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Teclast X98 Pro (K9C3) Dual Boot Bios Released

Teclast X98 Pro (K9C3) Dual Boot Bios Released

Teclast has released the dual OS bios for the X98 Pro. This came out on the Teclast forum, unexpected since it is their national day in China today. I’ve yet to try this myself as my X98 Pro is out of battery. While it charges up to a safe 50% I’ll flash the new bios and try again to Flash Android 5 and later Windows 10 with the WINRE image.

I’ll get some details up soon with a how to, in the meantime a few forum members in this X98 Pro thread here have flashed it and got Android working. Files are in the thread for now while I get some mirrors up.

More and dual boot bios, Android rom downloads here:  http://techtablets.com/forums/topic/x98-pro-dual-os-firmware/#post-12352

Edit: I’ve managed to flash this myself and I’m working on a guide on how to move the X98 Pro over to a dual boot machine. I’ve flashed the Android 5.1 Rom and my AnTutu scores are 51k. But my unit has a copper heat sink mod, so I cheated.

Thanks to Robert for his help restoring my semi bricked X98 Pro and hard work on this!

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  1. I can’t wait until the Teclast X16 Pro hits the marktet for review
    Similar to the Teclast X98 Pro with 16:10 screen ratio (personally I prefer 16:9) and a digit pen function.

    • The Air 3 G remains the best with Z3736, thiner, best battery life and thiner ?
      Can you comment?

  2. Hi10 or X98 pro?

  3. Thanks for the update. I’ll keep an eye on this as I need a good tablet with a good screen to watch and edit videos and I was happy with my X98 3G and I am considering a X98 Pro. But I cant have it if it is overheating after a couple of hours of 1080p video playbacks or similar

  4. I am interested in how the dual boot is set up. Normally Android tablets with ARM SOCs are pretty closed. You can boot Android but it is basically impossible to install and boot anything else.

    With normal Intel x86 PCs (which all tablets are which run Windows) you have something like a BIOS phase, correct? Is it just like any other PC, where you can for example plug-in a Linux-Live-USB and boot from it?

    How is the partition setup? Is there a boot-manager? Could one set up a triple boot with Linux? Or replace Windows with Linux?

    • the bootmanager is part of the bios, I think that it is hardcoded to detect android and windows bootloaders.
      Of course, you can enter bios and override the device boot order and you can boot linux from usb stick. In this aspect it is the same as any other standard desktop pc or laptop. But only uefi boot is supported. I successfully booted clonezilla linux and made backup of internal emmc to sd card (and also successfully restored it), but you need usb hub with connected keyboard (and mouse) to be able to control linux.
      Making it tripleboot can be a little bit tricky, but can be done, you will then need to always select the third option by entering bios, since the embedded bootmanager supports only android and windows.
      In theory, replacing windows with linux should also be possible, and if you rename the linux efi loader to the same name as windows loader, the dualboot manager might think that the windows is installed and load linux instead of windows

      • Thanks for the info!

        Are you talking about the bios/bootmanager of the Teclast X98 Pro?

        Or do you think it is possible with all Intel-Windows tablets to enter the bios? With Intel-Android tablets the bios basically doesn’t exist or is inaccessible from my experience (maybe I am wrong?)

        Could you try booting Ubuntu 15.04 or Linux Mint 17.2 Live-USB and tell us how well everything is supported?

        • depends on the producer, but I think that most intel windows tablets should have accessible bios. I tried booting latest beta of ubuntu 15.10, but I wasn’t successful. The hardware, especially graphics are pretty new, so there might be a problem with support in linux. I have no problems booting console based clonezilla.

  5. Hi Chris,

    do please let us know how your X98 Pro performs under Android and whether the new BIOS does anything for the overheating issue

    • Will do. I’m very interested to see if in Android it gets as hot and if the new bios controls the over the top turbo in Windows.

    • from the temperature point of view, I hadn’t noticed any changes, but it seems generally cooler in android, looks like the interactive governor is keeping lower frequencies than windows scheduler. There is also new setting in bios that can disable GPU turbo, but from my tests it just made the gpu slower without any benefit to temperature or battery
      Generally the android experience is very smooth and I’d say it is better than in windows

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