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Teclast X98 Pro Dual OS In Stock At Banggood For $235

Banggood now have stock of the dual OS Teclast X98 Pro Cherry Trail 4GB retina tablet. My order with GB still didn’t ship after almost 3 weeks so I canceled it and ordered from Banggood.com here yesterday and it has shipped today. That’s a quick turnaround, if only all sellers were like this. So I’ll have the factory K9C...[Read More]

How To Convert The X98 Pro (K9C3) To Dual Boot

Robert in our forums has posted a great guide on how to convert the X98 Pro (k9C3) model which comes in only Windows 10 to a dual boot Android 5.1 and Windows 10 image. The guide and download files are here: How to dual boot Android 5.1 and Windows 10 on the X98 Pro . And you can also download the files from the X98 Pro downloads section....[Read More]

Teclast X98 Pro (K9C3) Dual Boot Bios Released

Teclast has released the dual OS bios for the X98 Pro. This came out on the Teclast forum, unexpected since it is their national day in China today. I’ve yet to try this myself as my X98 Pro is out of battery. While it charges up to a safe 50% I’ll flash the new bios and try again to Flash Android 5 and later Windows 10 with t...[Read More]

Daily Deal: Teclast X98 Pro Dual OS Cherry Trail for $229

GearBest has a new coupon deal on the X98 Pro Cherry Trail version of the X98 Air 3G. With coupon code EMX98 the price drops down to $229, which is the best price yet for the Teclast X98 Pro. If you’re not familiar with the X98 Pro, it’s a 9.7″ retina screen tablet with 4GB of ram and the new Atom Cherry Trail X5 Z8500. ...[Read More]

First Teclast X98 Pro Dual OS User Hands on.

One of our forum members Dennis has received their X98 Pro Dual OS. He ran a few tests on the Tablet, the AnTuTu score is in the 44k range, most of the boost is thanks to the GPU boost the new Gen8 graphics has. As far as the overheating issue, it seems it doesn’t have the new bios and temps still get too hot even just watching 1080...[Read More]

Daily Deal: Teclast X98 Pro Dual OS for $238.99

If you’re interested in the fastest Atom retina tablet out of China and missed Ali Express’s sales, not to worry. GearBest has the X98 pro dual boot model on sale now for $238.99 for 3 days starting today, the price is just a little lower than the Ailexpress sale. And the best offer so far on this tablet. The Teclast X98 Pro, ...[Read More]

Teclast X98 Pro Windows 10 Home image download

Here is the Windows 10 (multilanguage) image download files pulled from Teclast’s Baidu account for the X98 Pro, these files include the windows recovery partition and if you need to restore Windows 10 or just want Windows 10 on your dual boot X98 Pro this is the image files you need. The image support English and Chinese on first b...[Read More]

Deals: Teclast X98 Pro Dual OS Sale Today

Teclast’s authorized Aliexpress store OKQI will have a sale on the X98 Pro today (in China), the price has dropped down to $239. If you’re unaware, it’s the first Cherry Trail Atom tablet out of China with a retina 9.7″ 4:3 screen, Atom X5 Z8500, 4GB of Ram and a Samsung 64GB eMMC. But I also noticed that Gear Best...[Read More]

Hands on with the Teclast X98 Pro International release model

My X98 Pro International version arrived yesterday, it has English preinstalled on first boot for me and you can install language packs. It’s using Windows 10 Home and it’s fully activated, so it’s not called Windows 10 Bing as previously thought. I can report the following: 1. Same eMMC (Samsung CWBD3R) as my Chinese on...[Read More]

Teclast X98 Pro Dual OS Android 5.1 / Windows 10 Release this week

The official X98 Pro dual boot English page just went live today. (Good spotting Kamal) funny thing is there is no announcement on the official Teclast forum or Weibo account which is odd. The X98 Pro will now also ship with dual boot Android 5.1 and Windows 10 configurations starting from this Saturday (12th). I’ll continue to chec...[Read More]

Teclast X98 Pro Review Is Now Online

The Teclast X98 Pro Review is now online  after Teclast released the drivers pack for the tablet a few days ago. I decided there wasn’t enough reason to hold the review back now since I’m running the drivers Teclast have supplied themselves. I will revisit the review once I get hold of my international version that has English...[Read More]

Teclast X98 Pro Review Delay

Edit: My Teclast X98 Pro Review is now online! I know many of you are waiting patiently for my Teclast X98 Pro review. Unfortunately, it’s going to be a week or so longer before my full written and rated review is online (I have ordered a X98 Pro Int’l model). I have decided it’s not entirely fair to review the tablet in...[Read More]

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