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Mirek190’s Teclast X98 Pro V2.0 Rom Released

Mirek190’s Teclast X98 Pro V2.0 Rom Released

Update: V2.01 Released, fixes flashing issues.

Mirek190 is back with a new custom rom for the Teclast X98 Pro, this latest version features tweaks, multitasking and speed improvements. Changelog below:

– removed chrome
– added stock browser from AOSP rom – much lighter and very fast ( at the moment we have only 2 GB of ram available in android … )
– enabled zRam – 600 MB
– KSM – increasing free ram
– Adaway added and updated
– VM tweaked
– I/O tweaked
– I/O deadline
– Scheduler TWEAKED – NOW DEVICE is not HOT and save battery almost 2x in normal use !!!

The download is below and includes drivers if needed. Just extract and install using the supplied bat file.

Mirek190 Flash Tool X98 Pro
Mirek190 Flash Tool X98 Pro
Version: 1.1
55.6 MiB
Teclast X98 Pro V1.03 Android 5.1 Rom Stock
Teclast X98 Pro V1.03 Android 5.1 Rom Stock
Teclast X98 Pro V1.03 Android 5.1 Rom Stock.zip
816 MiB
X98 PRO Android 5.1 Mirek190 V5
X98 PRO Android 5.1 Mirek190 V5
381 MiB
X98 PRO Android 5.1 Mirek190 V6
X98 PRO Android 5.1 Mirek190 V6
382 MiB
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  1. Awesome effort with the ROM’s.
    Keep up the good work.
    Just one request…
    Could vFat, exFat and NTFS support be added.
    There is are scripts for this on XDA to do this.

    This sort of thing has been on CyanogenMod ROM’s for a long time (since cm10 I think)

    This sort of thing is very useful in a dual boot setup and would also help with some of the problems people are having on XDA’s X98 Pro page.

    Please help

  2. Could this ROM work on the X16 Pro? cherry trail aswell, dont mean drivers, but some might aswell, isnt it?
    Thanks Boss

  3. Hello guys,
    I need your help. I bought a brand new x98 pro tablet (K9C6) and I wanna install the custom rom from mirek190 but I don´t know how. Please, could somebody help me. I need a step by step tutorial or somthing like tihs for noobs like me.
    Thanks a lot Gammlerlord

  4. does someone else got strange black screen sometimes in android?

    • Waking the tablet from sleep, I’m sometimes stuck with a black screen with a small line of random color blocks. It’d then require a hard reset/reboot.

      • Exactly the same thing happened to me … this usually happens when I leave the tablet in suspension with WiFi connected

  5. Can someone please explain why ‘at the moment we have only 2GB available to Android…’? and is this likely to change?

    • I’d like this explained as well. System settings currently show all 4GB of memory available (Settings > Apps > Running > System 893mb, Apps 178mb, Free 3.0gb)

  6. good morning, sorry for my English. I have installed the ROM mirek teclast v2.0 for x98 pro and I see the problem that is frozen and black screen persists. especially it happens when the tablet is WiFi connected while on standby. I think this problem only mine odd and perhaps can be solved. a greeting and thanks for everything at work

  7. Hi all, Mirek, thanks for your ROM. Could you upload to google disk your build.prop file from ROM? Thanks

  8. Hello
    is it possible to remove the windows partition to use the full hard drive space?
    thank you

  9. Don’t know if it can be useful, teclast sent me un updated android firmware.

    I can’t install on mine. I suppose it’s a too new version and I need an intermediate step. Anyway I think I’ll try your one.

  10. Chris-
    first of all, I really appreciate sharing this rom.
    but I found a weird thing.
    The kernel of v2.01 is exactly the same as v1.1, I mean boot.img.
    I think it’s your mistake to misplace new kernel of v2.01 added Deadline scheduler.

  11. Thanks for the hard work. I am having some issues after flashing to the latest (2.01). Notifications aren’t working and I can’t even pull down the drawer enough to get to the wifi/rotate/etc. settings. It pulls down enough to show the date and then stops. I notice that I can pull it all the way down once right after rebooting, but not again until I reboot. It also seems to crash every time I let it sleep for more than a few minutes. I did a clean install.

    I was on version 1 for a short time before this seemingly without issues, but would love for the update to work for the promise of extra battery life.

  12. Great Rom. But i habe a Problem mirek . sometimes my tab crashes after unlocking with black screen .sometimes i saw one stripe like display is broken. After hard reset everything works fine ? Any idea ?

  13. Chris- Is there any order I should install these downloads? I rooted the x98 Pro tablet and unable to update the firmware therefore play store crashes and is unusable. Will this help the problem? Since I am not familiar with this whole process, do i download the above download to sd card (tablet) and install or download to pc then connect tablet to pc and run it? Forgive my ignorance but I am willing to try anything at this point. I was thinking of deleting android altogether from the tablet but willing to try this to keep both os.

    • Install from your PC. Extract the files, install the drivers and run the flash.bat. I haven’t done it myself as my X98 Pro is back in Spain. But will test when I’m back in two weeks.

  14. What amazing ROM, finally I can say I love my tablet! Thank you so much! ☺

  15. is there only 2GB ram available in android os after flashing v2.01

  16. Hello,
    1st respect for Mirek’s work !!

    2nd, is there a way to adapt your work to the X98 plus please ?

    • For the Plus we need the Teclast dual boot bios before we can try anything android related. I was wondering the same thing as the hardware is similar, if not identical, except for the clock speeds, stepping.

  17. One question, Mirek: Do you expressly recommend a clean install or can I try the ‘dirty update’ instead?

    • Clean install is always recommended – especially form original teclast rom.

      • Cheers, Mirek – had your original V1(.1) installed and did a ‘dirty upgrade’; so far, so perfect! Not a single lag/crash. Amazing! Love how fast the AOSP browser is. My X98 Pro feels super smooth now – still not getting more than 74,000 AntTuTu points … wonder whether Viper needs so much system ‘bandwidth’?

        Kudos to you and tons of shame on Teclast’s engineers.

        Any chance you could add the Widevine DRM, though?

  18. Thank you very mich, Mirek and Chris. Without you guys, the X98 Pro would be pretty much worthless to me.

    • … “much”, not “mich” :o) Stupid ‘auto-correct’. Anyways, Happy Holidays everybody!

  19. Thank you!

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