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Teclast X98 Pro+ A New X98 Pro Model For South Korea

Teclast X98 Pro+ A New X98 Pro Model For South Korea

Teclast Korea seems to have their own improved X98 Pro+ version. Now I don’t read Korean, but user YouJoon Park does and has pointed out it looks to have some unique features over the X98 Pro. The chipset remains the same Atom X5 Z8500 (2.24 Ghz) with 4GB of Ram, 64GB eMMC and dual OS. But it has something new, a GrafTech eGraf SS-610CU thermal solution (Aka heatsink). So Teclast is addressing the Cherry Trail heat it seems.

More info on the eGraf SS-610CU below I found on Google:



It also comes in two colors. This could be only for the local Korean market, or a test run for an international X98 Pro+ release? Teclast Korea’s Facebook post here, suggests it will be out on the 23rd of this month I think.

Starting to lose track of all the Teclast X98 models? You’re not the only one!

Official X98 Pro+ page on Teclast South Korea

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  1. Hi!, Teclast Spain confirms that the PRO+ model will not be sold outside Korea 🙁

  2. Hi,
    Just get my X98 pro ( I order it from China) today. Boot it up and enter Android first. When I open its default browser, and it automatically goes to Teclast korea site (www.Teclast.co.kr ) . Not sure if Teclast has improved the thermal issue in X98 pro.

    • Could you run some benchmarks and see how hot it gets and/or if it throttles?

      And may I ask where you bought that unit?

      • I will try , and see how it can perform. I bought this unit from everbuying.com ( but, the shipping time is very long, about 2.5 weeks even I selected fastest shipping).

        this unit comes with
        1. Samsung eMMC drive.
        2. There is no other unwanted APP in Android , and very clean.
        3. Google Play Store installed.
        4. On “System” page,
        – windows 10 home 64 bit
        – Model : tPAD (??)

  3. Anything new on this? I see if on sale in s. Korean sites, but nothing still on Teclast’s site for other markets.

  4. Hope they don’t charge extra for this, they need to faze out the old models because its borderline defective..

  5. yay was thinking of buying teclast x98 pro but i guess i’ll buy this one instead as soon as I get to Korea next month….. if price is reasonable that is…

  6. I hope we can buy that same pad that we can install by ourselves

  7. I ordered a X98 Pro on 11.11 for a very good price : 182 $. Should i be worry about it, or for a daily usage: office,browsing, video without gaming is a very good tablet ? Chris what you think ?

    • It’s fine, It’s a good tablet, not perfect, but I’m using my K9C6 with the new v1.13 bios all the time and have no problems.

  8. Now they only have to put 1 or 2 hours of battery life on the tablet and it would be perfect. I would love a X98 Pro without thermal problems and longer battery life, but at the moment it isn’t worth it’s money I think.

    • I think the problem is the chip, because it reduce his battery life quickly through the hot.

      • What does Chris say about this? Is it true? Has your modification with the copper plates helped with the battery life?

  9. meh. first of all, it does not seem to care about reducing throttling but rather blocking the heat from reaching the surface to not let the user notice.

    second, who cares about that, it was easily fixable with a piece of thermal pad between the emi shield and the aluminum back… they should have put a usb 3.0 port instead

    • Yes It needs a USB 3 port. I was so disappointed when I learned it was MicroUSB 2.0 again. I guess we will have to wait for the X99 with a full sized USB 3 or USB 3.1 type-c. I’m still waiting for Teclast to build a Core M 9.7″ tablet. Core M3-6Y30, 4GB of Ram, 64GB SSD. There take on the Onda v919 Core M.

    • Spreading the heat, is heatsinking. And it does reduce the heat of the chip itself, thus reducing throttling.
      Yes, we can do our own mods, but wouldn’t it be nicer if we didn’t have to….?
      As for the usb 3.0, look to the Chuwi cherry trails coming out.

  10. Intel should be held responsible for releasing the unusable Atom X5 Z8500 before it was properly tested in the working environment.

    • Intel could give the hand to qualcom or atom cherry trail give the hand to snapdragon 810, both are too much hot!!!!

  11. They probably read your post!

  12. Yes, heat spreaders on ALL tablets, so we can game on them.

    • Too much excess heat means this SOC is not very efficient, thats ok when on a desktop which is always tethered to a wall socket. These SOCs run of batteries.
      Expected better from Intel especially as the previous generation of Atoms don’t have this problem.

  13. the x98 pro without the heat is a very good deal, with it , i think not.

  14. i wish it becomes international.

  15. Lets hope we can all get a free thermal kit for repairs.
    That would be excellent.

  16. Maybe they should use this solution in all their tablets, at least this is some sort of acknowledgement that there is a heat problem.

    • Chuwi Vi10 has gone back to the drawing board, heat issues. I hope they all do this and add more than a small heat spreader.

      • Intel should cover the cost of these manufactures rectifying the problem.

        • lol no. intel is not at fault in the slightest.

          it is nobody’s fault really, soc throttling is normal, every phone out there does it but nobody cares… well except SD810 phones which have serious issues

          anyway, if you want to blame someone, blame the ODM that designed the specific hardware of the tablet

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