Dispatch of Gearbest-Sale

Dispatch of Gearbest-Sale

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    Same here – no news since it entered the country (status: Was processed in the destination country). Reading around that’s pretty normal though for Netherlands Express to here: the national postal service put their own tracking number on it and don’t link back to the old one.


    Miroslav Leitner
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    well yea but mine’s destination country is Slovakia. And since it entered Brussels i have no info whether it got here to Slovakia or not 😀 well i guess i’ll have to wait


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    has anybody ordered via regular shipping? not DHL ? it seems that i cannot track the package since it has arrived in Brussels. The YunTrack tracking number is incorrect format to check it by my local post office. And there has been no change in status for like a week in tracking records.

    Regular shipping here, China to US.  Yuntrack/fedex/usps aren’t showing the latest info, but packagetrackr.com shows it’s out for delivery.  Btw, I had no updates for 5 days after it cleared customs.


    Miroslav Leitner
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    well the yuntrack tracking number starting with YT did not work for me in the packagetrackr.com

    neither did the order number starting with BE

    so i guess i’ll wait and see when it arrives 🙂


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    mine was arrive today, but i am far away from home, so i dont have the chance to check it.

    I want to mention something extremely serious.
    Maybe Gearbest has good prices but there are not flexible despite the fact their (seems that) good support.
    Their suppport is full of public relations and try to be very kind but…
    If you make a mistake, there is no way out.

    I make something wrong, i order in expetited shipping, which means DHL.
    This is something very very bad, but when i realized what happen they cannot cancel anything.
    I accept it because it was my fault.

    After that they split the parcel in two shippments, once for the tablet and once for the keyboard – stylus pen etc.
    Each parcel has 70-90 euros extra taxes!
    Can you imagine? i pay double money for that….
    In the first parcel i said ok, this is my fault i take the risk.

    After all that i have plenty conversations that i DONT WANT TO USE DHL for the second parcel.
    After 2-3 days i see that all discussions go to the recyble bin!
    Second parcel send via DHL, so all the discussions and support tickets, looks that never happen – never excist….

    I forced them, i make it clear that they pay for any taxes that may arise from the second parcel.
    We are now on discussions and bargains again, about the cost that they accept.
    First words was that they offer me 10% refund (lets say 90 / 10% = 9 usd) or 20% refund in bonus in their site.
    Of course i will not accept anything like that: all or nothing is what i offer, otherwise all forums that i am involved will be inform
    about that case.

    For now, be very carefull on how you are buying from Gearbest, if something goes wrong nothing will be change!


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    After another week, my status didn’t change. Still “pre-advised”. Exactly one month ago I ordered my tablet. It seems that I have to wait one more month to receive it. Maybe if they send a little chinese guy on foot with my package will arrive more quickly.  :))


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    Dropped gearbest.com a message yesterday again. Order the 23rd of March and they claimed 10 days ago that it will ship within 7-15 days. But now it’s another 10-15 days until it’s in Stock according to their support.

    I’m really worried about the tablet will not be delivered within the 60 days that I have to open a dispute with PayPal if something happens.

    Asked them what an upgrade to hi12 would cost, but they claim it’s not in Stock either.


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    Mine arrived today 😀 I´m very happy with it until now. There are just 2 things: Can it be, that gearbest attaches a normal screen protector by default, because the display makes queeking sounds when I use it AND I put in my Micro SDXC and could only manage to get it out with extremely tiny tools. Is there some sort of a trick to get it out without tools?


    Miroslav Leitner
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    what version did they ship ? is it i-15T or i-15TL ? does it have valid windows 10 license?

    i’m worried about the safety of the packaging, as i’ve read the topic about the gearbest free shipping and people got some tablets smashed.


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    for less than 5 $ you can add insurance to the shipping and all the problems are gone


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    mine was really well packaged but then again i chose DHL + insurance


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    Mine arrived yesterday unharmed, FedEx/USPS, but I did get the insurance as a few bucks for peace of mind is always worth it.

    TL version with Win 10 Pro.  I didn’t order the glass screen protector yet.  For the time being, I just removed the corner sticker carefully so as not to remove the plastic protector.  It will suffice for the moment.

    MicroSD removal works as on many devices, press it in again with fingernail to have it pop out.

    Only things of note being Win 10 Pro instead of Home and the inverted accelerometer for android as mentioned by others.


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    Can you confirm that the display front glass is made of real glass? I have a Chuwi Vi8 Super and had taken off the digitizer, because there was dust under the “Glas”. Then i had noticed that the Digitizer is made of plastic (But under the plastic disc is a glass sheet glued). However, it looks and feel like real glass deceptively similar.


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    Alright, I’m both glad and a bit puzzled at the same time.

    Been having a conversation for the last 2 days with Gearbest regarding the items and how they can have a flash sale yet again when they still havent been able to ship out the orders from the last sale (21-23rd March), and that they claim that it will take another 10-15 days before they have them in stock again.

    To my surprise, I had an email this morning that my tablet and keyboard have been shipped out, with a picture and a tracking number??? I wonder what happened there, from 10 days to 1½ day…


    Martin Gorbush
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    Hello Chriss. That’s intriguing. I must say that my order from 23th March was realised in similar circumstances. I sent mail to GB support just when April Flash sale began (12th April), but I didn’t mention the Sale, and they replied on the same day that this tablet will be in stock about 15th April. To my surprise next day they sent me 1kg package. Strange.

    I didn’t thought much about it but after your case I strongly feel that GB might deliberately hold shipments of those tablets which was highly underpriced (I even got 5% of from PayPal payment promotion). Maybe they expected that those people will cancel their orders.

    To be fair there is another explanation. They get big order reduction from their supplier that started wait time to grow. Customer’s orders are served in order of the time of purchase but for some of them more impatient GB did exception and send their package outside of the queue.

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