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Jumper EZBook 3 Plus – Core M3-7Y30, 8GB, 128GB 14.1-Inch Laptop

Yet another┬áversion of the EZBook 3 has been spotted on Gearbest, thanks to Ricardo.This time it’s a 14.1-inch laptop packing more punch with an Intel Core M3-7Y30 Kaby Lake, 8GB of RAM and 128GB SSD. The build loo...[Read More]

Jumper EZBook 3S – The Revised And Improved Jumper EZBook 3

This one was posted on the YouTube channel, thought I should share it here as there were comments in the forums for me to review it. It’s the revised Jumper EZBook 3, called the EZBook 3S, Gone is the Intel Celeron...[Read More]

Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K First Impressions & Unboxing, Set-Up And First Flight

Drones are something I have wanted to get into for a while, but ultimately put off for so long due to two main factors, the cost and the fear I would crash it in a second wasting my cash never having enjoyed it. Luckily ...[Read More]

Cube iWork5X – 360-Degree Hinge 13.3″ Yoga Laptop From Cube.

The Cube iwork5X name came up a few times in the last press conference from Cube when the Thinker i35 and iwork3X were announced. Now Cube has their landing page up for this model finally and some more info. We can see i...[Read More]

Chuwi Lapbook 12.3 Hands-On First Impressions & Unboxing

Update: Repeated tests to get the lapbook hot max out at 90 degrees C with no thermal throttling. So not the temps I got before hand. Thermal mod isn’t really required, but if you did add a thermal pad or some copp...[Read More]

Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Hands-On Review – Bigger Gets Better

I’m a fan of the Mi Max, ever since I reviewed it last year. I thought in the beginning that it was just way to big, silly size even. No way, I would keep it. Move forward over a year and here I am, still, after so...[Read More]

Cube T10 4G Android 6.0 Tablet Review – Better than the Teclast 98 Octacore

The third and final of the cheaper tablets I’ve finally got around to looking at. The Cube T10, it’s similar to the Teclast 98 Octacore as it supports LTE and 3G. But only a single SIM. It’s powered by ...[Read More]

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Alldocube iPlay 30



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Alldocube iPlay 20



Teclast M40

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Our Chuwi Vi8 unboxing video and first impressions.

Our review Chuwi Vi8 has just arrived in today. Fresh of the DHL van comes our quick unboxing video. The Chuwi Vi8 is one of those tablets s...

First photos of the Teclast X10HD 3G keyboard surface

These photos just recently surfaced of the Teclast X10HD’s original clip on dock keyboard. As you can see it’s a little differen...

Onda to release 4 new Dual boot tablets on the 25th, Video Demo released

Onda have just finished up their live event. So they have 4 new tablets that will be released on the 25th that feature dual boot and their a...

First Chuwi VI8 user hands on experience posted

This system was only releaed about a week ago in China, here is a quick user report from by user liagnchen. He has posted a few ph...

Teclast acknowledge X98 Air 3G Play Store and 3D issues, working on a fix.

Recently, Teclast have acknowledged the Play Store issue that is currently plauging all shipped Air 3G Android units and all Roms available ...

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