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Chuwi Vi10 Ultimate 64GB Unboxing and First impressions

Hands-on with the Chuwi Vi10 Ultimate (Cherry Trail X5 Z8300 version) I just received. It’s the upgraded Vi10, one of my favorite tablets. The design is the same, it remains unchanged and keeps the key features that made the Vi10 so popular. Two full sized USB 3.0 ports, micro USB for charging and the keyboard dock. I picked this on...[Read More]

Daily Deals: Chuwi Vi10 $119, Onda M2 $182, Beelink 4K Media Player

Gearbest has a snap up sale on various items starting today in limited sale quantities. Here’s are a some of the deals they have going: The Chuwi Vi10 is $119, with a limit of 40 units (See my review here) Onda’s new SSD mini PC the M2 is $182 with a limit of 50 units And the cheap Beelink 4k Media player is just $66 with a li...[Read More]

How To Open The Chuwi Vi10 & Internal Photos

Thanks to KOCTYCb O o for this video below (in Russian, but still very helpful) on how to open up the Chuwi Vi10. He also uploaded some photos of the tablet internals for those interested. Will come in handles for repairs or changing the battery etc. Chuwi Vi10 internals:

Chuwi Vi10 Ultimate Order Delay Due to Cherry Trail Heat Issues?

I asked my AliExpress seller why my Chuwi Vi10 Ultimate I ordered for review here still hasn’t shipped out, I go this reply: Hello friend, thank you for your order at first. Actually the factory were ready to send the Vi10 Cherry Trail to us these two days, but when they tested the tablets before sent, they found that the new chip h...[Read More]

A Chinese Tablet After 7 Months. Is It Failing To Bits & Does it Hold Charge?

I’ve now had my Chuwi Vi10 Dual Boot for around 7 months. I thought I would post a quick video on how it’s holding up. To be honest, like most people I expected battery wear (Would it hold a full charge?), slowness to creep in and maybe the USB ports, MicroUSB charge port to be falling apart or some other damage. The usual for...[Read More]

[Update] Chuwi Vi10 Ultimate Atom X5 Z8300 Announced

10/10 update: Chuwi had a conference today and officially announced the Vi10 Ultimate. It’s exactly the same as the Vi10, with one difference it has the new Atom X5 Z8300 with 2GB of Ram and a 64GB eMMC. Windows 10 and Android 5 (I think it has Dual OS) Released today apparently, so it should be up for sale next week. Some sellers o...[Read More]

Chuwi Vi10 Windows 10 Image, bios and Drivers released

Chuwi have released their official drivers pack, Windows 10 image and a bios update. There is no mention of what the bios update fixes or patch, it’s safe to assume it must be for Windows 10. The driver download includes updated drivers for Windows 10, the touch driver and camera’s now shouldn’t be an issue. https://yout...[Read More]

[Rumor] Chuwi To release a new Vi10 with an Atom Cherry Trail SoC

I received an (anonymous) tip-off, that told me Chuwi are working on an upgrade for their popular Vi10 dual boot. The new model is set for release in September according to this source it will have a next gen Atom Cherry Trail processor, a possible 4GB of Ram and 64GB eMMC storage options. The 1366 x 768 screen and two USB 2.0 ports will ...[Read More]

Daily Deals: Chuwi Vi10 $140 and Teclast X98 Air 3G 64GB drops to $202.95

Prices have been dropping in the last month, the Chuwi Vi10 is now only $140, and the Teclast X98 Air 3G 64GB model is now $202.95, both have free shipping included. All these price drops make me wonder if they are clearing out stocks for the up and coming new models with Windows 10 or next gen Atom chips? If you have found cheaper please...[Read More]

Chuwi Vi10 Pro an updated model with 64GB eMMC?

Looking around the Chuwi forums today, I noticed talk of a Chuwi Vi10 Pro model that has 64GB storage, I wonder if it also has a 1080p screen? I can’t seem to find any further info at the moment on the web about this Chuwi Vi10 pro. There is one seller on Ali Express that claims to have a 64GB model, but no real info either. The Vi1...[Read More]

Official Chuwi Vi10 Keyboard hands on

  I received my Chuwi Vi10 keyboard in record time from China, only 10 days via PostNL. Not bad at all, I was trying to get hold of one when I brought the Vi10, but at the time no seller had this in stock. The keyboard is around $30 and if you buy it with the Chuwi Vi10 normally you can get it much cheaper than this as a bundle, arou...[Read More]

Tablet Deals: X98 Air 3G 64GB $229 and Chuwi Vi10 for $144

Looking around on the online today I’ve noticed that have a 3 year anniversary sale on and the 64GB version of the Teclast X98 AIr 3G has dropped to $229 this is the lowest I have seen the 64GB version anywhere. And if you missed out on the $149 sale of the Chuwi Vi10, not to worry, seller OKQI have it listed for an e...[Read More]

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