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Teclast X98 Pro Review Is Now Online

Teclast X98 Pro Review Is Now Online

The Teclast X98 Pro Review is now online  after Teclast released the drivers pack for the tablet a few days ago. I decided there wasn’t enough reason to hold the review back now since I’m running the drivers Teclast have supplied themselves. I will revisit the review once I get hold of my international version that has English support. That version is meant to be sold outside of China and not my K9C3 model with Windows 10 Chinese version OS.

So for those that are waiting here’s the review -> http://techtablets.com/teclast-x98-pro/review/

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  1. Hey, Chris Just found out about your site. Great work man. I was planning on buying a tab. What would you be your suggestion? My first choice was the X98 Pro. But, after your review and the with overheating throttling thing I’m really confused. I’ve read most of your reviews, you’ve mentioned a few times that cube tablets have better build quality. Should i wait for a Cherry Trail from cube. Do you think they can get away with the overheating thing ? Here’s what I’m looking for a tablet.

    1> Size – 10” or maybe more
    2> Good Display (more the pixels the better, it is intended to be a media consuming device)
    3> Good amount of RAM (at least decent enough to open some 15 chrome tabs in windows)
    4> Fast performance (I don’t care about the GPU performance much because I won’t be playing any games)
    5> More the inbuilt storage the better
    6> Last but not the least cheap (around 200$ will be fine)

    Based on these what would you suggest ?

    • we’re on the same boat. waiting for a 4GB RAM tablet from Cube before spending any money on Cherry Trail. I will of course wait for Chris to review it before buying 🙂

      • Yeah man. I think we should wait for the X98 Plus. It’s got 4Gb of RAM (href=”http://bbs.teclast.com/thread-518144-1-1.html”>source) and has a cherry trail processor (Z8300 though). I don’t know how they’re gonna fit 4Gb of RAM with Z8300 but if they do, then it sounds like a real deal to me. Just hope Z8300 doesn’t have those overheating issue.

  2. Received an International (US English) version from Aliexpress. Max speaker volume is absolutely feeble. I have an Air II that pumps out much louder and better balanced sound with much more bass. The Pro sound is tinny and weak. Anybody else disappointed in the speaker output?

    • I should add the overheating is ridiculous. Within seconds of starting a 4K video, the two most active cores soar into the mid 80s and throttle according to HWINFO. Same video on my Air II plays just as well and hardly moves temp wise. The Pro starts out in the high 50s and 60s while the Air II runs in the low/mid 40s and does not budge. I think the Pro is junk. What a mistake this purchase was.

  3. Hello everyone, after much research and deliberation i decided to go with the X98 Pro. I placed an order with Banggood.com on Thursday 27th August and it arrived today. I live in the U.K and the tablet was shipped with U.S adapter but luckily i have one spare so that was no problem. The tablet arrived well packaged with no cosmetic damage whatsoever and turned on fine.

    I think that my tablet is the international version as it already had windows 10 installed in English? I am really happy with it, being my first tablet ready for college and would recommend it. As for concerns about thermal throttling and heat issues in general, i have not tested this yet but will do soon and keep you guys updated.

    • Hi, good to hear you have your X98 Pro. If it’s Windows 10 Home you’re good. That’s the International version the 2nd release model (Still K9C3 hardware revision so far, but double check on the back).

      Please if you can download, run HWinfo and report back on the temps of your unit here: http://techtablets.com/forums/topic/k9c3-teclast-x98-pro/ If current X98 Pro users do this we can determine if there is, in fact a serious heat issue or my unit I reviewed is bad. I’m expecting a X98 Pro int’l model next week and will update me review and score if needed by the way.

      • Hi Chris, Yeah it is still the same hardware K9C3 and it is the international version which i am happy about, i will download now and report on the forum as soon as possible.

  4. My supposedly international version from Banggood just arrived, and guess what????? Its the Chinese version!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously??? WTF??? DONT buy from Banggood!

    • Can you test if it overheats? at least we’ll know if Chris’s was a special case or the whole batch is faulty.

    • I’m waiting for my X98 pro from banggood as well.
      How did you tell that it’s the chinese version?

    • Is it in Chinese? Or is it Windows 10 Pro? Search for KMSPico and if found it means 100% its the Chinese version and they have just upgraded it to Windows 10 Pro, installed English and then hacktivated it. If so open up a dispute asap and please before you return it run some benchmarks, games and see if you get temps like mine and throttling. Use HWInfo to check this. Be interesting to see if it’s just mine unit or not.

      • Its windows 10 home. Gonna check for KMSPico, and report back.

        • You’re good then! Windows 10 Home is in fact the second batch (International version) so you will not find kmspico. Only dodgy Ali express sellers are doing this. Please run hwinfo on your one and tell us how hot it gets. We have a thread here: http://techtablets.com/forums/topic/k9c3-teclast-x98-pro/

          So far it seems my first unit is a bit of a dud one and runs a bit hotter.

          • Yea, looks like its int version. But it does throttle. Ran a 1080p vid on youtube. After 15 mins, tab hit 84c on cores 1 and 2. I never noticed the throttling, so i may just deal with it. Its very smooth and snappy, so i’m thinking in future maybe doing heat mod like you did, but adding a bigger copper heatspreader on top of new copper shims on chips. I’m thinking that should help.

          • Surfing using chrome, temps at 86c, and throttling. Dont notice the throttle, but seriously???? Wtf? This is a big fail as far as i’m concerned. How could something this defective be released? There is NO WAY a sw update will fix this. This is definately a hw defect. Teclast dropped the ball BIG TIME. They will NEVER get a cent from my pocket. Guess i will have to crack this thing open and mod it. Shame as its very tight, and i’m afraid will feel creaky and loose when i put it back together. Chris, did you notice it not as tight when you re assembled???

          • Rich, Chrome runs like crap in Windows 10 at least it did for me. Edge and IE11 runs great. No lag and not 86 degrees either. Heat spreader will definitely help out, these tablets aren’t meant to be opened with those plastic tabs that clip into the metal rear housing. If you do open it up make sure it’s only once to keep it tight. If not you can use a tiny, tiny brush of glue to help it seal up super tight if loose.

  5. Chris – after your thermal mod, does the tablet throttle when gaming?

    In your review, you wrote “only gaming for over 30 minutes saw the cores reach 80 degrees which didn’t cause any throttling, so overall it was a success.”

    But in the video about your mod, at 0:43, you SAY the opposite, that the tablet is still throttling after a half hour of gaming.

    Which is it?

    • Hi, Yes after my mod it didn’t throttle, but it did hit 80 degrees which is hot, but not enough to trottle. The review is based on the tablet as is without mods.

  6. Another thought on the heat mod. How about using a copper shim instead of the stock heat spreader that it comes with? Im thinking that stock one wont radiate heat as good as copper? Also Im thinking of a bigger one. Thoughts??

  7. Chris, I’m looking for some Chinese 7.9″ tablets, what would you recommend? The Teclast X89 caught my interest but it is not something that you have reviewed, any reason why? Personally I’m hoping for a cherry version (without the heating issues) by someone soon?

    I think your work here is excellent and I (as probably many other) base my decision to buy a chinese tablet much on your reviews, thanks for your efforts.

    • Hi. No reason, well the only reason was it was out months before I could get around to looking at it. Now I don’t have any plans to review any more Bay Trail tablets. But from what I’ve seen it’s got a great screen and the only downside was it’s lower battery size and life over the X98 Air series.

      • Any news about any upcoming 7.9″ tablets by someone? Perhaps using intels cherry platform?

        • Not 7.9″, maybe 8 inch Vi8 or Hi8 update from Chuwi this month.

  8. I just wanted to say that you’re doing a tremendous job!
    I really Teclast read your reviews and the whole discussion around their products in this website, as it would improve their devices drastically.
    Right now I’m looking for a cheap chinese “alternative” to a Surface Pro 3, and I don’t think I found any so far worth buying.

    Keep up the awesome work!

    • Agreed, many thanks to Chris for his reviews. I’ve bought 2 tablets upon reading reviews at his site, and I don’t regret (Teclast X98 Air II and Chuwi Vi8). I was almost about to purchase that new one from Teclast, but will not, upon reading the review.

  9. Of course he isn’t bought by Teclast, I think the review would have had rather a different tone then 😉
    But I’m really disappointed (although not surprised) by the result of the review. I really hoped that this would be a clear step up from the previous generation.
    I’m more and more considering just saving my money, and buying an Surface pro 4 when that one comes out.

    Thanks for the review!

    • Thanks, I’m disappointed too as I expected it to be like my Surface 3, without throttling. Not as disappointed as I am in the Onda v919 3G Core M, that many issues I’m not sure I have the will to fully review it…

      I will be getting a Surface 4 when it comes end of the year if I can, it will still be miles ahead of these Chinese tablets. But you pay for what you get.

      If you want a really practical tablet I recommend the Dell Venue 11 Pro (7140) with the mobile battery keyboard and the docking station (Best there is!) If want to stay Chinese and you want some power and not so expensive I recommend the Cube i7 Stylus.

      • I will make sure to read up on the Dell.
        But, I really doubt that Surface 4 will be released this year. I think we will have to wait at least a year after the Surface 3 release, which would put us in April or something like that. Surface 4 pro, on the other hand, should hopefully be presented next month.

        Will you write something about the Onda? I had some thoughts about ordering one, but I guess I should take this as a warning!

      • That doesn’t sound promising, is it something you can fix with a software update or totally garbage like the Pipo W8?

        • Most of it Onda can fix with software and the hardware is also a bit of a letdown. My sim card reader or the modem keeps saying insert sim when it is. And my microphone doesn’t even work. My version came without Android dual boot. I might have a go at flashing. The screen is nice as expected, not quite as garbage as the Pipo W8 slapped together tablet was but it has some issues. The slowdown lag is a bit concerning. I wish I hadn’t wasted $389 on it when it first came out.

      • So apparently I jumped the gun, and will be stuck with this pos. I’m wondering, do you think there is room for a longer copper heatsink??? Maybe a few inches long to dissipate the heat? I noticed yours were kind of small. I know height is an issue, but maybe something much longer, and or wider can keep this thing from throttling often. What you think?

        • Maybe, but you’ll have to be careful it doesn’t come in contact with anything and cause a short. But I was thinking about it a the other day, maybe a custom-designed unit that is 0.5 thicker when the Atom die is, and then a large spreader over it and everything else using 0.5mm thermal pads on the ram. You would have to remove the current heat spreader/shielding. Then use a 0.5mm thermal pad on top of it (the whole thing, to have contact with the rear metal housing.

          Rich, your unit might have much better thermals than mine, as it could be my unit is a bad one or the first batch is bad, you could have a revised unit. Just check and see when it arrives if it’s a K9C3 or something else.

          • Hopefully I will have it in my hands by end of week. I will see what rev it is, and do some benchmarking. I only plan on surfing web….randomly using YouTube, and very minor computer tasks, so maybe even if my unit performs like yours, your heatsink mod may be enough for me. The 9.7 screen imo is perfect for a true portable comp/tab. I had a dell venue pro, and yea she ran like a dream, but its bulky as hell. I guess for the $240 shipped I got the x98, it might suffice, along with being hopefully dual boot in future, I can’t complain. I will post my results this weekend.


  10. Did you redo some of the benchmarks after applying the heatsink mod? Or was thermal throttling only an issue with gaming…

    All in all a quite disappointing, at least no great reason to upgrade from the x98 air II/3g. Too bad the batterylife suffers as much, batterylife would be one of the main reasons to go for an atom. Also unfortunate that the eMMc is not such an improvement either and of course we have to wait and see if the speeds are consistent in this model between various releases. (Given the big differences in emmc speeds in the air 3g/ii models.

    They seem to simply have slapped on the new cpu with the 4gb ram and that’s it. No other improvements or changes (wifi, emmc, usb). Missed chance…

    • Hmmm, can’t seem to edit a comment? Anyway, about the throttling… The air 3g/II also suffered from this (atleast some models did). Overall the main drawback is reduced battery life… I think the half point reduction is quite fair.

    • Please. Read the Pros and Cons. It has some more improvements….

      • Thanks for the comment, did read it and indeed some improvements but main perfomance wise it doesn’t seem too big (apart from the 4GB ram.) Sure, graphics has improved a lot, but that’s mainly a gaming advantage right? But yeah, some improvements indeed…

        But I see the geekbench multi-core benchmark gets around 3k for the x98pro vs 2k for the x98 air ii/3g. That’s quite an improvement. Single core seems about the same… And about 3k in pcmark7 vs 2.4k-ish for the air2/3g.

        About the benchmarks graphs, would it be possible to split the 3dmark results from the pcmark/geekbench results? The scaling is way off due to 3dmark making it impossible to easily see differences between the pcmark/geekbench results. Just a remark…

        Thanks for the great work!

  11. To be honest Chris, I’m surprised you rated this tablet only half a point lower than the Air 3G. The Pro runs hotter to the point of throttling, and has much worse battery life than its predecessor. I doubt that these issues will ever be fixed.

    • I think he is biased. Free tabs?????

      • Even though I am surprised with the high score. I don’t think he’s biased, he clearly bashed this tablet about its heat issues in all the previous videos.

        I am disappointed with this tablet since I was looking forward to it but it may be that we should wait for Cube, Chuwi and Onda for a decent cherry trail tablet (or maybe a refresh by Teclast)

        • Before the copper heat sink mod of course. Looks at the benchmark scores, it’s twice as fast even if it does throttle. Gaming is where the heat builds and it throttles. The new rating system is an average of the 5 ratings. But it’s like this, 5 categories. I rated the screen 9/10, the performance 8/10, Battery life gets a 6/10, sound 7 (improvements to the 3.5mm jack and clear sound is why it gets 7 etc etc and then that is averaged to give the final score.

          Sure If you were gaming on it 100% of the time I wouldn’t recommend it.

          People please read the whole review and not just the rating score… The rating is just guide and my own personal out of 10 rating.

      • Sigh.

      • @Rich T Sigh……I pay for them all and normally pay much more to get them quickly for the site, youtube channel and readers here. It cost me over $300 to get it so quickly (Not factoring in the 21% tax I had to pay DHL) . Still think Its a free tablet see my receipt from Aliexpress: http://www.imagebam.com/image/2e8d58433217222

        • Chris we really appreciate what you are doing. We don’t need proof, your reviews are always accurate.

  12. Banggood better refund my money for this pos! How could teclast release a piece of garbage like this?

    • Like I said in the review if you read it all, it could be my unit. But they do need to revise the design of heat spreader.

      • Hey Chris I have bought cube i6 3g but it is not recognizing any pendrive (USB device not recognized) and also not showing SD card in both android and windows. What can I do please help.

        • Did you just get it? I would get in touch with your seller as it sounds like a hardware fault.

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