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Teclast X98 Pro Dual OS Android 5.1 / Windows 10 Release this week

Teclast X98 Pro Dual OS Android 5.1 / Windows 10 Release this week

The official X98 Pro dual boot English page just went live today. (Good spotting Kamal) funny thing is there is no announcement on the official Teclast forum or Weibo account which is odd. The X98 Pro will now also ship with dual boot Android 5.1 and Windows 10 configurations starting from this Saturday (12th).

I’ll continue to check the Teclast forums for any word on a dual boot bios release and Android 5.1 Rom for existing X98 Pro Windows 10 users. As soon as it’s released I’ll post it here and also flash it myself to test on my X98 Pro. I hope this second batch is not just a software revision with dual OS, but also addresses the heat issues I discovered in my X98 Pro review.

No sign of a dual boot bios and Android 5.1 release on Teclasts site. So for now it looks like it will just come with the new Tablet.

The Teclast X98 Pro Dual OS is available to order now from OKQI on Aliexpress, they are Teclast’s official retailer of the tablet. And if you wait until the 14th there will be 10% of the price.

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  1. Hi, I purchased a x98 pro few weeks back, all was going well till charge was giving false info it empty on windows, but full on Android
    So I tried to restore the windows back to factory settings, it loaded as far as 64% then stopped.Can still use android side but want to re open the windows is as well
    What I am basically saying is HELP

    Any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated, could you please give feedback in the for dummies speech as I’m barely even a noon

    Thanks in advance

  2. Yes, it is clear that all Teclast did to change the assembly line over to the Pro is changed the SoC and RAM chip that was getting surface mounted onto the motherboard. Oh, and they changed the name that is silk screened onto the case.

  3. Confirmed: Teclast opens in spain http://www.teclast.com/en/

  4. Hi everybody,
    This week, I knew Teclast has a new X98 PRO international version different to the sold one from China. They closed a new International version for EU specially. So, it looks like, they will have 2 international versions. They will launch the new one on Sept 27Th and this new version has not Chinese apks, it has new apks, several new free accesories what I do not know yet, European warranty,…. I work in a media in EU and we received it. They will sell from Spain to EU (teclast.es) as I can see on teclast.com. Upon my point of view, this step from Teclast is very, very interesting for EU people. I will pay attention to teclast.es in order to see the new presale.

  5. Hey Cris just logged in and just ordered the new released Teclast x98 pro on Ali express thanks to advise Hope this batch fixed the heat issue

  6. So this sale starts at midnight the 14th? Count me in. Pretty cool that they changed the pic in response to your site Chris. Look at you throwing your tablet clout around. lol

    • It’s the aliexpress seller that changed the picture, but teclast company itself.
      I really hope they follow this website.

  7. LOL! Yeah, I hope they re-engineer the entire thing, or on second thought just address the heat/throttle issue.

    • Should be too hard to come up with a copper or aluminium heat spreader for the SoC. That’s all that’s required, that and a bios update. I think it turbos to easy and for too long at times.

      • Hi Chris,

        will you be reviewing one of these DB versions? Perhaps see how ‘bad’ the overheating issue is under Android? Or perhaps these will have a redesigned sink (here’s me dreaming)

        BTW Chris, you mentioned something before in your review that you “think you saw” Teclast advertising the pro with eMMC 5.0 spec? I just wanted to say that Teclast are indeed still advertising the pro as having eMMC 5.0 (see below) as such I guess the speeds should reflect that, right?


  8. On Teclast site is android 5.1 in specification. On gearbest changed android version to 5.0 today :-/

  9. Do we know how the disk space is going to be divided between the two OS’s? hope not 50/50 ’cause Windows needs more room.

    • Nope, but I’m sure they will space it like the Air 3G i’m sure. About 16GB for Android, rest for Windows 10.

  10. Where did that MS Surface style keyboard come from?
    Is that a clone of some kind or is the X98 Pro have a fully compatible dock with the Official MS Surface keyboard?

  11. Thoughts on adding dual boot to existing single boot? Is it usually just a bios update? Do it require fresh install on win10? Just curious. Thanks

    • It will be like the Air 3G. A new bios to flash then a new Android Rom to install and Windows again. I don’t se how they are going to do it for existing X98 Pro owners, but 90% sure we will have to reinstall Windows with a WINPE image.

    • Yes, it will definitely require a reinstall of Windows 10 after Android and dual boot BIOS are flashed

      • Still no dual boot bios or Android image release. I think Teclast want people to just buy the X98 Pro dual OS model…

  12. I was so happy to get this tablet at first, but the heat & throthling issue is such a let down…
    I just can’t put my money into something with such a huge flaw. Hoping they adress this quickly.

  13. Chris. Are you planning on getting one of these dual boot variants and see if the heating issue has been addressed?

    • If I can yes. As it is I have an Int’l version arriving tomorrow to see if it’s any better than the one I used in my review.

  14. I hope they do address the various issues, including heat, data and charging USB C ports, a standard pin DC in charging port and hopefully a sturdier and hardier glass panel. If only…

    • Ha I wish. I’ll be happy if they just address the heat issue and microphone. Not a chance they add USB type c and a dc jack. Maybe the next model?

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