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Chuwi Hi9 Plus Gets Much Needed OTA

Chuwi Hi9 Plus Gets Much Needed OTA

Chuwi’s Hi9 Plus Android tablet recently received a huge 1GB ROM update, it’s basically a completely new ROM. This addresses the performance issues which affected the first release ROM & batch. With this new update, the performance has improved greatly (within the limits of the Helio X27 chipset) everything feels a bit smoother and responsive.

However, the touch and stylus issues remain. The touch response at times is slow, mostly when you haven’t touched it after a while it seems to go into a sleep state the touch digitizer requiring a second to wake up which means you have to tap again. Also when say scrolling it should be smoother the input, maybe a touch sample rate error.

The stylus sadly still doesn’t support palm rejection or pressure levels. My review rating has been slightly adjusted, this is a great tablet if only the touch could be fixed completely. It has one of the best IPS panels used in a tablet of this price, a great keyboard stand set up similar to an iPad Pros. I’ll keep you posted on any further OTA’s.

Fingers crossed the next edition gets something a bit more powerful, maybe the Helio P60 or P90 would be great in this. My next tablet to review isn’t exactly new the AllDocube M5X, like the M5 just faster with the same Helio X27 as the Hi9 Plus.

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  1. It feels like ChuWi’s has abandoned this tablet. There is no movement on another OTA to fix the stylus or screen mirroring or the contact keyboard failures.

    I feel burned and won’t be buying from them again.

    • I feel exactly the same. Though about 2 weeks ago, Chuwi did release another OTA but it has resulted in Android Error and I had to cold reboot my Hi9 Plus and afterwards the tablet is again back to the old firmware. Chuwi has acknowledged this OTA update problem and fortunately they have pulled out their defective OTA update. Hope they release the fixed version soon because I am starting to feel that Chuwi will become another Jumper Ezbook story. Jumper was great in the beginning but poor follow-ups and mis-steps caused Jumper to falter and fade away in 2018.

      • Well the new OTA is out, and while it does correct the stylus pressure sensitivity problem (but doesn’t make the stylus buttons work) there’s still no fix for the wireless display being upside down.

        I’m really beginning to think I should have bought an iPad.

        • Oh they still have yet to fix it no more updates? I had to sell my one.

  2. Hi Chris, do you happen to know the kernel version and custom build version for your new OTA? Chuwi doesn’t list available firmwares on their site, and their only firmware for the Hi9 Plus is an ancient one that doesn’t even validate with Google Play or receive OTAs. Would be helpful to know the version of the new update to aid in searching for the new firmware, since I haven’t yet found a way to make my device receive OTAs.


  3. not yet , awful ROM

  4. Screen mirroring updated?

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