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Chuwi Vi10 Ultimate Order Delay Due to Cherry Trail Heat Issues?

Chuwi Vi10 Ultimate Order Delay Due to Cherry Trail Heat Issues?

I asked my AliExpress seller why my Chuwi Vi10 Ultimate I ordered for review here still hasn’t shipped out, I go this reply:

Hello friend, thank you for your order at first. Actually the factory were ready to send the Vi10 Cherry Trail to us these two days, but when they tested the tablets before sent, they found that the new chip have a problem that is easy to hot, so they have to stop and improve it. So we are not able to send the Cherry Trail with problem now.

Sound familiar? Cherry Trail + Heat.

Only Microsoft have kept it cool enough to not throttle in the Surface 3 I reviewed and they have the whole case helping to transfer heat away from the chipset. So far all other Atom Cherry Trails I have tested get to 85 degrees when pushed hard gaming or benchmarking. Even the Asus Transformer Book T100HA did this.

At least Chuwi is looking to correct the problem, but I would have thought heat issues would have been covered when the prototypes were built for testing? Why is nobody adding larger heatsinks on these? Did Intel’s recommendations for the Cherry Trail not require this?

And later speaking with another seller today via Skype chat, they said that the factory told them it was an Intel problem. Was it a bad batch? Makes me wonder if the reason for the Atom X5 & X7 Z8X000 series being phased out and replaced with the Z8X50 series next year is really due to heat issues?

On another note, all my Cherry Trail tablets for review I ordered weeks before 11.11 haven’t even shipped out yet. Now they will be stuck up in the 11.11 postal delays out of China no doubt. But one did make it far enough to get a tracking number and that’s my Teclast X98 Plus. But it’s stuck at the DHL warehouse.

Has anyone had their Chuwi Hi10 or Hi8 Pro ship yet?

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  1. I got same reply for Hi8 Pro tablet that I have ordered 11.11.

  2. So… i orderd my Chuwi Vi10 on Oct 10th …. “Shiped” on the 19th. And two days ago i got the exact same message. I had 2 options:

    1.We have a latest Vi10 Pro Z3736F 14nm craft, it is better then the former 22nm one. And it is Dual OS Windows 8.1 + Android 4.4(can upgrade win10οΌ‰, and it is more expensive than Cherry Trail, so do you mind change your order to this? We can ship it out within 24hours.

    2.If you still want to wait the Cherry Trail, need to wait about half of month more.

    The Z3736F 14nm didnt sound like a “deal”, so i’m waiting on the cherry trail. Dont tink i will be getting it on christmas πŸ™

  3. My X98 Plus has started to ship from Shenzhen and is now moving from one distribution center to another. There is no need for air travel for the parcel to reach me (I am from Hong Kong, and I know the factory can be reached from my home in less than 3 hours). Hope I can get it today or Monday, if the cross border custom clearing is not stucked…

  4. Chris,
    Most of the Chinese tablet makers are ‘small’ and ‘ad-hoc’ in term of product planning & investment in software development, compared to renounce western companies like Archos, Amazon, Samsung etc. You can see this from the level of modification in their Android implementation & the way they introduce a new model so fast. They leave the quality control & optimization jobs to the chip companies by just using reference design without even going in details of the remarks/contraints i.e heat dissipation specs, static handling etc. Asus being a let down in this case in heat issues which it shouldn’t by the scale of company.
    The reason ‘why they don’t found this during prototype stage’ because:
    i. The software group don’t set the specs and hence no direct control on what to test (even they foresee it to happen). Testing scope directly link to project investment if you mention performance testing which is another investment to spare out. Should (assume) they have a proper procedures, normally they will do functional test which is carried out in ‘proper’ or ‘ideal case, not extreme / stress condition. If you want me, I can go on to give you ton of ‘reasonable excuse of doing this’ but in short, its the expectation set in proj/marketing top guys and also due to cost/investment. The market guys are ignorant or underestimate the heat issues.
    ii. For Chinese companies, their concept/scope of quality consideration, its expectation and its priority is totally different from western world. What would appear as common sense in US/EU could be stranger to them. i.e it’s a consumer right to have 7 days refund policies in western world, how many did that in Asia? User experience is not even appear in software testing. Many chinese tablets even give wrong specs in their product which is a serious gross mistakes if happened in US/EU. So, I would suggest they don do stress tests at all.
    Just my 2 cents

    • Thanks for the info. Another view is they let the buyers be the testers of the first batch. Which is often why so many first batches have issues. What I call the first batch blues and the Chinese tablet lottery.

  5. Chuwi posted the delivery info in their Wechat offical account, it says the delivery time is scheduled on the last ten days of November for the moment. They didn’t mention any reason regarding the delay. There are many people on Chuwi Chinese forum complaining about this delay issue. I believe the heat problem won’t be solved in such a short time, the delivery time may be deferred again.

    • @yifan-wang Thanks for the info. They will have to start adding copper or aluminium heat sinks to all the models in the assembly line and fix ones already completed. So Chuwi will need some time to ramp up stocks for order fulfillment. So yes, I think the delay will be even longer. Maybe the first orders (important big clients of Chuwi) could ship in 2 weeks, but with limited stock. Apparently the Hi10 is delayed too, have you seen anything on this?

  6. Chuwi FTW πŸ™‚
    Btw, check out new devices:
    Teclast X98 PRO+ (with nvidia graphic card), Xiaomi Mi Pad2 (z8500).

    • The Teclast X98 Pro Plus don’t have nVidia graphic card (ignore the promotional images). The changes are only the new heatsink and eMMC 5.0 (regular X98 Pro eMMC is 4.5).

      • @sirdrak eMMC 5.0 is a promo material too. Cherry Trail doesn’t support eMMC 5 spec, next year’s Atom should.

    • Thanks was getting to it. Just testing games out on the Surface Pro 4 M3 πŸ™‚ I can’t see where it says it has a Nvidia GPU. I don’t think it does, I think it’s more that the people making the heatsink (GrafTech) make heatsinks for Nvidia or i’m reading it wrong here?

  7. I believe, Chuwi is the future πŸ™‚

  8. That is interesting as my seller has told me that the Teclast x16 pro with the Z8500 cherry trail has been delayed till the end of the month due to ‘problems’. Looks like all the manufacturers are having issues with these chips, as much as I don’t like the delay of something I’ve paid for, I would rather have it working as it should rather than it frying itself.

    • meh, this makes no sense… x98 pro and onda w820 ch are out and despite a little throttling they work. oh and the x98 plus too.

      something else must be going on and it’s gotta be something big they are trying to cover up

  9. Hey, Chris! Can you say which chinees tablets have 4Gb ROM and not on Cherry Trail?

  10. Are there a teclast, chuwi, with 4GB+64GB dual OS 5.0+W10 of baytrail ? I don’t unsterstand because the processor have a limit to 2 GB of RAM.

  11. then, I wait. Don’t buy the Z8X00 tablet for this moment. Or always old Z3536 or Z3535 like last teclast Air III

    • Well yes and no, if they just add a bigger heatsink then it should be fine.

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