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[Rumor] Chuwi To release a new Vi10 with an Atom Cherry Trail SoC

[Rumor] Chuwi To release a new Vi10 with an Atom Cherry Trail SoC

I received an (anonymous) tip-off, that told me Chuwi are working on an upgrade for their popular Vi10 dual boot. The new model is set for release in September according to this source it will have a next gen Atom Cherry Trail processor, a possible 4GB of Ram and 64GB eMMC storage options. The 1366 x 768 screen and two USB 2.0 ports will remain unchanged as well as the rest of the tablets design. It will ship with Windows 10.

I’m a little disappointed to hear the screen will not be upgraded to a 1080p panel and no USB 3.0 ports that the Atom X5 supports. If they go with USB 3.0 and a 1080p screen the Vi10 upgrade is sure to be a winner. The current Vi10 is one of my favorite tablets with its practical keyboard dock and two full sized USB ports.

There is also plans for a second Cherry Trail tablet release. No word on what sized tablet or other specs. But my guess is a Vi8 or Hi8 8 inch Atom X5 Z8X00 model. It would make sense for Chuwi to update their best sellers with the faster Cherry Trail Atoms.

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  1. I am a windows tablet lover, but not this tablet. I bought it from gearbest, turned on great but when I turned off to reset it said windows could load correctly(repeated). tried reinstalling windows 10 did successfully, but now no not one driver works. Cant install any of the drivers provided. PERIOD!! tried everyday for month literally and asking my self why da faq am I still obligated?? bye 130 bucks ive tried returning it to gearbest but I think they broke the link to review my ticket for returning/repairing it, so now I cant even get money back. Only turned on once FUCK.

  2. will it come with Android 5.1?

  3. 1080p display and I would love this to be true, cherry trail on top of a usb port for a possible 5ghz wifi adapter? Yes please. I have had phones with 2560×1440 resolution, theres no reason for a tablet to have anything near this low even for budget.

  4. I would wish the hi8 whith 4 gb ram z8500 64gb rom dual boot, hdmi port and cost under $140. i would buy whith the closed eye.

    • Could happen, we will have to wait and see in September. I hope they announce something soon.

      • The good of all, i think, there will 3 class of tablet, the cheap whith the worse z8xxx, the good whit z8500 and the better whith core m.

  5. נbigger storage us more important than processor so is usb3 . hdmi?

    • It will still have HDMI. I think 64GB and the new Atom are most important. Since there is no SSD on board we can’t make use of that full USB 3 speeds if it had it anyway with system eMMC to USB 3 transfers. However USB 3 also opens up display link and pluggable USB 3 docking stations would be use. Still being on USB 3 we don’t get that and a 40mbs data rate cap.

      The new X98 Pro only has microUSB 2.0 so looks like none of the Chinese MFGs will go for USB 3 on the new Cherry trails. Maybe PiPo will on a W4 model (if released)

  6. Hey Chris! If I project a tablet/phonescreen on fhd display, do I get fhd picture or just a scaled tablet/phone picture?
    On the subject, good news chuwi makes haste!

    • if you hook it up with a hdmi cable .. it will be fhd … chromecast will be fhd ..

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