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Teclast X98 Pro Mod: Add A Full Sized USB Port

Teclast X98 Pro Mod: Add A Full Sized USB Port

Ever wanted a full sized USB 2.0 port on your X98 Pro? I know I have, well forum member Idris has done just that. There is a spare USB header on the motherboard, which with a bit of soldering skill means you can wire up a USB pen drive internally or like what Idris has done add a female USB 2.0 connector.

It also powers an external hard drive, so not bad. Handy for those that really must have a full sized port and are good at mods such as this one.

More details in the X98 Pro USB mod thread.

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  1. That is all very good, but without a wiring diagram it is not possible.

  2. Hmm. An additional micro USB will be nice.

  3. Can I load it while I use the additional USB-Port??

    • Sorry I mean charging while using thew USB-Port 😉

      • yes, that’s possible. the tablet requires the micro usb charger to be connected whilst using more power hungry devices such as an external hdd.

        I don’t think there there is enough power in a 5V 2A charger to supply the device and charge a battery at the same time though.

  4. Hi
    may i know can i connect external hard drive by OTG cable to X98 pro?

    • using the standard micro usb connector you will need a USB Y cable which has a female and male micro usb and a female usb A.
      just google ‘micro usb otg y cable’

  5. Id rather have 4G and USB-C on a X98 Pro, but good job anyway

  6. Genius. Well done!

  7. Idris should make a video on this so that others can follow

    • I’m hopeless with a solder iron, so I’m not sure I’ll attempt this.

      • I think it is a very good mod you did there, most important is that it works. I would only recommend using more flux and lower soldering iron temperature.
        Thank you for your website and useful info you bring us about chinese tech.

  8. Is there such a header in the X98 Air tablet?

  9. Teclast engineers, please see this. Follow this and you will be making an awesome tablet.

  10. it only need a dock for keyboard.

    • Step 1: Add full size USB.
      Step 2: Add dock socket.
      Step 3:
      Step 4: Profit!

      • Is for that i really like the chuwi hi10. I would lauch a model pro whith the z8500 and a battery of 10000 mAh

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