Chuwi Lapbook Plus 4k 15.6″ Launched Today

Chuwi Lapbook Plus 4k 15.6″ Launched Today

Today the new Chuwi Lapbook Plus 15.6″ 4k laptop has officially launched with a new $439 launch price. This is down from $499 which it was first listed as and $449. For an Apollo Lake E3950 with 8GB of DDR4 RAM and 256GB of storage, it’s still pricey considering this is a last gen CPU. However, for light tasks and computing this should still fair fine with a 12W TDP, four cores, with 18 EU’s on that iGPU and a max turbo of 2Ghz. By default, for example, the Gemini Lakes are set at 6W. And driving the 4k display it’s going to need the 12W power limit boost I feel.

The main features of the Lapbook Plus are a 15.6″ 4k UHD screen with 100% sRGB, metal unibody, a second 22 x 80 M.2 SATA3 slot for storage upgrades and a full-sized backlit keyboard with number pad. You can find the special launch price here at Gearbest.

And for those asking if I will review this one, yes it looks like Chuwi will be sending me another loan unit.


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  1. When watching 4k just forget about doing anything else.
    quick Review:

  2. Looks like it’s way too much screen for the CPU, which is both weaker than the N3450 in the Chuwi Hi13 and pushing nearly 1/3 more pixels. It also seems like you’re going to have a really bad time trying to make use of the SD card reader if you’re trying to transfer any real capacity. For me the final straw is the lack of USB-C, all in a package priced closer to m3 territory.

  3. why such low cpu?

  4. This is an Atom but not Cherry-Trail? If some things don’t work on LinuxMint like wifi/bt or audio, try Lubuntu 18.10
    (or the latest version of Manjaro) as you need Kernel 4.18 or later I think for many Atom devices.
    Plus Lubuntu (Ubuntu Lite) is leaner and will run faster, compensating for the lower performance Atom CPU.
    Lubuntu 18.10 ISO:
    I recently installed 18.10 on an Atom device and HDMI audio worked from the get-go.

    PS: had huge problem logging in today (406 return code from all browsers). OK now.

  5. Hehe ! Chuwi sending you a review unit : Nice !!

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