entra en windows 10, quise hacer una restauración de windows y me quede sin batería!!! no sabia que la tablet cuando esta cargando y estas en windows no carga……podrian ayudarme , por favor???

  34. Hola, saludos a todos, menos mal que encuentro un lugar donde se habla de esta tablet, os explico, recién me ha llegado mi tablet Cube iwork8 Ultimate | Android 5.1 + Windows 10 para cambiar el idioma en Android, muy bien pero en windows 10….medio problemas, se queda congelada la imagen, no me deja apagar, nada de nada, cuando pasa un rato, me permite a pagarla y cuando vuelvo a prender accedo a windows…..y no me deja cambiar el idioma, o, no se como se hace, por favor, alguien sabe como hacer???
    muchas gracias

  35. Hi,
    I have a problem with my device. I bought it already flashed with dual OS and it worked fine. Few days ago receive OTA update and after applying Android OS is stuck in Recovery with “No command”. Windows 10 is working fine. So I read this manual and try to reinstalling only Android OS without reflashing BIOS. He re is my problem: device want boot from GPT FAT32 Bootable flash with Android files copied in the root. I made the drive using Diskpart method. I can not use Rufus without ISO image. I trued both options in “OS IMAGE ID”. So my question is: is it possible to reinstal only Android OS, and do I need to reflash BIOS? Or the problem is with bootable flash drive?
    Thanks i advance. Regards.

  36. Thanks for the detailed instructions!

  37. Any alternate download site to get the ROM? The official site link is not working and I’m having trouble downloading the 8GB file from google drive as it doe not have resume capabilities and my download keeps resetting at one point in time…

    • I managed to download the file from the google drive. The official link is down due to “copyright infringement” or something.
      Android installation went flawlessly. I am more than happy with the Android even with 8GB ROM. Had about 7 free on boot….Windows was way way way too buggy on games. This way driving me crazy with constant closes, the Windows market also had issues updating at times and finally, there was a limited app selection.
      I will lost the 5.1 sound on netflix but you cannot have it all!
      Not yet installed the Windows OS as I lost my OTG cable. This will be done at a later date. More than happy with Android at the moment.

  38. hello I want to know how to give root access???

  39. Guys,

    I got stuck in point 6 “Create a GPT bootable Fat32 drive and move the files inside of 安卓 to the root of the USB pen drive”. Actually folder 安卓 does not include any *.iso file that I can use in Rufus. How then should I create bootable drive in Rufus (and copy all files from 安卓 folder on it)?

    • Don’t worry about Rufus. I posted the procedure a few posts back on how to make the partitions with diskpart in Windows and it works. Just look for my post a bit down the page.

    • it is a mistake in the instructions, you can use rufus, to make a GPT and Fat32, but it does not have to be bootable. thats why. no such thing as .iso for this instructions.

  40. Anyone face the issue of the tablet being unable to turn on? There’s a solution, but you have to remove the back cover of the tablet. I’m not going to describe the solution just yet, but for now, I’ll just let you guys know that one should take extreme caution when removing and replacing the battery of the tablet. It is possible to upgrade the battery to one with a higher capacity, but you’ll need a soldering iron to do so.

    All I want to say for now is that one should take extra care not to damage the LCD/backlight in the process, as LCDs and backlights are EXTREMELY FRAGILE. It wouldn’t normally be so easy to damage the backlight/LCD, but due to the cheap build of the tablet, they neglected to put a separator between the screen and the battery, so any slight force applied on the battery to put it back in place, can cause damage to the backlight/LCD. This has happened to me, but luckily I didn’t damage the LCD. I only bruised the backlight slightly, so now it shows faint white dots on the screen. The dots are barely visible, so the damage is rather negligible.

    Just thought I’d share my experience with you guys so that if it so happens that you open up your tablet for whatever reason, at least you won’t cause damage to your LCD/backlight.

    • Chad have you experienced any problems in Android? Do apps/games work? I am sick of Windows store bugging up and want to convert to an Android tablet 🙂

      • Nope. For me, Android worked flawlessly. All apps and games that I’d tested worked just as well as it does on my LG G2 phone. The tablet scores really well in AnTuTu Benchmark also.

        When you install Android on the tablet, it’ll be in Chinese, but it’s not an issue. All you have to do is change the language to English in the Settings menu. What will be an issue though is that you’ll be limited to 8 GB of internal storage. There is a way to increase the internal storage by resizing the Data partition, but it’ll require root access in Android. I believe it is possible to do it using Windows. However, you’ll require software that can resize partitions with EXT2/3/4 file systems.

        There is the option of inserting an SD card to increase the amount of storage at your disposal, but I’m not sure as to whether you’ll be able to move apps to the SD card, since I haven’t tested the feature.

        • Well looks like its not really achievable if you would need Windows on the tablet to resize the partition? What about not installing Windows and trying to reclaim that full space for Android or using a Windows from a PC and plugging in the tablet and trying to reclaim the space?

          • I believe that it can be done on Android, but it’l require SuperUser access. Perhaps you can boot Windows from a flash drive. That way, you can use Windows software to resize the Android partitions without installing Windows on your tablet.

          • I believe that it can be done on Android, but it’ll require SuperUser access. Perhaps you can boot Windows from a flash drive. That way, you can use Windows software to resize the Android partitions without installing Windows on your tablet.

  41. Anyone experiencing issues with inaccurate battery percentages and random, sudden shutdowns even when the tablet has around 35% battery left? Only AFTER flashing the new BIOS and dual-booting Android and Windows had I started experiencing this. At first I thought that my tablet’s battery must be faulty, but then I read somewhere that it is due to the BIOS. Also, I doubt that it’s the battery because it still lasts as long as it normally would, just that the percentage is way off. Perhaps if I could reflash the old BIOS, it would be back to normal…

    Any thoughts on the matter?

  42. Excuse my ignorance and English horrendous but rufus asks me a ISO.
    How should I create the GPT usb?

    • I found these instructions on another forum and they work great:

      Try the following procedure to create an UEFI USB Boot Stick without any extra software:

      Attach your USB stick to the PC (it has to be 4GB or larger)
      Press -> Windows Key + R
      Type then hit enter -> diskpart (a command prompt will open)
      Type in the black window -> list disk
      Find your USB disk (example: disk 1)
      Type -> sel disk N (where N is the number of the identified disk in the previous step)
      Type -> clean
      Type -> create part primary
      Type -> assign
      Type -> active
      Type -> format fs=FAT32 quick (it’ll erase everything in your USB sick)
      You can close the diskpart
      Mount the image of Windows you have, open it and copy everything to the USB stick.

      Make sure the disk you select is the USB Stick by verifying the size to avoid loss of data.

      Try it! It definitely works!



      • Thanks John. It’s nice to know that there’s a way to format a flash drive to support UEFI and have GPT partitioning directly in Windows. This new-found knowledge will enable me to repartition my tablet’s EMMC in Recovery Mode in case I can’t boot to Windows for whatever reason. In short, it’ll most certainly come in handy 🙂

      • Thank you
        I have a doubt, with ta procedure do not create a GPT disk
        I think both MBR
        It is equally?

      • Followed your steps exactly. Cube won’t boot from the USB stick still. Anything missing?

  43. Did anyone manage to root Android? I’ve given up and converted the tablet back to a Windows-only tablet. I don’t think it’s a good idea to dual boot on a 32 GB EMMC – there’s just too little space to work with. Besides, Windows 10 updates take up a huge amount of space – I reckon it wouldn’t even be possible to update Windows on a 16 GB partition, since it almost filled up my 28 GB Windows partition.

    To delete the Android partitions and extend the Windows System partition, use MiniTool Partition Wizard [] – works like a charm. Removal of the Android partitions and moving of the Windows EFI partition can be done within Windows, but moving the Windows System partition requires a reboot in order to gain exclusive access to the partition during boot. The Windows Recovery partition can remain right at the back of the drive (far right), so it need not be touched. Once the Android partitions are removed and the Windows EFI partition is moved to the very beginning (far left) of the drive, you may use Windows Disk Management to extend the System partition.

    And with that, you’ll have a usable Windows 10 Pro 64-bit tablet instead of a fight for drive space.

    • I agree 16GB is just too small for windows, the android partition is usable at the moment, but the windows is just way too small.

      Does your windows partition pickup the sd-card? I’m holding off removing the android partition as my windows 10 install doesn’t see the sd-card at all, while the android partition sees it fine (although it can’t move android apps to the sdcard either!)

      • I posted in another thread you need to go into bios and enable MS custom sdbus driver option then it will see the micro sd card.

        • Perfect thanks John – SDCard now showing in windows. I’ll give your advice about partitions a try tonight, and hopefully create a nice windows tablet.

          Many thanks

        • I had a feeling that the issue of the SD card not working in Windows was BIOS-related, but didn’t know exactly what was causing it. Thanks John for making it clear. Before reading your advice, I reset the BIOS to optimized defaults, changed the OS Image ID from Android to Windows and saved and exited the BIOS, and Windows saw the SD card. I figured out how to make the SD card work by chance heheh.

          Thanks again for pointing out the direct cause as to why the SD card hadn’t been working in Windows.

      • There’s this app called FolderMount on the Play Store that you can use to move apps to the SD card on Android. However, you need root access to use it. I’d bet that with root access, we could even shrink the 8 GB Android Data partition to, say, 2 GB, since there’s many amazing things you can do on Android when rooted.

        If someone has found a way to root Android on this tablet, I’d be glad to put Android back on. I’ll just make a backup of my Windows 10 partitions on a 64 GB flash drive so that I can restore back to Windows in no time, in case things don’t go as planned.

    • Thanks for this info. I totally agree it is too little space for Windows with 16gb which is why I wanted to try and allocate less to android. I would convert back to Windows only but I actually have a reason to dual boot. I bought this tablet for my multi rotor hobby and I want to use Tower which is an android ground control software but if I need to make configuration changes to my APM flight controller I need mission planner which is a Windows application. So this tablet is nice and small so I don’t have to drag a laptop to the flying field.?



    • Hi Chad, do you know how to delete windows and turn it into an android only device?
      Thanks in advance!

  44. I want to flash Cube iwork8 (neither 3G nor Ultimate) but can’t find boot files for windows 10 and android 4.4…
    Can you help me?
    and Can I reinstall windows 10 without reinstalling android??

    • I suspect if you have android using the full 32GB of space you would need to reinstall both.

      However I’ve got the iWork 8 ultimate and just followed the windows steps, and just reinstalled the windows partition.

  45. Hello, i just did util the Exit option, but now the tablet just restart, and it gets the chinese lethers in the boot for ever. If i take off the pendriver, it just show android and boots normal, but i dont know what to do with the stuck in the boot with the pendrive in.
    Or it suppose to being installing while is in the logo of chuwi?

    Please help.

  46. Hi Chris, thanks for the superb tutorial.

    It worked well. Unfortunately the Windows partition of 16 GB in Dual OS is pretty useless. Even if Microsoft states that Windows 10 needs at minimum 16 GB this is for the 32-bit edition only. Windows 10 64-bit needs 20 GB. And it is Windows 10 Home 64-bit. So it’s not even possible to update to Threshold 2 (which includes the feature to move apps to SD-card that Windows 10 without Threshold 2 hasn’t).

    So it would be best to go back to Windows-only. I guess that under this link it’s possible to load the Win-only files

    Could you please put them into your Download section? (Loading from Baidu is hasseling me – as I’m not able to get an account there…)

    Thank you very much!

  47. Hello, I have a Iwork8 Ultimate. recently, virus guilt, needed to change the system. I installed a Windows 8.1 64-bit. However, I can not find the drive TouchScreen nor the Wireless drive! Does anyone have a solution! I thank you!

  48. On android I received an update by OTA… can I install it?

  49. Hi! I have a cube iwork8 ultimate I hardly ever used , I once tried to make a windows update and official crashed .. now I can only enter in bios ! I would like to know how I can restore the software , both dual boot that does not .. I do not change much . if you could explain exactly what to do and how to do .. so as not to damage! thank you!

  50. Hi guys and girls! New to this board and new to this dual boot chinese tablet stuff but I came across an issue and a resolution that I thought might help some of you out so I thought I would share it. I purchased a Cube iWork8 Ultimate from Banggood and it was Windows 10 only. It came and was working great with an Activated copy of Windows 10 Pro 32 bit but I really wanted dual OS. So I downloaded the dual boot ROM files and followed the directions found here and a few other places that were translated to English. It worked perfectly except for one thing. I now had a Dual Boot Tablet with Android 5.1 and Windows 10 Home 64 bit but it was not activated! After searching around a bit I figured out that it would not activate because it was activated already with Pro not Home edition of Windows 10. Then I stumbled onto this: On the Microsoft Community Forums, Charles of Microsoft says:

    From your Windows 10 Home running Version 1511, enter the Windows 10 Pro Default key under change product key. VK7JG-NPHTM-C97JM-9MPGT-3V66T This default key will not activate the system, just take you to Pro so you can activate using a valid Pro key that you will provide. Once you have done this, the system will go through an upgrade process from Home to Pro, but will not be activated on Pro.
    I figured what the heck I would give it a shot! What do you know it worked! My tablet now has Windows 10 Pro 64 bit and activated! I assume it activated because Microsofts activation servers knew that it was previously activated with Pro! Hope this helps someone else!



    • Yep this is great. No need to purchase a genuine product key, as the tablet has one already. The Windows 10 Pro 32-bit product key works with 64-bit as well. Also, I’ve heard that the product key is linked to the hardware, meaning that even if you forgot to write down the key before flashing the dual boot OS’s, it’ll still be permanently activated.

      Just to make sure that the activation is 100% genuine, I’ve tried typing the following in Command Prompt:

      slmgr /xpr

      A Windows Script Host dialog box should pop up saying: “Windows(R), Professional edition: The machine is permanently activated.”

  51. Hi everybody!
    I tried to flash dual boot, following this instructions but when I should select Windows icon in the dual boot menu (point 15 of the guide) I only see the android icon. What can I do?

    • Follow the steps again, you must have missed something or your WINPE drive isn’t bootable. Use a tool like Rufus to create a GPT Formated USB pen drive.

  52. Thanks for the rom – I’ve got one of these dual boot tablets but the windows partition got messed up, so I’m going to use your instructions to see if I can restore it.

    Do you have any instructions /rom if you want to remove the android partition and revert to just windows?

    • I just applied the windows portion this morning successfully, and can confirm it installs Windows 10 Home 64 Bit and mine is activated too.

      The only issue I’ve spotted is that I’ve got is that I’ve no microSD available under windows (android it shows fine).
      There is nothing in device manager flagged as a problem.

      Is there anything I can do to get the sdcard visible in windows?

  53. Everyone, there is no need to buy a new Pro license, as It already was activated with Pro. The solution is simple, just download the mediacreation tool from Microsoft, choose x64 Pro and create a usb stick. Do an online upgrade from Windows home and voila you have an activated Win 10 Pro.

  54. i) Hi Chris. Thanks for the walk-through. Very tempted to try this but I really do not want to be stuck with Windows X64… Can you confirm which Windows Version does this image file comes with?

    ii)Is it possible to only install Android and use the 32GB for Android only?

    • Bump…

      • The android version is very unstable, would not recommend it, at least not now. But I am sure it is possible to assign the extra space. Running android only is possible too.

        • Oh thank you Martin. I am more than happy with the Windows version just that I miss the huge selection of apps and games available on Android. I definetely want to go the dual way but am wary of bricking the tablet and getting stuck with Android only.

        • Heh Martin. Hi again. Getting tired of Windows store constantly bugging up. Would like to turn it into an Android only device. You have any clues if the stability issues under Android have been fixed? Thanks.

          • Hi,Mountain King.
            Did you find a way to turn it into an Android only device?

    • Windows 10 Home. Yes, if you created a custom xml for the partitioning and give Android everything, but I’m not sure how to do that sorry.

  55. Nice to see Baytrail finally start to get dual boot. There’s a couple of 8″ Win 10 / Android 5 tablets coming out now :
    – Teclast X80 Plus
    – Onda v820w
    – Cube iwork 8

    For good or bad; they all seem to have the same specs : z8300 CPU, 2GB RAM, 32GB eMMC, 1280×800 IPS 8″ IPS screen and a white, plastic-y body

    Based on manufacturers’ prior reputation, does anyone have a recommendation? I was going to go with Teclast…

    • Oops. “Cherry trail” not “Baytrail”

    • Chuwi Vi8 Plus once it’s finally released with dual os. The plus seems to be the best, best temps and build. But there is a downside, that type-c port requires adapters and it’s only USB 2.0 spec so no real point to it.

  56. i download the package again and i was able to flash the windows 10 image. but there was a problem, in Android i continue to enter without problems, but when i try to enter in Windows 10 there is an error message in chinese and if i click it. i go back to the menu to choose what system to start.
    How can I reset the windows image and reflash it. to solve this situation.

    • Not sure, never got an error like that. Did you follow step 13 and also step 16? The OOBE set up thing in Chinese?

      • yes, i followed as described. i think i need to erease the windows and flash it again. Any ideas? i tryed with windows tools in a pen, but she is not recognized in the bios

        • If it’s not recognized by the bios it’s because it’s not formatted correctly to be a GPT bootable pen. Use Rufus and format it as GPT partition and try again.

          • i used Rufus to make it, tomorrow i will try in fat32 GPT. any advice on that?

          • i went to boot options, to search for the pen where i had windows, it was not there. i made the pen with windows 10 tool.

  57. Will it work with Cube Iwork 3G version?

  58. Om the winpe – win 10 installation stage i see

    “Drive letter not found … ”
    So script main.cmd not found as well
    What shell i do ?

    • I’m not sure, I did it exactly as per my guide and I go no such error. Maybe try running it in another hub USB port or alone without a moust and keyboard? Holding Volume up on boot gets you into the bios.

      • Driver in windows version are already included in the image? If i want go back to windows only how should i do?

      • the problem is with the instructions, in step 9. I had this problem on two tablets I was upgrading. it should read wait many times for android to reboot, currently step 9 implies wait one time for reboot. make sure you can get all the way into android first, before you attempt windows install, otherwise the windows script can’t see the correct partitions.

    • I wrote EXIT in the CMD and pressed Enter in the keyboard (if you read in WinPE you will see that option).
      then the Windows 10 image started the process correctly.
      I used Rufus to create my image

    • Same happened to me. The problem is you are not extracting all the files and folders from the WIN10 dir of the compressed file. Try a different compression file manager and make sure you extract all hidden files/folders too. There should be a folder called Scrips.

    • I get this too.. what happened? I think this is a cube iwork8 sold a few weeks later. as my first one didn’t have this problem. I used the same usb stick and same steps, so I know its correct, and has volume label of WINPE

      “Drive letter not found … ”
      trying to find drive letter using diskpart
      Checking drive letter C has volume label of RAW
      Checking drive letter ANDROIDIA has volume label of FAT
      WinPESource is “:\”

  59. Worked great for me, thanks for the walkthrough, much better than trying to use Google Translate! Just FYI for those flashing this, the Windows version is different (Windows 10 Home x64 vs. original Windows 10 Pro x86) so the previous product key won’t work to activate. I did back up a Windows image and will try restoring to that, if not, will just use an activator.

    • Glad it worked. I had issues, so I had brought a cheap Windows 10 Pro key from eBay it worked with phone activation and I upgraded to Win 10 Pro in the end.

    • I recorded my key before upgrade, and it upgraded to PRO from HOME no problems.

  60. i followed the tutorial.
    Used Rufus for all the pen’s
    i flashed BIOS OK
    i flashed Android OK
    in Windows i had a problem, in WinPe there is a massage in CMD saying that the “letter was not found”. i tried with multiple pen’s and nothing works.
    if somebody have a solution please share.

    • I was using a hub with mouse and keyboard, plus my Sandisk 32GB drive with WINPE. Is it named WINPE, Bootable GPT format and NTFS? Maybe try downloading it again?

      • I followed everything correctly. I will try to download the image again and try.
        I will leave here a reply

        • I download the package again. and I was able to flash the Windows image.
          I solved the WinPE problem by writing EXIT in the CMD and pressing Enter. after it the windows image started to make the process correctly.

          • how did you get your keyboard to work inside the cmd window? my keyboard is fine because it works inside windows and android. But in this preinit window the keyboard is jammed. no keyboard, nothing. stupid thing.

      • I get this too.. what happened? I think this is a cube iwork8 sold a few weeks later.

        as my first one didn’t have this problem. I used the same usb stick and same steps, so I know its correct, and has volume label of WINPE

        “Drive letter not found … ”
        trying to find drive letter using diskpart
        Checking drive letter C has volume label of RAW
        Checking drive letter ANDROIDIA has volume label of FAT
        WinPESource is “:\”

    • the solution is to go and edit the script, obviously this is not suited for all iwork8 devices.

    • the problem is with the instructions, in step 9. it should read wait many times for android to reboot, currently step 9 implies wait one time for reboot. make sure you can get all the way into android first, before you attempt windows install, otherwise the windows script can’t see the correct partitions.

  61. i followed the tutorial, flash BIOS went well, flash Android went well. installing the windows give an error in WinPE saying letter not found. tried multiple pen’s and used Rufus. nothing worked. If somebody has a solution please share.

  62. Thats good news – Hopefully Hi8 Pro will follow soon!

    Your Windows key was probably lost by updating/changing the BIOS (because updating the BIOS on Taclast X98 Air deleted the key aswell)… It is usually better read out and note down the key before doing anything BIOS related and perhaps you could add that point in your guide.

    Would you be so kind and run Antutu 6 and upload a screenshot of the “result” page (the one with the QR code) ?
    I am really curious on camparing Z37xx to Z8300

    • Sure, just running a few Benchmarks now, I’ll upload them soon. Noted, I’ll add a note to remember to record your current key.

    • Added screen shots. AnTuTu 6 is there, it gets around 56,000.

    • Well,actually my tablet chuwi vi8 on aboard z3735f bay trail does 800 single and 2100 multi on the geekbench test,so it looks like it’s better in terms of cpu but i think it’s only a lazy development of the software by cube.

      • It’s faster the CPU on the Z3736F, not the GPU. It’s because the Z3736F is clocked at 2.16Ghz and the Z8300 at 1.84 Ghz.

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