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Chuwi Vi10 Pro an updated model with 64GB eMMC?

Chuwi Vi10 Pro an updated model with 64GB eMMC?

Looking around the Chuwi forums today, I noticed talk of a Chuwi Vi10 Pro model that has 64GB storage, I wonder if it also has a 1080p screen? I can’t seem to find any further info at the moment on the web about this Chuwi Vi10 pro. There is one seller on Ali Express that claims to have a 64GB model, but no real info either.

The Vi10 is one of my favorite dual boots I have reviewed so far, 32GB is really to small for a dual boot system I have always felt, so 64GB would be ideal. Even better would be a 1080p screen upgrade, hopefully Chuwi will up the specs of this model soon. If I find anything else out I will update the post.

Upgrading storage options is common, Teclast first release the infamous Air 3G and Air II with only a 32GB eMMC, they later released a 64GB model that fans demanded, it only seems logical that Chuwi would do the same or later release an upgraded revised edition like they have with the Chuwi Vi8.

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  1. Where can be found Chuwi vi10 pro 64GB ver. andoid rom??

  2. hey i finally recieved my chuwi after 3-4weeks and now it won’t even let me login cuz i keep getting a userinit logon application has stopped working. Anyone else had this problem know a fix? im trying to get into safe mode but no luck

    • too late to edit, but yeah found out the problem, windows.exe won’t load on startup but can’t seem to fix -_-

      • Will it not let you do a Factory Reset?

        • how would i do so? i was planning to just install windows10 and hope it fixes it.

          • Yeah, that might work too and be much easier to boot (pun intended). Isn’t the Reset option well documented on the Internet?


            The shift and reset might work, but I assume you can at least get it to the Login screen. If the Login screen isn’t working, then a USB flash with 8.1 or 10 will work to do a Upgrade (10) or Reset (8.1) I would think.

            • Well i found the update and recovery options in the pc settings. Restored the tablet to factory settings and its running fine now, now i just need to get windows activated so i can upgrade to windows10.

        • oh hoho just noticed my windows isn’t even activated and can’t activate >.> this is such a hassle lol

          • Both the seller and Chuwi should be able to provide the necessary help to get it activated. If not, find the activation number for Microsoft and give them a call and explain the situation. Since you want to upgrade to Windows 10, they will probably be interested in helping you succeed. Just make sure to explain its a new windows 8.1 device and that when you reset it, it failed to activate. They should be able to help.

  3. can anybody tell me is this version got 3G connection????

  4. I just got the Vi10Pro 64GB from Alliexpress. Absolutely fantastic tablet. Runs and looks great. Although I will be following some other threads on replacing the USB cable as I’ve already seen the power drain while in use and charging.
    Only dissapointment was the keyboard case, included in the bundle, which was missing the touchpad bezel. Looking at about 40GB useable in Windows 8.1 and about 11GB in Android
    Wondering if anyone has yet seen the windows and Android images or BIOS etc. for this new 64GB version?

  5. Hi, new here been debating if i should get the chuwi vi10 but now its down to where should i buy it? I’m kind of hesitant, is it just a roll of the dice with these sellers? i was thinking about getting it from dealsmachine

    • I got mine from Gearbest and no issues, but where you get it it should be fine. Geekbuying seem to have been having issues lately, (Lots of i7 Stylus order issues) And are good to. Right now I prefer Banggood and Dealsmachine I haven’t used are they good?

      • I never used dealsmachine before, it popped up on a google search. I’ve seen it around a few years back but never bought anything. But i’ll likely use gearbest, thanks for the recommendation.

        I just placed an order for the 64gb version from gearbest and free expedited shipping was available too :O

  6. Yes, i saw those eMMC specs for 64gb being the only change. But no info in regards to max expandable storage using tf/sd card slot.

  7. I cant seem to find a complete spec sheet on the 64gb version. Do you know if is expandable another 64gb or max at 32gb. Giving total space to 128gb vs 96gb?

    • These use eMMC, not SSDs or the like. So for obvious reasons you can not expand on the storage as its eMMC is soldered onto the PCB. However, if you mean expandable via say sd card slot or usb, now that is a good question.

    • By the way, I think Chris said the ONLY difference was the 64GB eMMC, so you might want to look at his reviews and specs on the non-Pro version.

      • Yes, correct that is the only change with the Vi10 Pro model.

  8. Yes! A 64GB version! Now it’s just an ideal piece’a’tablet! Helluvalot’mazin’! The only downside is 1366×768 maybe. Waitin’ for review and comparison with Teclast x16hd! 🙂

  9. So there’s no Pro version with an upgraded screen? Just a 64GB version with the same screen?

  10. I bought the Vi10 pro (64GB).
    EMMC used MCG8GA (manufactured by samsung).
    Read Write speed : 44MB/s

    • Thanks for the info, what about read speeds which are just important?

      • Read speed: 161MB/s
        Write speed: 44MB/s
        (Crystal Disk Mark 3.0.3)

        Resolution : 1366 x 768 (other spec same to 32GB product.)

  11. Bought the Vi10 after reading your review chris, it is quite good in speed, but the space allocated for kitkat is lacking and also the spacing between the micro usb power and USB 2.0 is too close. Can’t seem to easily squeeze my usb plug and power source in with difficulty. Other than that Love it. Keep up the good work, too bad about the Vi10 pro, if I knew they have this one, I would have got the pro version.

  12. Hi chris, if this is true, then damn i was too early to get the Vi10 32GB. I think the problem is 64Gb eMMC used by chuwi will not be high quality ones like they use in normal Vi8. Vi10 uses slower eMMC and even worse in Vi8 Ultimate.
    Do you think so, Chris?

    Chuwi is definitely doing good with their product and built quality. I love my Vi10 very much and feel another USD 40-50 for faster in bigger eMMC is very nice.

    Regardless, please keep us updated on this Vi10 Pro

    • It could be like Teclast, Chuwi use various eMMC’s they can get their hands on for cheap, so it could be anything. I think the slow NCard eMMC’s that are 45mbs max are only in 32GB sizes, I certainly hope so. I would pay $30-40 more for a 64GB drive. It would be great if they use the Samsung eMMC the Pipo W4S has, it was very quick for an eMMC upto 200mb/s read and 120 write.

      • Yes, a Samsung brand eMMC will be a killer. 64GB is sufficient for light work and little gaming too. If only Chuwi pay attention to this and not only grab random cheapo eMMC just for profit sake.
        too bad the W4S have many problem here and there that even you are not in good mood to test it out lol.

  13. G’day Chris,
    DEFINITELY one to keep an eye on! That is getting pretty close to my ideal specs, I agree with you that 64gb should be a minimum for a dual-boot, but reading the fine print in the specs on that link that SkOrPn posted, NO inbuilt SIM card slot even though they say it is unlocked, and warn you to check with your carrier before buying. NO FM, but that isn’t a deal breaker for me. And I think the CPU is 32-bit, not 64-bit as they claim, but I will stand corrected on that. And a maximum of 32gb for removable cards would suggest that it is older specs too, but again I could live with carrying and changing 32gb cards when needed.

  14. Hey Chris is this it in the below url by chance? I never heard of that site before so not sure I trust what I see. lol,1024.html

  15. DEFINITELY keep us updated on this possibility. Those two full-sized USB ports, 64GB and HDMI would be wonderful on a dual boot tablet.

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