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11.11 Teclast X98 Pro $115 Snap Up Sale

11.11 Teclast X98 Pro $115 Snap Up Sale

Bangood.com have a snap up sale on the 11th, like Aliexpress and other retails in China the 11/11 is a big day for sales. BG will have the Teclast X98 Pro on sale for only $115, down from $231. There is a catch however, you’ll have to be extra fast to get it at this price as only 10 units will go for this price.

Teclast X98 Pro

There will be many 11.11 sales on, I’ll be posting the best ones as we come up to the big 11th sales.

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  1. Only 10… hmmm…I think it’s hopeless..
    Chris, can you remove the article so less than 10 people will read it? 🙂

    • I don’t think you have to worry as it starts at 05.00 GMT so very early for most Western markets assuming they actually legitimately sell 10 to real customers. This will be snapped up by Eastern based customers, I tried grabbing one of these ‘bargains’ last year to no avail.

  2. Chris, would you take this tablet now even this cheap?

    • Well I already have one, it’s fine. Just a had a few crashes on my K9C6, but now okay on 1.13 bios. No problems apart from 4-5 hours battery life only.

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