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Teclast X98 Pro Custom Rom – Mirek190 V4.0

Teclast X98 Pro Custom Rom – Mirek190 V4.0

Mirek190 is back with a new ROM for the Teclast X98 Pro. The tablet is still receiving some love from him, not so much from Teclast. This latest release features a long list of changes (See below) many tweaks and fixes to get the best out of your X98 Pro when running Android.

X98 Pro Mirek190 V4.0 Changelog:

– new default wallpaper
– added contacts
– added setup wizard after a clean install of the rom
– removed the teclast file browser
– added a total commander ( file browser )
– deodexed the rom
– zip alignement the rom
– updated google core apps
– added google apps configs to /system
– clean up a bit the /system
– lower mim brightness
– higher max brightness
– lower default brightness
– faster all animations
– warning about the loudness change to max audio level – not in half like before
– smaller navigation bar
– adjusted navigation buttons positions !
– possibly fixed black screens occur ( sometimes happened earlier )



Mirek190 Flash Tool X98 Pro55.6 MiB7879
Teclast X98 Pro V1.03 Android 5.1 Rom Stock816 MiB5582
X98 PRO Android 5.1 Mirek190 V5381 MiB2181
X98 PRO Android 5.1 Mirek190 V6382 MiB7348
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  1. Hi, great work. Works for me well. Sorry for demanding more, is there a chance V5 would enable encryption? It’s a deal-breaker to me (company policy to access email etc.) Thank you.

  2. HELP!!

    x98pro flashed and now on first boot its saying device is locked and is asking for previous synced account on device to continue!!

    after flashing how can there be a record of previously synced accounts?

    help or i have to flash back to crappy stock!!!

  3. thanks you
    excellent work!

  4. I have a question. Why on Asus Zen phone 2 mortal combat game play without problem and on this tablet is a lot of problem. Even though CPU looks better compared to Zen phone . if anyone can answer me?

  5. Its great that Chris and Co have this very informative web site………….I would like to buy Chris a beer via PayPal buy and I need an email address – please.

    Moving back to this topic – are there any “how to” instructions (suitable for the uninitiated) for updating the ROM and BIOS on the (new) dual-boot device including words of warning regarding identifying model numbers etc.?

  6. It’s great to have Mirek working on this tablet. This rom really improves android on the x98 pro. Is there a better dual boot tablet out yet? I really like my pro but something a little more powerful (and maybe with a surface pro screen) would be nice

  7. I heard Mirek is also coming to the X98 plus! 😉

    • Yes he is, he has an X98 Plus and is working on a ROM. 🙂

      • Great news!!! Waiting for the new job of mirek…

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