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Teclast X98 Pro
Teclast X98 Pro

The Teclast X98 Pro is the successor to the popular X98 Air series, featuring an updated Intel Atom "Cherry Tail" X5 Z8500 Soc and 4GB of LPDDR3 1600Mhz ram. The X98 Pro comes with Windows 10 and a 64GB eMMC. Other specs included a retina 2048 x 1536 4:3 ratio IPS panel, Bluetooth 4.0, Wireless N and MicroSD card slot. Teclast has plans to later release dual boot Android 5.0 and Windows 10 models. And a Teclast X98 Pro 4G LTE model in the near future.

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Latest News

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11.11 Teclast X98 Pro $115 Snap Up Sale

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