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Chuwi Vi10 Ultimate 64GB Unboxing and First impressions

Chuwi Vi10 Ultimate 64GB Unboxing and First impressions

Hands-on with the Chuwi Vi10 Ultimate (Cherry Trail X5 Z8300 version) I just received. It’s the upgraded Vi10, one of my favorite tablets. The design is the same, it remains unchanged and keeps the key features that made the Vi10 so popular. Two full sized USB 3.0 ports, micro USB for charging and the keyboard dock. I picked this one up from for $174 and the delivery was around 15 days from China to Auckland, New Zealand where I am currently. Didn’t think it was too bad for this side of the world. Normally when I’m in Spain and the delivery time is more or less the same, 15-20 days.

First impressions are good:

  • Windows 10 version preinstalled is Windows 10 with the recent November update
  • MicroSD card supports high-speed cards 100mb/s plus reads and writes. 23mbs max on the Vi10
  • HDMI port supports up to 4k 30hz. The Vi10 only supports 1080p 60hz max
  • Windows loaded much faster than on my Vi10
  • The eMMC is a Toshiba, no BWIN or FORSEE slow brands on the 64GB model at least
  • The tablet feels fast, faster than my Z3736F which benchmarks in Geekbench 3 faster. Could be the eMMC!
  • Temps seem okay, 67 degrees max so far. But gaming and more benchmarks require to push the tablet more.


I’m in the process of installing benchmarks, games and testing out the tablet. Be interesting to see if the thermals get up to throttling temps or not. I’ll know soon and will cover this in the next hands on Windows video.


Video tech reviewer and tech blogger. I have a huge interest in the latest tech, tablets, laptops, mobiles, drones, and even e-scooters. Active in the tech community since 2008 days of the Omnia i900 Windows phone., founder from way back.


  1. How do I install windows 10 on my chuwi vi10 plus

  2. Has anyone managed to install Remix OS android as a dual boot option on this Chuwi Vi10 without having to format and reinstall everything? Please help..

  3. Hi. I just got mine in today. It has the 32bit os on it. Is that what everyones came with?

  4. Anyone know when they will get the android ROM?

  5. Just a quick question. There’s a windows update available on my Chuwi vi10 ultimate. Can I update?

  6. Chris, would you tell me if you have any software like synaptics or similar for the touchpad?

    I can’t remember if in mouse properties window it was a synaptics tab on the right of hardware tab before the reinstallation.


  7. In the unboxing video @ 2:05 Chris says it doesn’t have usb 3.0. But in the review he mentions the following:

    “The design is the same, it remains unchanged and keeps the key features that made the Vi10 so popular. Two full sized USB 3.0 ports, micro USB for charging and the keyboard dock.”

    Even on banggood spec sheet it says 2x usb 3.0
    I/O Port
    1*Micro USB port
    2* USB 3.0
    1*TF Card Slot
    1*HDMI Port
    1*Earphone Port

    • Definitely only USB 2.0, using crystaldiskmark I could not get over 40mb/s from the ports using a Sandisk Extreme USB 3.0 flash drive.

      • I told banggood staff the same about your review with crystaldiskmark 40mb/s speed test. Yet they replied

        “Dear Rsg,
        Thanks a lot for your email.
        Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
        For your question above regarding item chuwi vi10 64gb, I’ve consulted our relevant sales staff.
        Actually there is a mistake in the description, and we’ve corrected it to USB 3.0.”

        I wish they had usb 3.0 version but are infact misinformed.

  8. Hello, my name is Pedro.

    First time here, but a lot time reading your reviews and news.

    After having bought a Pipo w3f, with the idea of updating to W10 without success, I decided to return and to buy chuwi vi10 ultimate.

    I received it on 24th december from bggd, and after making a system image, i tryed to restore, to configure it from zero, to have spanish as principal language, but when W10 finished to install, no driver was found.

    I was looking on chuwi forum, and found some drivers, but no success with screen, wifi, and more other things.

    My question is if i have a windows image on a usb, why i cant recover from this?

    When you start from this usb, touchscreen works, but during the process of recovering it seems that native windows take the control and recovers from an internal (and basic) image.

    Pd: Windows apears as activated in both languages, eglish and spanish, and tablet feels really fast and fluent.

    • I made a sistem image on a USB, but when i try to re-image windows from this image, it doesn’t appear.

      It seems that it only search images in DVD and give me the option to search drivres for USB.

      In another hand i can browse and get into this usb from this same window, but it don find the image….

      • Finally solved!!

        I have been able to reinstall windows 10 in spanish fully activated and all drivers with full hardware well working.

        Bggd staff gave me a direction where you can found all chuwi vi10 ultimate lastest drivers: password: a00f

        Best regards.

        Pedro Pastor

        • Hi Pedro, I’m having some troubles with the drivers as I also wanted a Windows 10 in spanish, right now I’m only missing the Wifi and G-Sensor drivers, I tried installing them using those from the link you provided but they doesn’t want to load and give me some errors, how did you manage to install them successfully?

          • Hello,
            You have to get sure that all folders on each one are unziped.
            Then go to device admin. and upgrade drivers from complete folder place.
            Try it with all unknown devices listed ad device admin.

          • Yes, I did that and almost every driver worked fine, the last one that seems to be the accelerometer says that the device can’t be installed, and the wifi refuses to start and it only says error code 10

            Just to be sure, how did you install your OS? I’m using a clean image of spanish Windows 10 1511 32 bits, making it bootable with Rufus and installing it wiping the partitions first, just like a normal computer

  9. Assalamualikum,

    you are doing awesome job chris 🙂

    I’ve a very simple question… which one would be the best device for Gaming and multimedia purpose ?
    Chuwi Vi8
    Chuwi Hi8
    Chuwi Vi10
    Onda V891w
    Jumper EZpad mini2

    I need 64 Gb version with Dual OS so that space can be easily mannage in both operating system. That is why I mensioned Onda V891w and Jumper EZpad mini2 also.

    waiting for your response,,,

    Thanks brother 🙂

    • Personally, I would get the Vi10, for the USB 2 ports and keyboard. But if you want a really nice screen and smaller size the Hi8 is a good pick. Just the battery life might be a bit short for gaming. Around 3 hours gaming time depending on screen brightness.

      • awesome 🙂
        Then I must go with Chuwi Vi10 64gb version or Hi8 … 🙂

        But in your review comparission btw vi8 with hi8 you said the gaming performance of Vi8 is better than Hi8 due to its resolution… Its true that most of games in windows or in android will be not smooth due to Hi8 high resolution ? 🙁

      • does chuwi vi10 32/64gb ultimate have Usb 2.0 or USB 3.0 ?

        Geekbuying via email said chuwi vi10 32gb ultimate version has 2x USB 3.0!! Even banggood

        still awaiting to hear on 64gb version.

        Also In the unboxing video @ 2:05 you said 64gb ultimate version doesn’t have usb 3.0. But in the review you mentioned the following:

        “The design is the same, it remains unchanged and keeps the key features that made the Vi10 so popular. Two full sized USB 3.0 ports, micro USB for charging and the keyboard dock.”

        Can you please clarify? Thanks

  10. Dude, when will be a review of Chuwi Vi8 Plus?! =)

    • Hi, not until Jan when I’m back in Spain. I don’t want to have to travel with too many tabelts!

  11. i hope it doesnt have any heat throttling issues as well.

  12. BTW, is the w10 on vi10 ultimate x32 or x64?

  13. Hey man,
    First of all, thank you for your awesome reviews and stuff 😀

    I was considering buying a Vi10 for Christmas but then I saw they released the Hi10, any advice/tips?
    What do you think about the 4gb ram?
    Do you think ordering the Hi10 (and waiting and all the issues it’s having ex:32bit windows) is worth it?


  14. the 2 usb ports are 3.0 ? or only 2.0.

    Good to see high microsd speeds, will be great if you include microsd speed test for every tablet.

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